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James Comey Sells Out

The rule of law is dead.

Act accordingly.


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  1. I remember when I used to be able to drink this news off, but the sad realization is it will never stop coming. Obama AND Bush got 1984 up and running for the country, Hillary will make it day to day as soon as she gets the Bernie fools to line up behind her and out to take anything from you that isn’t benefitting everyone equally.

  2. Make a list of all the people to avoid (and do business with).
    Yard signs and bumper stickers help.

  3. Virgil Kane

    It had to be this way. Somebody might suspect wrong-doing if they pulled her out of prison to be POTUS in January.

  4. On NPR today, obama/shrillary campaigning together in NC.

    Followed two hours later by the no indictment “news”.

    Just a reminder, it is intended to be in your face.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. The LAWS of this land is DEAD. I will follow no more LAWS if the rich, crooked, and political don’t!!! FK the washington established, the POS fbi, and all other gooberment 3 letter alphabet agencies!!!

    • 2nd. I’m not following laws either. the rest of the American people can go ahead and keep being played for a sucker; I’m opting out.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Nah, it’s just the Rule *of* Law that’s dead. Rule *by Law (limited to, but not including: whim, diktat, Fuehrerprinzip, and/or imperial decree) is doing just fine and growing at an exponential rate.

  7. Mike Bishop

  8. Uncle Larry

    I saw a bumper sticker that read, “Vote from the rooftops”.

  9. If you had any illusions about justice, they should be long gone. But keep voting because Trump is different. He can fix this. Delusional thinking will get you killed. Caity Mahoney was unavailable for comment as were dozens of other murder victims of these people.

  10. Mike Bishop

  11. It’s time for gun owners to dig deep and get whatever it is they have been wanting for years now before she gets handed the presidency.
    Make no mistake, that is what this signals.

    • Not just guns if you think Hillary isn’t going to tell you what to eat, drink, smoke and drive; your unrealistic. 8 years of her have a chance for complete control over the population.

  12. The rule of law has always been one of multiple tiers. It’s just that something this blatant in the past was supposed to have consequences even for the elite. Those of us with security clearances past and present know she screwed up. We can look back at Nixon now and say he wasn’t as bad and yet was forced to resign. What we see now is a very wide gap in the double standard and we know many of us little people will still be hit with an iron fist.

  13. Every 18-year old E1 understands the rules, and would be prosecuted for violating them…

    The republic is dead.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Republic is dead. Long live the Respublik!

      On the upside, The Internationale doesn’t have those troublesome high notes that The Star-Spangled Banner does.

  14. Check your premises. Like the chimera of limited government, the rule of law is impossible.

    How can any of this be a surprise?

    Quid Pro Quo:

    Bill Buppert

    • Bill,
      You realize the FBI just declared Anarchy. They declared for everyone to see what has been the truth for some long time, the only rule of law is there is no rule of law. The only rule, is there are no rules. It is official. They even tacitly declared their candidate for the dis-United States of Amerika. It is just a fight now. There is no longer any pretense. It is wide open what happens now. Way I see it, it is as sublime a Declaration of Independence as could be created without firing a shot, it is a gift they placed right in everyones lap.
      I think it will take a while for this to sink in in the hearts and minds of the dirt people but once it starts it will spread like like wild fire. There won’t be any stopping it.

      Anyone think maybe there might be certain elements within the FBI, this is their way of dissolving themselves of the insanity, that they dumped the whole unmitigated disaster back in the laps of the oligarchy? After all the career officers running the FBI are nothing if they are not political operatives.

  15. So what’s worse — the fact that we have no rule of law, or the fact that it doesn’t even matter to most of the human livestock in this country?

    I would argue that the latter is the real problem, as it enables the former. I damn sure don’t know how to fix it either.

    All I know is I’m tired of reading “buy more guns and ammo” on the various forums. For what? To add to the collection that’s already collecting dust?

    • Virgil Kane

      I guess we’re supposed to buy it to either hide or hand over. The time to act is past due.

      Read the Declaration of Independence. It was read at my house last night. (like the Christmas story on Xmas eve) Those men would have made changes years ago.

  16. Are people really astonished?/ S//

    • Mike Bishop

      Vince Foster couldn’t be reached for comment.

      • Neither could LeVoy Finnicum, or the Patriots who stood by him and the Bundy’s who the FBI had no trouble finding all sorts of make believe “crimes”.

    • flatlander

      No, it’s just another confirmation.

  17. Will we ever take the offense? I think NOT. But patriots did a fine job in documenting the death of liberty.

  18. (microphone hitting floor)……..I’m done.

  19. That townhall piece you posted …. Please repost it.

  20. cuttahotha

    If there is any honor left in Comey, he should go to his office and perform the rite of Seppuku. It is embarrassing to watch a warrior commit such humiliation.

  21. they dont even try to hide the fact that they have no rules…or whatever they a Black Eye for the FBI……somehow..I cannot take anything this government tells me to do as serious..

  22. Nah, this is great news. Under the equal protection clause, via Bolling v. Sharpe (1954), we can all now ignore every last law with complete impunity – just like Hillary.


  23. If anyone had lingering doubts crimes of murder, corruption, organized crime, espionage for profit, treason, (and you can’t name all what the mandarin’s are doing), are only for the little people, here is your proof “laws” only apply to the dirt people, in particular white dirt people. I think the oligarchy created anarchy. Amazing. Of all the things this cabal of totalitarian’s could have done, they created in one fell swoop total unadulterated anarchy.

    What is interesting, as there is now, officially, really, no law but the law lawlessness, because in no uncertain terms the FBI itself has declared there is no rule of law, along with they literally flushed what remained of their legitimacy down the crapper. The FBI, and by direct connection, the state is a total farce. The oligarchy couldn’t have chosen a more perfect way to create absolute liberty. We are now completely free to carry on in whatever manner we choose. We are free. Seriously. It is not rocket science. There are no restrictions to our actions, no limits on right or wrong, because there is no longer any reason to hold up our side of the moral imperative of rule of law, there is only two things, liberty, and tyranny, we all get the freedom of choice without moral consequences of violating whatever contract there existed. Freedom is wide open. It only is limited by the thuggery and violence of the organized crime formally called government.
    I’m for one relieved. It is carthasis.

    John Whitehead wrote something really profound. I think he is finally groking what us dirt people understood, he certainly articulates the crux of it well, ( i think he wrote it a couple days too early):
    With every new law enacted by federal and state legislatures, every new ruling handed down by government courts, and every new military weapon, invasive tactic and egregious protocol employed by government agents, “we the people”—the prisoners of the American police state—are being pushed that much further into a corner, our backs against the prison wall. This concept of a carceral state in which we possess no rights except for that which the government grants on an as-needed basis is the only way I can begin to comprehend, let alone articulate, the irrational, surreal, topsy-turvy, through-the-looking-glass state of affairs that is being imposed upon us in America today.

    Hey John, your free now… There is no voting our way out of this.

    • You are right with one exception — Don’t get caught doing it. Whatever it is.

    • You live within the most encompassing and pervasive State’ apparatus, that has ever existed … but, you call that “anarchy” ?

  24. Naw. Announcing it YESTERDAY would have been in our faces. Our wonderful rulers and betters displayed incredible thoughtfulness and kindness by waiting

    This shit has barely even gotten started. Prep and prep some more

  25. Stealth Spaniel

    I am angry, sad, furious, and hoping that this is the start of The Festivities. All I know is that I have a list, I am checking it thrice, and I know it’s time for me to say good bye to my (former) beloved California. Time to vote with my feet and spaniel paws.
    What did Claire Wolfe say? Evade, hide, smuggle, resist, and defy? Well, it is a starting point. My country is dead and that bothers me a lot. At least the Founders left a blueprint. And kill all the lawyers.

    • Mark Matis

      Far better to first kill all the pigs, for it is THEY who enable the sewage, whether that be lawyers or anyone else.


      SS: As a former Kalifornian who left in 2002, there are plenty of places for you to flee to, if you can, vis-a-vis your economic and family situation. Rawles Land isn’t too bad, if you can stand shoveling snow in the winter. And, you can do wonders with sustainable veggies if you invest in a small green house. Eastern Washington is also an option because you can legally grow Latin Lettuce and sell it. And, it is much more firearm friendly(for now) than the Land Of Fruits And Nuts.
      There are areas in South Central Oregon such as Grants Pass, Roseburg, and Springfield which have plenty of water and are tolerable as long as you avoid the plethora of brain-dead whites and annoying old people. A self-sustaining fall-back profession such as an EMT, health-care professional, or credentialed teacher will put food on your table and a roof over your head.
      The important thing that I have found is, you have to go gray. As much as it frustrates me, I have had my epiphany and no longer vote, write letters, go to meetings, etc. We on this site have to face the unpleasant fact that there is nothing more to be done except watching, waiting, prepping, and praying.The Fat Lady has sung.

  26. Score one for the ‘ worse is better crew ‘.

  27. No surprise, but absolutely disappointing.

    • There is a shiny lining in this Karl, now we are free to do anything. There are no rules but what we as Freemen choose to honor, our principles and moral compass, and faith in Liberty, (which was always the case, but now in a left handed manner have been absolved of even the fig leaf of having to adhere to some vague artifact of a notion of a “social contract”).

  28. Freedom fighter

    A corrupt government has no right to govern.
    It is time we arm ourselves as free people and harden our hearts and prepare for the journey that we must take.
    This is not to be taken lightly , this is not by our choice, but thrust upon us by those who see themselves above us.
    We will not be RULED by the elected or those by coronation.

  29. Mark Matis


    I hope your families are ready for what’s coming.

  30. Dan Morgan

    When was the last time the FBI committed this many agents (150), and this much time (over a year) to the investigation of a private citizen, and then willingly walked away without so much as a referral of charges?

    • The real target here is the Clinton Foundation. The email scandal was just an excuse to collect as many of her emails as possible, hoping to collect evidence on the Foundation. Let’s see what develops.

  31. Another story in the Justice vs Just Us saga.

  32. NightWatcher

    IIRC, lack of “intent” to break the law is specifically excluded as a defense in these statutes. I’ll let the barristers who frequent this site correct me if needed.

  33. Pete, Finished?
    Nah, this is a new beginning.
    This is our defining moment. It is the turning event everyone has been trying to figure out.
    I’m doing handstands and toasting the FBI. They just handed us freedom on a silver platter. It is wide open Dude.

    The whole lot of mandarin’s collectively took a sawed off double barrel shotgun loaded with irrelevance and illegitimacy, in public, put it against their collective thick skulls and pulled both triggers and blew their worthless syphilis infected brains out.

  34. Now would be a good time for Russia to release those emails……please.
    Looks like short ropes and tall trees time is rapidly approaching.

  35. Waiting in Idaho

    I think my wait is over. No laws for our masters and their enforcers, then no laws for us. Things are gonna get exciting…SOON.

  36. So the FBI explicitly shows that is is just another arm of the Democrat party. No surprise to me, I’ve maintained from the start that the fix was in.

    • The State and the Democratic Party are merging into a single entity. I think we’ve seen a few historical examples of unity between the State and the Party….

  37. I don’t think there’s much left to say. Each man will search his soul, weigh his responsibilities to those he loves and make his own decision. For a wretch such as I, If God be with me, who may stand against me?

    • Good. Then just STFU asshole and disappear. Dickbreath.

    • Good. Then we won’t be hearing any more lip from you-unless I scrape it off my zipper. Now go lay down and lick your tiny balls.

      • Tufts, have you impressed yet another young friend on your blog rounds?

        Maybe he’s that kid you were brow beating… Sorry, @lpha-maling, at the Golden Arches Supper Club?

        You said this kid was in uniform. Did he look like this?

        Old fool.

        • Haven’t you got a toilet to scrub or maybe some fries to pull out of the deep fryer? I can picture your fat gut and toothless mouth grinning as you sport that paper hat, apron, and name tag on your “uniform”. Fucking lowlife. If you were even adept at pushing a broom, I’d hire you at my new boat storage facility in Michigans Upper, but alas, you’re unemployable….

  38. Jimmy the Saint

    Kto, kogo, bitchez!

    Uh, I mean, “I’m fighting for you!”
    – Hillary Clinton

  39. CA Warrior

    This was a calculated move by barry, hitlary, lo-retta, slick willie, and company. Remember a couple of months ago where we heard rumblings that the fbi investigators were considering mutiny if hitlary was not indicted? And Comey was going to lead the charge?

    This just squashed that whole idea. No one of any rank or value in doj or fbi will utter a peep now that the boss has fallen on his sword.

    There is no mutiny, there is no movement, everyone just shut up and move on………..

  40. Shinmen Takezo

    The “big fix” is assuredly in with this decision from Rat-Faced-Comey.

    Here’s how it went down…. because it would certainly entail involvement by Emperor Seotoro in that massive pressure behind the scenes was put upon (Rat-Faced) Comey. There were promises to keep him in his office should Clinton be elected–along with pay raises, increased budgets for the FBI, book and lucrative speaking-fee deals following retirement and so forth and so on.

    This how these scum roll now–this is how the payola works in DC.

    If you wonder just why Bill Clinton and his (cunt) wife, Hillary get these massive speaking fees for practically doing nothing–this is how the payola works now. Push and propel laws which benefit the globalist agenda/bank-accounts, and you are forever on their gravy/payola train after you leave office.

    Ditto with these 5 and 4 star military goof-balls who are in charge of these fat, bloated and over-budget military weapons programs…. who later after retirement wind up working for the military industrial complex with a faaaaaat paycheck to supplement their already bloated retirement pensions.

    I recently re-read the Declaration Of Independence (it being the 4th of July) and it is mainly a ‘list of grievances’ against the King’s government. It goes into great detail about the “King’s Agent’s” who went forth and aggressively “ate out our sustenance” as a matter-of-fact public colonial policy.

    And reviewing this old list of grievances–the way things stand now, the current/disposition of this country if far, far worse than is was in colonial days. The “King’s Agents” (now completely subverted and corrupted from the top down) are armed with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, body armor, means of electronic warfare and every sort of force-multiplying inventions that General Cornwallis could not even dream about.

    Further more, these modern day “King’s Agent’s” are completely unaccountable to even God for their often violent and malicious actions–enforcing reams and reams of laws, most of which were just “regulations” made up out of thin-air by regulatory agencies (thousands of them yearly BTW) and the executive branch (Emperor Seotoro).

    Today’s yammering by Rat-Faced-Comey is proof that he and his agency are just more of “The King’s Agent’s) –who are working for the elites… who put in “the big fix” for the Clinton crime family.

    There is one set of laws for “them” and another more strict set of laws of “us” (slaves/sheep). “They/Them” are unaccountable and untouchable now. There is no more “rule of law” in this country now. Wrap your fat skulls around this fact now.

    My only hope for redress of grievances and for setting this country right again… and should this man be elected, he should immediately upon being sworn in order the US Air Force to carpet bomb DC into heaps of smoking ruins–along with all the elected and appointed wonks/collaborators who inhabit that box of corrupt, vile land.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Please insert the name: Donald Trump into the last paragraph–sorry for the mistake.

      And I wish there was a correction/edit feature on the comment section.
      Wink-wink, nudge, nudge.

  41. TimeHasCome

    We are a lawless nation . A felony a day will do nicely

  42. Mental chess exercise: Bill Clinton’s plane-boarding was planned. Works like this: by “secretly” meeting with the AG (in front of many FBI and Secret Service witnesses), he knows the story will get out and she’ll have to say “I’ll accept the FBI’s recommendation whether to prosecute”. He doesn’t even need to threaten her; he just needs the media to spread the story of their highly suspicious meeting. Then (or before) someone gets to Comey and he “decides” to advise not to prosecute, or he honest-to-goodness decides that on his own. Either way, the AG is off the hook to overrule him because she’s already said she’d defer to his recommendation.

    • Bill “I didn’t have sex with that woman” Clinton tell the truth ?


  43. To all of you whining, crying, moaning, groaning, sniveling, pouting and soiling yourselves over the latest fedgov in-your-face Fuck You, with complaints that the, ahem, “rule of law” is now dead….guess what ? It died years ago. Years. Ago.

    The Al-Taqiyya practicing Muslim, soetoro-obama NEVER met the requirements of the United States Constitution to be President of this defunct country. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 requires POTUS candidates to be natural born. But what did you care ? That didn’t matter to the folks here or to the bulk of Amerikans who have no clue, nor care, what their Constitution declares as the law of the land. Hell, Fox News’ Jesse Watters recently did a piece asking the idiots, the morons, the citizens, “How many stars on the American flag ?”. Guess what ? The indifferent, uncaring Amerikans didn’t know. Hell, during a campaign speech 8 years ago the usurper Barry Hussein Barack obama soetoro (whatever his REAL name is) declared there are 57 states in the Union ! Guess they didn’t teach that to Barry when he was in school in Indonesia, just as the libs here in Amerika don’t teach it.

    The final nail in the coffin of Freedom was hammered down when your fellow Amerikans elected the usurper barry soetoro, to be POTUS ! Ever since that day, the Muslim-in-Chief has done whatever the fuck he wants. His appointed minions carry out his orders without question and his alleged opposition from the right wing of the same bird, roll over and squawk while counting their millions made as US Congressmen. In the meantime the citizens continue to support their own demise in the bloodless coup that soetoro-obama has engineered.

    What did any of you expect from Comey ? An indictment ?

    So for all you whining that the “rule of law” died with soetoro-obama’s FBI appointed James Comey’s declaration that the bitch, Hillary “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” Clinton didn’t break any laws….I send you a hearty FUCK YOU !

    Continue to express your respect of the usurper by referring to the POS as “president”.

    Continue to sing the National Anthem.

    Continue to say the Pledge of Allegience.

    Continue to fly your Amerikan flag.

    Continue to support unending wars in the Middle East.

    Continue to ignore the coffins coming home thru Dover, Delaware.

    Because to quote “your” girl Hillary, “What does it matter ?”. Your country is LONG dead.

    • Notable also that the “opposition” in 2008, Juan McLame the Panamanchurian candidate was likewise not natural born.

      Huh, jes’ like Rafael Eduardo Cruz.