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  1. Happy Fourth of July!

    It is clear from the various passages in both the Old and in the New Testaments that it is the will of God that believers should also pray for their government and for the citizens of the land in which they live. With that in mind the Christian residing in America could and should pray for his country. Pray this prayer, then! In fact, the whole purpose of prayer is to exercise your trust in God’s promises!

    Dear God of our Christian forefathers, the unseen yet all-powerful creator and director of our Union’s destiny, who raises up nations and casts them down:

    On this Fourth of July, the day on which our Continental Congress formally signed the “Declaration of Independence”, make our souls surge upward to you in thanks for your divine mercy in that you used such events to form a new nation! Indeed, as one historian has praised you, “God never showed more visibly his gracious providence and love” than when he blessed our Union with a successful birth (George Bancroft).

    To be sure, that “Declaration” was also a declaration of war, in which the peace would be broken, and that death, destruction, and the devil would begin their reign of misery. Indeed, teach us that this war, as any other, comes down on the unrepentant evils of the people as your punishment for their gospel unbelief, yet as a divine wake up call to their repentance and faith! Awaken our generation today to this realization!

    Remind us also that in this War for Independence, when the end of our new nation was in sight multiple times because the colonies could no longer sustain their war of resistance, you kept your biblical promise ultimately to listen to the cries of your people for help (1st Peter 3:12), no matter how deep their guilt, and how dark their sin, and, by the miracle of your might, you formed this nation out of the ashes of war, and gave it a subsequent golden age of gospel belief with great spiritual blessings, along with material prosperity and peace! Thank you for all of your past, magnificent mercies!
    Just the same, over time our nation fell away from a love of your priceless gospel pledge, which delivers us from sin’s guilt and punishment, and stubbornly has refused to hear your warning calls to repent and to return to this gospel faith on a nation-wide basis. Keeping your threat to destroy any nation that would reject your gospel, our land currently is subject to your unrelenting anger which you have been pouring out on our land through spiritual and political enemies both foreign and domestic. Yet we deserve it. We have no excuses to offer.

    To this end, keep our citizens from a false sense of national security without you, and by the divine power of your almighty Word, assure our hearts of your promised favor after we would confess our national sins, sorrow over them, and apply to you for full pardon and mercy to spare our land from the punishment which it so justly deserves in your holy eyes! Reassure us in praying thusly for the peace of our land (Jeremiah 29:7), that such prayer could and should avert your punishment in the form of a devastating, third, internal war (Psalm 10:17; Ezekiel 22:30-31)!

    Thank you for all of your past mercies!

    We pray this prayer with confidence and conviction, heavenly Father, because we pray it according to your will, according to your promise, and in the blessed name of Jesus, our Savior. Therefore, hear us! Keep your pledges! Act on them! Amen!

  2. A reminder for this Fourth of July:

    God had kept North America unsettled until rather late in the history of the world.

    What was God’s purpose in keeping North America unsettled? It was what his providence has always been in regards to man: it was in view of man’s afterlife: That the Lord of heaven and earth wants all those born in time to recognize their sins, to be sorry for them, and to receive from him his promised gift of salvation, obtaining it by an act of faith. After that the Lord will take all those who have believed in his promised salvation home to be with him. In this case God kept North America unsettled in order to provide a home, a nursery, if you will, for those followers of his recent Reformation in Europe. That is, he had reserved a promised land in which his gospel could grow and spread, indeed, to become one more westward stepping stone from where the gospel could proceed full circle around the globe before the end of time.

    After the handful of explorers of the 1500’s and 1600’s, settlers started to come to North America with the intent to establish a permanent home. Just the same, of these initial settlements some were disastrous failures; others barely survived. Of those that did survive, even these amounted to little more than tiny outposts which clung to the shores of the Atlantic. Hence it appeared that nothing much would ever become of these homesteads. At this time, 130 years after Columbus, immigrants came in only as a trickle as compared to the waves of immigrants from northern Europe and Scandinavia in the latter third of the 1800’s which poured into this country in the hundreds of thousands. Thus America was settled in the beginning in various places sparingly, in fact, in human estimate, randomly and haphazardly, with no unified intent or purpose with a view toward any future consolidation.

    Yet, unknown to these settlers, God had a different plan in mind. In his providence he kept his sheltering arms over the infant years of our land, and supported it with his hand as it labored to take its first steps.

    As it is the will of God, according to his Ten Commandments, that men should live peacefully, and accomplish their goals and projects accordingly, as when Canada, for instance, became an independent nation in the 1800’s in a peaceful manner, so America could have done the same. Nevertheless, certain men refused to have it so, and plunged this land into desperate war in 1775, not one against foreign invaders, but of brother against brother. Far from meeting up with a quick success, the rebels paid a heavy price for their rebelling. In fact, things looked so hopeless for their cause that in late 1780 Alexander Hamilton admitted that if they could not get yet another loan from France, the rebel army would have to be disbanded, and they would have to “make terms with Great Britain.” Despite this, the Lord listened to the cries of his believers to deliver them, kept his biblical pledge to do so, and, with an intent unknown to the colonists, by his marvelous might raised up an American Union out of the ashes of war.

    Therefore, realize that in his fathomless plan of mercy, the true and triune God of heaven had kept this continent as a trackless wilderness so that, as it is obvious from its subsequent history, he could provide a home for his followers of the Reformation, which had restored the biblical gospel, to be guided by him from inception to form a Christian nation, and to be blessed by him with a golden age of gospel believers, who could and should be a soul-saving beacon to the rest of the world! This is exactly what transpired.

    • Hey Gene, thanks for hijacking the thread!
      Oh, and I’m betting that Squanto and Tonto believed that the continent was “settled” plenty before 1620. Just a hunch.


    So, this is exactly what has transpired? Maybe initially. But God gave mankind free will. And, our Amerikan free will has given us endless wars to enrich the Banksters and Wall Street Internationalists, 53 million innocent citizens legally murdered through abortion, Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve, covetous, lustful “elected” officials at every level of government, and a corrupt, syphilitic education system.
    So keep coloring in your coloring book, Mr. Urtel. Listen to Lee Greenwood and drink the FAUX News Kool-Aid. I will spend the rest of the day focusing on my preps before dealing with the usual “holiday” company. If the Good Lord does not take care of business soon, then He will owe Sodom and Gomorrah one huge apology. Meditate on that thought, sir.

    • You’re both right.

      Think on that awhile…………

    • Mr. Weasel,

      “So, this is exactly what has transpired….and a corrupt, syphilitic education system.”

      Nobody says it like you do.

      Best wishes.

  4. As always Max V hits a home run.

    If you’ve trained to the point of instinct, you’ll react appropriately in ANY situation. It’s all about physical strength, situational awareness, and being able to act decisively under pressure. Using this skillset in everyday life will give you the edge on your competition and aid you to succeed in your endeavors. After all, who has the advantage – the out of shape, hung-over, teevee zombie or the guy who is fit, sober, and well trained?

    The old saying “preparedness meets opportunity” comes to mind.

  5. Dweezil, Gene is only offering hope, which is what Christianity and it’s message is all about. He expresses it in terms of which the Almighty determines the outcome of all things, and that our hope is that through our turning from our badness, and towards G*d, G*d MAY relent, and heal our land and us, that’s all. Gene is not a fool, and I doubt he has any loyalty to Greenwood, and none to FedGov. Yes, our country is fucked up. Yes, a lot of Americans willfully chose that route, but not all. And no, G*d will not issue any apologies to Sodom and Gomorrah, as His decisions and Judgements are final. The reason that He hasn’t interfered with all the evil going on, is that He gave us a free will, for good or evil, and whatever He does or doesn’t do He does in His own time schedule, according to His Plan, not ours. Sometimes the answer to all our bleating is NO. Sometimes, yes. And sometimes the answer is WAIT. If it’s part of the Plan. So, we wait, we pray, we HOPE, and then G*d decides, and not always to our liking. Dweezil is a man of character, and he’s no pawn, or pushover. He hopes, he plans, he always looks for the better outcome. So please don’t write him off as a toady to the goody two shoes types, he’s none of that. Neither am I, and neither are you. Remember buddy, we’re all looking for something, and is ain’t the status quo. Semper Paratus.

  6. “…when he may preserve his own life, and doth not that which nature’s law alloweth him to do, (rather to kill ere he be killed,) he is guilty of self-murder, because he is deficient in the duty of lawful self-defence.” — Rutherford, ‘Lex Rex’

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