GoV: Happy Independence Day – The Latest On Ed Cline’s Saga, Plus A Contest


An update, plus a chance to add to the resistance lexicon.


16 responses to “GoV: Happy Independence Day – The Latest On Ed Cline’s Saga, Plus A Contest

  1. SameNoKami

    Fart Breathing Idiots ?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Leauxryda


    Happy In Dependence Day…

  4. FBI = Federal Bureau of Islam

    Awesome Live Free or Die flag, we do I get one?

  5. Former Bureau of Integrity


    Divulging some PERSEC I will tell you I have a close relation with numerous active military and military retirees. Being 4 JUL one of these folks decided to send out a text message with a fUSA flag .gif and a remark extolling the alleged virtue of “freedom” in Amerika. All respondents to the originator’s text message were in agreement, Hooah, Hooah and all that crap. I decided not to reply as I was busy upchucking at the proof before me that Amerikans are a lost cause when it comes to knowing what Freedom truly is.

    “Freedom”….doesn’t pay your property, school, state, local, fedgov taxes.

    “Freedom”….guess my text messengers today don’t live in Kaleeyforneeaah.

    What the text message(s) I received today did for me was to help me appreciate the bulk of folks here at WRSA. While I don’t agree with all here and while there are 2 or 3 who I wouldn’t urinate down their throats if their lungs were on fire, I will nevertheless thank each and everyone of you. I thank you ALL for not being asleep at the proverbial wheel. I thank ALL of you for understanding the “Troubles” coming our way. And I thank ALL of you for your thoughts, ideas, opinions and encouragements you all share here at the WRSA community. Of course, I thank Pete/CA for making available this venue for us to rant, praise, criticize, atta-boy and generally M-F each other. Thank you CA !

    While I only acknowledge 4 JUL 1776 as history of a defunct nation, I do acknowledge the more important date of 19 APR 1775. Those men standing their ground on Lexington Green and Concord Bridge continue to set the example for us today, few in number as we may be.

    If the time ever comes where the folks here decide, en masse, that “enough is enough”, I’ll be proud, G-d willing, to meet you “on the Green”.

    Never give up your Guns.

  7. Remembering what Tam says about good material at away games…

    Flatulenet, Bureaucratic Investigators?

    Foul Butchers, Inc?

    Famous But Incompetent?

    Famous Bunglers of Investigations?

    Flamers, Butchers and Incompetents? (a nod to ol’ J Edgar himself)

    Fucking Butchers of Innocents?

    Federal Baby Immolators?

    Fry Babies Indiscriminately?

    Fatuous Building Igniters?

    Fatally Burn Innocents?

    Faustian Bargain Initiators?

  8. What a convenient way to ruin someone’s life who is “inconvenient” to you.

  9. Here’s three…
    Fetid Bags of Incompetence
    Foul Boys of Ineptitude
    Flaming Bungs ‘O Inadequacy
    Ha Ha

  10. Keep in mind why there *is* an ISIS kill list – because the US government has been dicking around in the Middle East, killing people and installing puppet dictators, and generally stirring the pot. Some people tend to get annoyed about that sort of thing.

    • Historian

      Paul, your inner liberal is showing.

      A Libertarian would point out that trying to kill innocent people who have not initiated force against you is a violation of the most basic principle there is, the ZAP. Ed Cline did nothing more violent than express his opinion of Islam. And his opinion of the government which has in fact committed the acts to which you refer. For using his freedom of speech, to which he has a Constitutionally protected right, a bunch of 7th century savages decided he ought to die. How do the actions of the Federal government of these presently united States justify such barbarity directed at Ed?

      Even if the US government had not meddled in the affairs of others, however, there is no doubt that Islam would be at war with the West; Islam has been waging war against the West for 1400 years. Islam and Western civilization are completely incompatible, and Islamists know this.

      Question: what belief system justifies slavery and promoted the sale of black captives to English and American slave traders during the 17th and 18th centuries? (Hint: it is the same one still promoting slavery today)

      It only takes one person to start a fight, Paul. You can have peaceful coexistence only when everyone agrees to it.

      • Minor suggestion. Anyone who is on the ISIS kill list be issued a Letter of Marque by the US Congress. The nature of such LM permits the holder by any means at their disposal or by proxy to eliminate any known ISIS member anywhere with absolute immunity. In the days when Congress had balls LM’s were issued with frequency.

        Supposedly we are too civilized to do such things these days. ISIS does not think that way.

        • I’ve got all the Letters of Marque I’ll ever require, provided by the obvious facts of history and present behavior, a sense of justice, honor and the basic right of self defense.

      • Thank you, Historian.

        Those who obfuscate history are doomed to have their throats slit by… er, they whom they choose to ignore.

        See, Paul? it’s just as no good for you to pander to your own bias than for those you seek to criticize.

  11. Who created ISIS ?

    Why are we in the Middle East going on more than 25+ years ?

    Why is the Mexican border wide open in violation of fUSA immigration laws ?

    Why does one pay life-long taxes to own a piece of dirt ?

    Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in Leavenworth ?

    Why isn’t soetoro-obama in Leavenworth ?

    How many carpenters does it take to erect a gallows to handle 3-4 in one drop ?

    Freedom ? Freedom ? Hahahahahaha !