TL Davis: The True and Only Arbiter of Individual Rights

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There’s gonna be a fight.

Let’s win.

3 responses to “TL Davis: The True and Only Arbiter of Individual Rights

  1. Nice piece. Cuts to the core … violence IS the only arbiter. … which is why all these “big questions” are always settled at the point of the sword.

    As I see it, there are no “rights” in a Democracy. A “right” cannot exist in a Democracy, because every oik has the same “say” in the disposition of your property, as do you.

    The process of voting, means that … in practical terms … all property is owned by the Collective. You don’t own a single thing which may not be taken from you, by the process of voting (and the associated enforcement of the Collective’ Will, of course). Your car, your house, your wealth, your land, your life; are all of them subject to the whim of the Collective, and all of them can be “voted away”.

    You don’t own a single thing whose use may not be regulated and controlled by the Collective. .. see, house, car, land, LIFE, etc.

    And, the worst thing about this is that you ENDORSE the very system which is used to oppress you, every time you play the voting game.

    The essence of all slavery consists in taking the product of another’s labor by force ~ Leo Tolstoy

    How is it that these old guys understood these fundamentals of morality and ethical behaviour, yet we are near-universally-ignorant?

    Oh, crap … in my despair, I’ve lost track of what I wanted to say.

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    …or an ear.

  3. Despair not, bogbeagle, they’re coming, we hear their heavy tread, and we’ll commence firing when we can see the whites of their eyes, eh? It’s always like this, before the fight. The waiting and the fear, and the uncertainty is enough drive you out of your mind. I’ve done this a hundred times, and I do not know where I find my courage for it. But I know I have it. Here they come. Steady.