Bracken: Coward Comey Takes a Dive


Matt sends:

The FBI today officially becoming a willing Soviet-Stasi stooge and tool, even if under duress, brings home how fast things can change in a volatile political environment. I judge 2016 as being as dangerous as 1860 or 1913. In European terms, a “Night of Long Knives” is now not an impossibility. Fast and Furious (300+ dead, no repercussions, media holding) emboldened them to betray Benghazi station, to write it off and lie about it, (no repercussions, media holding). Now the perception, real or imagined, is that even the FBI has been forced to toe the party line.

No spin can erase this. Bill Clinton meets Loretta Lynch in the “secret” Godfather tarmac rendezvous, then the FBI director damns but refuses to pursue Hillary. Loretta Lynch, who worked for the Clinton’s law firm, before Bill appointed her US Attorney in New York, which set her up to become Attorney General, which Obama appointed her for. Obama, who appointed FBI Director James Comey. Director Comey, who just made the FBI case to send her up for life, and then, blinking “t-o-r-t-u-r-e”, Honest Jim said, “but…she skates anyway.” The intended and received message to the masses is that the gangsters are now firmly in charge, and nobody can or will stop them. They have all the power. Even the backing of the liberal media.

Now, any FLEAs or so-called “rogue” Federal Social Justice Warrior Agents (of secret as-yet unannounced new directorates) will feel free to act in a similar manner as the Special Training Unit in my first novel. They have all just been given the loudest dog whistle since the last Night of Long Knives. They will feel free to enact the craziest edicts. They will be off the leash.

Team Tyranny knows they have the Congress castrated, the SCOTUS in their pocket, FBI ditto – DOJ, are you kidding? And if Hillary wins and they get more Supremes, they just retire the trophy for a century – they own it all. Nothing can touch them. Nothing can stop them.

They got away with Fast and Furious, 300+ dead, on purpose, to discredit the 2nd Amendment. Two were American FLEAs, most of the rest were Mexicans. And possibly the AK-47s from the Istanbul airport massacre were from F&F. The FBI/ATF investigation is pending. Don’t hold your breath. It’s in line behind Fast and Furious, and the IRS investigations. And they are working them very hard.

After July 5th, 2016, and the Soviet-style forced humiliation of the FBI director, bad actors at all levels of the government will feel emboldened. Expect armed EPA Special Action Teams to take over ranches over a puddle which was mismanaged according to the EPA. Imagine the craziest things, like the second term of Hugo Chavez. Imagine them steering violent anarchists and Leftists at the conventions as their surrogate Brown Shirts. This is a very dangerous time, just on the basis of actions that can be expected from the Left.

But this is also a very dangerous time for another reason, because Team Freedom will now feel, with the FBI’s forced humiliation, that they have just been given the official “your Republic is dead, we killed it, and whatcha gonna do about it?” gauntlet-face-slapping. Big Gov has now made it official. “You are my slave, and we are your overlords. We will run this country any way we want. We’ll flood it with ‘Syrian refuges’ if we want to. We’ll send a hundred “Syrians” with drug-resistant TB right to your town, just for you being a pain in our ass. We dare you to try something, punk. We double-dog dare you. Look over there, even the FBI Director is our bitch: did you see him rolling on his back, begging? The FBI is our bitch, and all of our FLEAs are just waiting to tear you an asshole if you get froggy about your ‘Republic’. Didn’t you hear? There are now more armed FLEAs than there are United States Marines.”

But that’s a terrible misperception on the part of Team Tyranny, because they are unaware that most of the FLEAs actually despise them, or even privately consider them to be traitors. Even so, Team Tyranny will be able to engineer the conditions for a terrible civil war. Think of Lenin and “The worse, the better.” I recommend reading my short story “What I Saw At the Coup” concerning how quickly conditions might change over coming months.

That’s how I see it in July 2016, after the FBI director’s show-press-conference dictated teleprompter humiliation.

I repeat: 2016 could be 1860, or 1913. Plan accordingly.

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  1. Those aren’t the only motherfuckers capable of making lists, just sayin…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They are, thus far, however, the only motherfuckers willing to act on those lists.

      And that makes quite literally all the difference in the world.

      One side prepares, the other side does. Three guesses as to which side is winning, and the first two don’t count.

  2. music to read matt by.

  3. bjargjonsson

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  4. Almost like watching the fall of Rome.
    Gonna get ugly round here.

    • Almost?

      Jeezis. The corruption of the Senate (I laughed at that one)…political strongmen (elected OR appointed) taking control of everything and committing widespread thuggery…debauchery running rampant in society…bread and circuses for the masses.

      How much CLOSER does it need to be before we dispense with almost and use, I don’t know, EXACTLY?

  5. Shinmen Takezo

    Dear Matt:

    Many “FLEAS” may in fact despise “Team Tyranny” –but these so-called FLEAS all have one thing in common… they are all paycheck pigs. They are more afraid of loosing their sources of income and their pensions, than they are afraid of violating the US Constitution–of which they merely mumble an oath to uphold.

    If you doubt what I say, just take a look at Waco, or these USDA SWAT raids on dairy farmers. Need I say more.

    These “paycheck-pigs” will professionally do whatever they are ordered to do in order to keep their bread buttered… that is unless they are confronted in a manner suggested by Alexander Solzhenitsyn (with knives, clubs and pistols) when he wondered how they could have all avoided being sent to the Gulags.

    I do think things will wind up with a “happy ending” along the lines of your story “What I Saw At The Coup.”

    • I agree. There are no men of integrity. If there were, they would be resigning in droves, publicly renouncing their former positions.

      Instead, “It echoes with the sound… of silence.”

  6. Only thing I disagree with is the idea that most FLEAs despise them. I think most FLEAs are reveling in the pseudo-knighthood they’ve been endowed with by their liege lords. The governing class, and their propaganda arm in the MSM, are effectively the new nobility in this neo-feudalism taking shape around us.

    Any “good guys” remaining in Federal service should now finally see that there is no honorable course of action other than to resign immediately, and to aid Team Freedom with all the insider knowledge they possess.

  7. Unfortunately we knew this day was coming for quite a long time.

    Now it is here.

    Now we take up the level too.

    Be the counter-revolutionary they fear so much.

    On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 11:28 AM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Matt sends: The FBI today officially becoming > a willing Soviet-Stasi stooge and tool, even if under duress, brings home > how fast things can change in a volatile political environment. I judge > 2016 as being as dangerous as 1860 or 1913. In European ” >

  8. When are the 111 %’ers going to engage ? The Republic has fallen. There is no rule of law.

  9. rule of “Law” in the ‘Kwa died long ago. This is just another fragrant bouquet placed on the grave. I and others here predicted long ago that, based on past performance, Clinton would skate, Empirically, all good: Hiligula will give us BOTH 1914 and 1860, and right quick too

  10. I beginning to think that Comey took one for the team, the Trump team. Comey fed Hillary a huge shit sandwich this morning. There are a thousand devastating negative adds in his statement. Especially the part about ‘bad actors’ hacking her unsecure server. Speaking of said ‘bad actors’, Putin still holds the key, in the war on terror and in this email mess. Putin has admitted that his spys hacked the Romanian hacker who hacked Hillary’s email server. Putin is deciding when to release said emails. Hillary didn’t help herself by comparing Putin to Hitler. I don’t think we’ve seen the ‘big bang’ of this election season yet.

  11. Comey spent 20 minutes listing her indictable crimes then gave her a pass… like a cop catching you exiting the busted front glass of a liquor store with cash and half of the wine cellar in tow. All he says is, “Git outa here… we’ll split it later.” Washington’s corrupt to the marrow.


  12. Anonymous

    A government can print currency, but it can’t print food or gasoline to keep its own employees operating. If it kills its subjects who have religious faith in it, that hurts it by reducing its inventory of snitches. If it jails its own faithful subjects, that hurts even more paying to warehouse them. Just back up in a circle slowly until it runs out of taxpayers and collapses like Venezuela.

    • Hilarious!

      Since when has being BROKE made the Gummint go bankrupt?

      Need I remind you of the $19 Trillion elephant in the room?

      Yeah, this sit-on-our-hands-and-not-pay-a-cent-of-taxes mentality just doesn’t hold a drop of water.

      Production? That is something else ENTIRELY.

      • Anonymous

        Since when has being BROKE made the Gummint go bankrupt?

        It did for: Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and Britain. Each issued the perceived safest currency in the world, until each currency became worthless after about 100 years of social service overpromises and failed military adventures. USA is passing the 100 year mark, it’s due. When the currency becomes worthless, the middle class’ savings is wiped out, and the government is no longer able to buy anything. You can’t print wealth, that’s Santa Claus fantasy. For government to act, it must have the output of industrial production to tax and use. The tax-funded debt currency is just bookkeeping.

      • Anonymous

        If you found yourself on an island, land surrounded by an ocean of water you can’t live in, which would you rather have: a chest full of paper currency, a law promising you 99 weeks of unemployment, or a fishing pole? Same math works for an island the size of North America containing 350 million humans, or an island the size of planet Earth containing 7 billion humans. The fish is what humans actually need to live, the paper money is just bookkeeping about who the government steals the fish from and gives the fish to.

        Government employees can’t live off the land and move into the rich peoples’ houses as an occupying army, because nobody has stores of food or gasoline. When the British did it 240 years ago, they occupied plantation farms which produced food. Today all that most people produce is snitching. When government plans military operations based on logistics which are imaginary, it doesn’t work. Printing paper money changes nothing. There are no new wealth inputs anymore, the Chinese stopped buying T-bills years ago. Government has only the stuff it presently has, and it can’t acquire any more unless you voluntarily give it to them.

  13. Centurion_Cornelius

    Aye, aye, Sir!

  14. Virgil Kane

    It doesn’t make sense. There’s more to that speech. But, Bracken is rarely wrong. FMR

  15. “Expect armed EPA Special Action Teams to take over ranches over a puddle which was mismanaged according to the EPA.”

    A farmer has been told to stop plowing. No word on the raid yet if he refuses.

  16. Mark Matis

    Those FLEAs are Rove Republicans.

    No morals.
    No principles.
    No scruples.
    No honor.

    They showed that at Ruby Ridge.
    They showed that at Waco.
    They showed that at Malheur.
    They will show that again here.

    They will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

    May every one of them soon burn in hell where they belong.
    Along with their filthy whores.

  17. I agree with the sentiment, but the use of MF offends people. This person might have referred to our current female criminal and her ilk as the “shape shifting reptiles” that they are. Either way, the point was unquestionedly made.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Some of the old FLEAs may despise the top; they are loathe to act on that derision, even committing murder in the name of it.

    Actually, I’d estimate a large portion would rather happily go right along with anything they’re told to do. They have thus far.

    What is keeping them from enforcing the law as defined by their office? Pensions, budgets and political compliance starting with that four year degree which is the precursor to get in. Thus it was, and still will be.

    • Salient point there NC Scout.
      If the FBI murder/execution of the Randy Weaver’s wife, the cremated men woman and children of the Branch Dividiens by the ATF and the Clinton Justice Dept, all the dead from Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the second Waco and 9 executed Bikers for having the temerity of organizing a million biker ride on DC, and cold blooded pre meditated hit and execution of LeVoy Finicum and subsequent round up of everyone involved in Burn’s and at the Bundy Ranch made into political prisoners and thrown into the federal gulag system, the 100’s of thousands of American’s whose lives are deliberately destroyed, their private property confiscated, reputations deliberately ruined, made into poppers and restitutes, and who knows what else we are not privy to, if the FLEAS haven’t revolted against their superiors at this point, are they seriously any different than the cartel members of Clinton Crime Syndicate Inc?

      It takes an entire tyrannical government only possible with the size of the cadre of willing executioners of this government to accomplish this feat of tyranny.

      It is insulting to my adherence my entire life of respecting the idea of republican form of government to blow smoke up my arse about poor little FLEAS didn’t du muffin’.
      Doin’ nuffin’ is why.

      It is not rocket science. When you have a government for the sake of political expediency, and to squash resistance, use force and violence without internal restraints, imprisoning, murdering, and executing American’s wholesale, you have a government imprisoning, murdering, and executing American’s wholesale.

      If all that is heard is crickets from this governments rank and file of FLEAS, is there any difference between them and the hierarchy of the managerial Nomenklaturer? This government, whatever it has become, not mine for sure, can never be salvaged long as the FLEA Enablers infest it’s administrative system of tyranny. No matter the rationale, that administrative tyranny is wholly dependent on not only the agents who eat out the peoples existence.

      The rank and file FLEAS damn well know and see exactly what is going on and remain silent participants by association, they are the totalitarian’s among us.

  20. CopperHeadRoad

    I’m sure that the untimely death of the former UN General Assembly president right before he was to testify against Clinton made quite impression on Coward Comey. Nobody is out of her reach.

  21. Out-fucking-standing article! This needs to spread like a wildfire people! Send it, blog it, link it, whatever you gotta do, please spread this article. It’s almost game time, and we need to all be on the same page.

  22. channelcatA1

    It is time. But who will lead? In 1776 we had Henry, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and more. Where is the patriot leader class – – not those limited to collect speaking fees, book royalties, webpage ad revenues – – those willing and prepared to lead in what will be a great struggle? Where are the patriot leaders willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor? It really is time. We all know this, at least those with a brain and a heart for our country know it. Who will lead? Who will declare it begun? Who will call to action?

  23. Channelcat,…we are where we have always been. Right here. Blending in. Watching and waiting and noticing what FLEAs stay on the Dog and which ones are looking around for a place to hide. The manchurian mad cabal cultists will be getting their civil war. But not on their terms. ON OURS.

    • You wield the Cluebat ™ well, Lilmother!

    • channelcatA1

      lilmother… The longer we wait, the stronger the cabal becomes. The longer we wait, the more militarized and powerful the fed agencies become. And their ilk and their enablers become more numerous and entrenched. The longer we wait, the more ‘potential domestic terrorist’ bulletins to define and demonize us. The longer we wait, the more watch lists to identify and restrict us. The longer we wait the more executive orders to empower the cabal and facilitate national destruction. The longer we wait the more restrictive laws to contain and limit and weaken us. The longer we wait the more emboldened the enemy. Our adversary is not stupid. They avoid doing something sufficiently dramatic to spark revolution. The enemy is clever enough to defeat us by a thousand cuts, and he is doing exactly that. While we wait for the perfect set of circumstances or the perfect spark for revolution, the cabal masterfully avoids providing it. We wait while the enemy grows more evil and more intent on killing the country and more able to ensure its demise. We will die waiting. Or we will live into absolute subjugation – – while waiting. We need Henry, Washington, Jefferson, et al to step up NOW and lead us IN REVOLUTION (yes, I actually said it). Not after the survivors among us have been herded into camps. There remain only two paths: revolution or subjugation. Endless watching and waiting will only assure subjugation. Wouldn’t we rather die trying to prevent it?

      • Quote: “We need Henry, Washington, Jefferson, et al”

        We do not need more Luciferian, enlightened, Age of Reason, Masonic, Secret Society scoundrels.

        We need Charles Martel or Vlad Tepes.

  24. There is an extremely sublime point in all this many are considering. I think it is an underlying dynamic which is worthy of a lot more exploration than it receives. If for no other reason, and brothers there are a lot of reasons, than the might of the dirt people at absolute best gets short shrift in the sphere of public forum. It certainly is one of, if not the most important missions of the media to downplay and disenfranchise this truth of us.
    It is the very poignant assertion about patience and tolerance in the Declaration of Independence.

    Personally I always thought it was the most important passage in that astounding document. The Tory’s didn’t know if they should shit or go blind when they read the DOI, that these Patriots could conceive of not being obedient was unfathomable to them. Never mind the Audacity of defiance they displayed and undertook. What the Tory’s and their oligarchy didn’t get, that people who are the most tolerant become the most indomitable if pushed and repressed far enough. They became manifest in their existence and their liberty. That nothing less was exceptable. That is the divide between us dirt people and the powers that be. That as far as they are concerned we have to accept their power over us and the every facet of our lives. There is no compromise between us and them. That is the timeless conflict between freedom and tyranny.
    Sound familiar?
    In the most basic terms, I think it can be summed up where in our Western Christian culture, and note well, culture is always upstream of politics and liberty is upstream of tyranny, us men who comprise the dirt people, we do not infiltrate our homeland with foriegn invaders, we do not employ proxies and useful dupes in agenda, we do not rape our infrastructure, confiscate private property of others in punitive actions, burn down our cities and towns, destroy the bonds of civility and destroy any traditions and it’s civilization, we are the most tolerant, until we are not, then we come and burn down your fucking dens and enclaves, destroy your sources of ideology and the roots of your evil. We kill you. And we are exceedingly good at it. For nothing is the rath of dirt people pushed beyond endurence and tolerance of such things.
    Didn’t Churchill say something about a republic of Freemen once pushed too far, once unleashed where the fiercest and most unstoppable force of people on Earth?

    Anyone can say what they will about the power of the coercive form of a government or the power of one particular kind of tyranny or dictatorship, and its true to a certain point. Because always a number of people will submit, have loyalty to it, and that is why tyranny has power to begin with, it is how systems of totalitarianism work, like many peoples whose comments and behavoir belie their fear of resisting, their submittance, and or their horror and angst, belief that resistance is futile, because that is consent tacit or coerced, to being ruled by men.

    Where those in power go wrong, and the loyalists who abide them, is with people who are not afraid of fighting, and dying for what they believe in is their unalienable primal rights and freedom. There is a motive power in this all outside it’s tiny stature. An indomitable nature that is unconquerable.
    I think most of us dirt people in the last category don’t really think and reason in those terms, we tend to have a sense of things on a gut level, and it really doesn’t require critical or cognitive analysis thinking for it to matter. That is the grass roots nature of it really. Nothing on God’s green Earth can sway us either, because we are right in our rightful liberty’s and know it to the bone. We know who the enemy of our freedoms are and what the object of the source of our unhappiness is.
    This is what is transpiring in our hearts and minds. It’s not that there is no voting our way out of this, (TINVOWOOT), it is that it doesn’t matter TINVOWOOT. It is a gestalt of profound proportions, an awakening, and it is beginning. It is secession of the heart from tyranny. All things in proper order.
    It is like the whole carbuncle of the 2nd Amendment. It is a really great sanction on paper, it is probably what has kept this republic together more so than any man made concept written. But ultimately you don’t need the 2nd, because your right to defend yourself is primal and not limited or prescribed within some limits by some man made “Law”.
    The analogy is parallel for voting. When the Dirt People begin to grasp the ballot box is a construct of an illusion, the truth voting was never a remedy for what ails us, it was an instrument to keep our culture healthy, voting is not recuperative politics, it was only a vehicle between local bonified representatives of our consent and our liberty, and nothing to do with obedience to a political system designed through administrative dictatorship to rob us of our consent and subjugate us accordingly, then eat out or existence. This I think is the dynamic underway. The political class have only gained coercive force and threat and use of violence to control and rob us Dirt People. This is what the political class is faced with. It is a faustian bargain. A crisis of legitimacy. It is existential. It is a farce. For all it’s supposed might, the FBI is a farce. Voting is a farce. Being POTUS is a farce.
    What is not a farce is the grass roots nature of the Dirt People. Our Liberty is the only form of governance that has ever worked. Everything else is a farce.


    I have to scratch my head in puzzlement about some of the comments on today’s articles about Hilgula. I understand the outrage and anger. I am smoldering as well. But, Ladies and Gentlemen: do not think for ONE MINUTE that this benediction by Comey will ignite any kind of fire among the sheeple. Think about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, LaVoy, and so many other Holy Innocents and stupid Fall Guys.
    It was posted above about paychecks. As long as they keep coming, the ORCS will keep killing, maiming, and incarcerating. Even over at Sipsey Street, there is a post about some “heroic whistleblower-women ATF agent with all the attendant comments from the Kool-Aid drinkers about the “good people” in the federal LEO community. Remind me to cross Mike V off my list.
    If I somehow was able to penetrate a federal facility and spray paint graffiti, put sugar cubes in gas tanks, and otherwise commit patriotic mischief a’la The Sons Of Liberty, the local media here in Rawles Land along with the drunken flag-wavers from the VFW and American Legion, the local Boy Scout troops, and the co-opted clergy would be screaming bloody murder and singing PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN in a candle-holding, Kumbaya(sp?) rally.
    If a situation presents itself, go for it. You have my prayers and blessings, I do believe the waiting time is over. Let your conscience be your guide. Pet milk posters are effective. I am still in the planning stages as I am surrounded by Kool-Aid drinkers and other clueless idiots. It is a bad situation. It will have to get much worse on a national economic level before the government at all levels and their armed minions are running for their lives. Stay safe, keep prepping, watching, and listening. Bleib ubrig.

    • DTW, your too busy scratching your head in frustration.
      It is the quiet ones who ain’t scratching their heads you have to look towards.
      Calm down, take a few breaths, have a little faith my friend. Use the energy of your frustrations to get your ducks in a row, because when it’s time to cut fence, it will come fast and out of the seeming nowhere. This is one big ass country, lot of good folks who know what is going down. Your not alone, more than you can measure care too. All good things in good time. This stuff is more evolutionary than revolutionary, it just has to take it’s own course, it is the nature of dirt people and grass roots. There is no rushing or forcing things. What’s happening happens in stages, happens below the radar naturally. Bit by bit, piece by piece, till it becomes a critical mass. Ignore the psychopaths and the Koolaid vendors who are hogging the limelight and have a media monopoly on squirrel’s and shiny objects, big lies and fear mongering. Enjoy the spectacle, it is the greatest show on Earth. Your right in the middle of it happening with a ringside seat of an event that will be known through history for thousand’s of years.


        Sir: I thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Stay safe. God Bless.

  26. It will hurt some peoples feelweens to believe that many in their “tribe” are unworthy and unreliable, but it’s the truth. How many are actually trained in combat arms, and still possess the agility and mindset needed to perform? In a population FULL of physically unfit, financially dependent, mentally unstable, chronic alcoholics, prescription drug users, and street dopers, it’s a mathematical certainty that you will have them in YOUR circle or ‘tribe”. Just as yesterdays announcement by fbi director cumy has identified him as not honorable, some of those surrounding you may also turn out to be other than you expected…

    • channelcatA1

      tfA-tn says, “How many are actually trained in combat arms, and still possess the agility and mindset needed to perform?”

      The Americans at Lexington and Concord were not “trained in combat arms”. They were shopkeepers, farmers, tradesman. There were not and had never been professional soldiers. Such people can do damage and inspire others to do the same. Such people did have impact and they can still have impact today.

      “In a population FULL of physically unfit, financially dependent, mentally unstable, chronic alcoholics, prescription drug users, and street dopers, it’s a mathematical certainty that you will have them in YOUR circle or ‘tribe”.”

      No doubt. I’m 66, out of shape, never had military training, drink too much, and take prescribed medications (though I’m not “financially dependent”, not particularly “mentally unstable” as far as I know, and I’m not a “street doper”). But I’m prepared to fight and die for my country rather than wait for some pie-in-the-sky legion of holy warrior angels disguised as modern mechanized infantry that makes the struggle super-easy for all of us. If only we could wish that into reality.

      As DWEEZIL THE WEASEL said above, “If a situation presents itself, go for it. You have my prayers and blessings, I do believe the waiting time is over. Let your conscience be your guide.”

      So let us begin identifying and investigating potential soft and hard targets, planning and preparing to act. Get you affairs in order, immediately. Get your friends and family committed to look after your loved ones. And, concurrently, plan to act, prepare to act – – and act.

      Waiting for ‘optimal everything’ is over. It’s no longer time to wait; it’s time to plan, prepare, and ACT.

      • Well then by all means, gather your “shopkeepers, farmers, tradesman” and have at it!

        Show us physically-fit, mentally stable, non-drinking, non-medicated, well-trained, financially sound, combat arms veterans what you got. I for one will be watching for your story to hit the Drudge Report. Otherwise, STFU.

        • Rofl!
          Did you just call yourself “mentally stable”?

          And now let’s talk about your vaunted combat laurels. That you received where?
          You were either the old mans office bitch or the mess deck master at arms, now weren’t you.

          In any case you’re a deluded, toxic and fading old horses ass and you couldn’t manage to grow a “militia unit” when you tried. They were all unworthy were they? Seems like all these failures in your life have a single common denominator. You.

          And pretty please when you muster your sock puppet army be sure and post as me again. I think that’s the funniest shit ever.

          • Most of you fucks here are nothing but poor stupid people. I bet there aren’t more than a handful of you that could pull 100k out of your pocket RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Of course you can’t understand anything I say. Must suck to be an ignorant peasant. G’damnd lowlifes. Drink another beer idiots.

        • You wear your ignorance as if it were a badge of honor. Remarkable.

          • And you, you little worm. I could buy and sell your entire family for what I have in my change cup for bridge fare. When will you scum of the earth make something of yourselves? Because us winners are tired of supporting your filthy habit of breathing.

  27. And the Hildebeast just proposed free college for the masses as an executive order when she is president so the blank slates can be further indoctrinated in the lefts ideals… and be happy “educated” fools without jobs.
    You can bet that Christian and conservative colleges will be moth-balled to decay like relics of the past. Welcome, comrade, to the new America!

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  29. Before Comey’s announcement, I read several posts about how upset both FBI agents and the Intelligence Community would be if Hillary skated. I haven’t heard about any resignations, and I’m not holding my breath.

  30. Thinking,assessing and comparing. The process must be followed or success will elude you .Do not buy in to any of the reflexive,unplanned violent behavior. There should be no advertising of your capabilities,resources or itinerary. Smarten the fuck up!