Freedom For All


Coming soon to a state capital near you.

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  1. did (((Darrel Steinberg))) and the rest of the the rat’s-ass lawyers in Sacramento just pass some new gun-grab “laws”? Only an idiot would care. When I go to work tonight, I will be – as usual – carrying, and w/o gubmint permission

  2. I spent the morning marching in a parade in a small mountain county in Colorado with the TEA Party, Oathkeepers, and Firearms And Certified Training of Colorado [FACT Colorado]. There were several hundred of us. We were marching with the County Sheriff. And we were all under arms. To the cheers of the county residents.

    Not on our watch.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. Coming soon to a state capital near you.
    Not in the part of the country I live in. The G.O.B’s will never go for it.

  4. good luck collecting multi-millions of magazines !

    Can you say let the caching begin ?

    • FrozenPatriot

      If you think it’s time to bury them, it’s likely time to dig ’em up and put ’em to work…

      • Exactly.

        Burying them is a cowards excuse to put off what they should be doing.

        I see no point in having a 2nd Amendment given the populace is to cowardly to use it.

  5. Left Coast Cannibal

    What happened in Sacramento is a partial outcome of a power struggle between two equally despicable politicians, Newsome and de Leon. Newsome’s brand of tyranny is a ballot initiative to be decided in the fall by the voters, while de Leon has for years been sponsoring legislation in the Assembly. Both seek the governorship, so expect more to follow next year. Some may recall that the 9th circuit also shot down (pun?) a previous 3 judge ruling regarding self defense as good cause for issuing a CCW, so we can expect little support federally.

  6. Dear Haxo-
    No, Darrell Steinberg had no hand in the six new gun laws which were signed into law Friday by Moonbeam. Darrell was termed out a couple of years ago and became a lobbyist.
    Until he was elected mayor of Sacramento last month. He ran against another Democrat, a Socialist and a retired boxer.
    His main challenger was a city councilwoman who launched her campaign from the steps of the local firefighters union building (EMTs in Sacramento make as much as ER doctors).
    California is beyond doomed.

  7. The mentioned assklowns who are full force attacking the citizenry of CA, need to be removed from office, forcibly if necessary.

  8. keith park

    Pass any gun law you like.
    Now try to enforce it.

  9. Over at SurvivalBlog, Rawles is urging everyone to leave California while they are still able, and if they want to remain nominally free. To think California has come to be thus………..

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    I can tell you that Arizona, Nevada, and Texas firearms dealers will be doing box-office business with, out of state Californians. Motorhomes in my little burg have been rolling out since Friday, and not everybody is going to see relatives.
    Is Cal Highway Patrol going to monitor all of the main freeways? Well, there are lots and lots and lots of little winding roads in this state. If you have a 4wd diesel truck pulling that TinyHouse/5th Wheel/ToyHauler then you can pretty much hop about in very rural areas.
    Steinberg, et al win and continue to dominate because the LGBT imbeciles, the movie industry, government employees, the illegals,the wine industry, and the education industry unequivocally support them. The farmers, hunters, fishermen, and NORMAL folks are outvoted 15-1. Which is why California continues its dismal slide into oblivion. Open borders, anyone?