Where Is Your God Now?


Virginia Freeman asks some hard questions.

Hard, indeed.


39 responses to “Where Is Your God Now?

  1. THEBigFatPanda

    The one and only true God, Yahovah was, is, and always will be on His throne.
    Woe to us when He moves.

  2. And she will probably “win” because the “right” and “conservatives” cant stomach a fight unless its on facebook or twitter.

    Her backers have no problem burning cities down and raising hell … Trumps backers hide behind the cops all while still trying to get the left and media to leave their guns alone by playing nice instead of just saying “FU!”.

    • “Her backers have no problem burning cities down and raising hell” – No, that’s after the election. I cannot even imagine where the usa will be after 8 years of hillary if we went from traditional marriage to transgender toops in less than 8 years, but I bet Russia and China are staying up nights figuring the landgrabs they want and when the best time is to take the dollar down.

  3. She will not win anything. She’s already assured herself of eternal damnation unless by some unlikely turn she were to find God. Again, unlikely. This was an excellent piece and provides an excellent SITREP.

    Here we stand. This weekend, I rucked a couple miles up a couple thousand feet with a mid pack in good time. I finished setting concrete footings with posts for a woodshed. I foraged medicinal mushrooms for the winter. I split wood. I tended my garden. I gathered another 250 gallons of water from a storm. You do have rain barrels yes? Do you know that you can keep them somewhat clear and clean of algae by putting in weighted floaters of barley straw? Shit walmart sells barley straw, you better get some cause it’s gonna rain. Got my first eggs from the chickens. You are raising chickens right? You are raising something right? Cause this Roman Theatre matters not, what matters is what you do today in your yard, your community. Fuck DC. I say again, Fuck DC in the eye with rusty rebar. That includes Trumpet, Hilligula and every other pederast on the Hill or within sight of Gommorrah on the Potomac.

    • Dang chicken got into the garden and was eating the corn seedlings this morning. It’s a rooster, anyway, so it will get butchered then canned.

      You are canning meat, right?

    • Shinmen Takezo

      So basically what you are telling us Tom is thus…. you are selfishly DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but sit back on your fat-ass, gather eggs, chop wood and watch the whole country fall apart.

      You are doing nothing because it is not in your face yet.
      It’s down the road, out of sight and out of your mind.
      You basically have your head up your ass–or in a bucket of sand.
      Most likely with your head in the bucket, stuck up your ass.

      FYI–when the Militia stood their ground on Lexington Green, where many were killed…. people from the surrounding areas (men who were busy chopping wood, gathering eggs, gathering barley hay and so forth) ran into the area from miles and miles away to help their neighbors and engage the enemy.

      But you seem to be content to “prep” –and to fuck and to hell with everyone else not inside your little sheltered valley… right?

      You’re a fucking idiot.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Where is my God now? Waiting patiently in the third Heaven displaying extraordinary grace and peace to a world which deserves neither.

  6. If you can keep your head, while all about you are losing theirs……..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Then you’re going to run afoul of Hillary’s First Order – Operation Red Queen.

  7. Just as it was with Reagan, a substantial portion — possibly as much as half — of Trump’s support is absolutely invisible. They do not put signs on their yard (they’d just get stolen and attract vandals), they do not put bumper stickers on their car (who wants to pay for a new paint job due to key wielding fascists), they keep their mouth shut in bars, stores, and offices (who can win an argument with a leftist fanatic?) — but inside the privacy of the voting booth, they are quietly looking forward to kicking the political establishments of both parties, the MSM, and every one of the freaky flaky leftist SJW set right in the shins (and that’s putting it politely).

    And Trump ain’t God. Not even close.

    • “. . . but inside the privacy of the voting booth, they are quietly looking forward to kicking the political establishments of both parties, the MSM, and every one of the freaky flaky leftist SJW set right in the shins (and that’s putting it politely).”

      From a personal, selfish perspective, I hope you’re right – I’m a pretty old guy, I’d rather not spend the rest of my life in the Big Reset, and there’s some possibility that Trump would be able to delay it for awhile. But since the rot will still be terminal no matter what Trump does, for the sake of the younger and yet-to-be-born generations, it’s probably better if you’re wrong – the sooner the whole shithouse goes up in flames, the better the chances that those generations will be able to have a decent life.

  8. FBI Director is currently announcing that no charges will be brought against The Anointed One.

    “Where is your God now?”

    My faith in the Almighty is stronger than the foundations of the Earth. My faith in the US, however, is at a low ebb…

    We’re done. Time grows short indeed.

  9. SameNoKami

    Where is our God ?
    Right there, exactly where we left Him.
    Doesn’t totally matter. We’re toast.
    Apostasy is never rebuilt or turned around. It is destroyed.
    The U.S. has shifted into high gear on the road to destruction.
    If Hillary is elected, overdrive. Pedal to the metal.

  10. To those of a religious bent, remember Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t destroyed until Lot was given time to get the message he was the only one left and he was to get out. THEN the fire and brimstone happened.

    He let’s the wicked do the dirty work, and will preserve His people, but if your doing your nightly prayers, he’ll let you know when it’s time to get out of Dodge.

    • It’s past time, get out. Being in a hive or near one is going to cost people their lives. The writing has been on the wall.


      “…He”ll let you know when it’s time to get out of Dodge.” True that. Just remember God speaks to His people in a still, small voice. Keep listening. Intently.

    • Alaska Paul

      And don’t stop and look back when you are given the chance of getting out of DC *er* Gomorrah or you will be turned into a pillar of salt.

  11. In Comey’s defense, he was just trying to save his family. If Trump wins, nothing will happen to Comey whether he recommended charges against Hillary or not. If Hillary wins, but he recommended prosecution, he will become part of the concrete around Washington’s latest skyscraper (like Hoffa is part of Cleveland’s roadways) and his family will die mysterious, but explainable deaths during Hillary’s tenure. He was acting out of his own self-interest. Who can really blame him?

    • Just another in a long line of cowards and traitors. The fusa is full of them, your own family is full of them…

      • Not sure if he is a coward, a traitor, or a realist. He knows full well he is a dead man if she is elected and he recommended prosecution today. This is a man who knows every small detail in LaVoy’s murder. He knows how it is done, and how it will be done to him. Discretion is the better part of valor. I don’t think he is a man to follow or respect nevertheless. I think he is a grunt who worked his way up the chain of command by following orders. I also think that is why they will fire on Americans when ordered. But that’s another conversation.

        I wasn’t aware you knew my family.

      • Been reading your comments for awhile (I post under different names simply because I choose to do so….no mystery). IMO, you’re a one trick pony. THEY,THEM,THOSE……tiresome. Good luck making it alone. Because a tribe will vanish you inside of 3 weeks. Folks like you are poison to the welfare of the tribe.

        • You’re nothing but a poor dumb slob. You don’t have a fucking clue as to what I am, have, or am part of. Go suck a dick.

        • GFYS. Like most of the rest, you ain’t shit in a niggers backyard. I’m worth 100 of your goofy fucking tribe punks. You better get more murkin dumbasses to cover for you once you find out the hard way who I am, and what I can do… ITMT go get a job dickbreath.

    • “…. we pledge our sacred honor.” Many a Founder lost it all, family, fortune, their very lives. Comey became just another cheap suit in the DC swamp. Spit on him.

  12. I am reminded of the biblical story of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. It is in the book of 1st Kings if I remember correctly. While they both got there just rewards (think Game of Thrones style), I have been wondering recently about the life of the average Israelite family during that period. I would imagine there would be a lot to learn.

  13. OK, Is any one holding his breath now?

    How do you think the election will go? More specifically, when there is massive vote fraud in the coming show, will the DOJ “investigate” it?

    Do you have “faith” in the “process”?

    What about those men of the “highest integrity”… you know, the “vast majority”? What do you think of your Uncle Scooter and his buddies now?

    Do you still believe in Dudley Do-right?

    Do you believe the rest of the scoundrels in FedGov “service” will now gird their loins and behave in the manner of moral and righteous men after the example just set?

  14. just plain todd

    woe to you oh earth and sea…….because the devil sends the beast of wrath because he knows the time is short……..what was that saying about courage? something like being scared and saddling up any way? sure was hoping to enjoy my retirement, but, since we all die anyway, better to die for something early, than dying at home , in bed, later , for nothing. i imagine i may see some of you on the beach in november, if you are anywhere near southern arizona! probably be busy trying to keep the area free of commiefornians.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    Where is my god now?

    Same place he’s been for ages – dreaming away in R’lyeh.

  16. Sword Land

    We in The League have said over and over for the last two decades that the US government is an organized criminal enterprise. That means that it holds itself above its own law (not to mention God’s law) and has one standard of justice for itself and its minions and another for folks like us. This could not be illustrated any more clearly than in the FBI’s refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton on criminal charges regarding her misuse of classified emails. Lesser lights would do time for such an offense.

    But Hillary is not a lesser light; rather, she is on the cusp of becoming President of the world’s greatest empire. She is an important part of The Establishment, and as such she is not accountable to the law. Neither she nor her husband has ever been accountable to it.

    If Americans blinded by “patriotism” even now refuse to see that the US government is an illicit and illegal regime, then they are beyond hope and redemption. They are, and will remain, serfs and subjects of an increasing tyranny, and rightly so.

    If virtuous men and women who take pride in being called “citizen” (and all that that word implies from an historical point of view in the Western world, from the Greeks until the present day) have no recourse to the law, then they have recourse only to the sword. This is not a choice of their own making. It is not a path they chose for themselves. No, it was a course chosen for them by those who fashion themselves above the law.

    Without law, no man’s life or property is secure, and his liberty is vanquished . . . unless he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to preserve it, along with life and property. When the law ceases to be a refuge for honest men, it by necessity becomes a prison house. And no decent man will consent to a prison house for the act fending off the tyranny of the lawless.

    America in 2016 is a tyranny of the lawless. It has become what our medieval ancestors called “sword land,” a region where brute force, threats, and strength of arms decides the day. We have not made America–and the South–into sword land. This has been done by those who have controlled the US government and its attendant supporting institutions for the last century. It has been done by lawless men in service to the Serpent of old.
    This godless slithering Serpent has been slow in maturing, but it is now a fully formed monstrosity. We have no choice but to seek it out and cut off its head. Whether we like it or not, the game is now on. Good hunting, gentlemen, and may God guide your hand. — Michael Hill, 2016

  17. thesouthwasrght

    The results of the absence of God is not his fault. The truly wonderful thing about Jesus is that He allows for free will, accept Him as Savior freely, or don’t, it’s up to you individually which leads to collectively. Deny Him and you end up getting what we have now. Again, it’s not His fault that a shit storm is brewing because we as a nation have turned our back on him, it’s just how things are. Were we a Godly nation, cretins like the Clintons would never have gotten past dog catcher politically. But we are not and this is what we reap.

  18. Bibleater

    The vast majority of American Churchianity is biblically illiterate,, too lazy to read God’s letter to His children. Jesus is the Living Word. If you are sure that your church is teaching the truth then I’m sure that you have arrived at that conclusion because you have been searching the scriptures diligently and the Lord did not need to hound them with questions like, “Have ye not read?” or “Is it not written?”.
    Yes, wars and rumors of wars, the sword without and the terror within (your mind). And the real famine is not for food or water but for understanding the Word of the Lord (Amos8:11). The milk of simple salvation and baptism ain’t gonna git ‘er done, without the meat of the whole Word of God (book of Hebrews).
    Civil War? It will probably be much worse that the book of Judges chapters 19&20. Have you counted the casualties? It appears we will also go off half cocked. And the religious leadership was seriously deluded to think that God was on their side.
    Anyone who says that the Old Testament is about the Jews only is a thief and a liar. We are Israel. It’s as plain as the words on the page (if you’ve looked). Do yourself a favor and pull up the old Marine, pastor Arnold Murray at The Shepherds Chapel, start at the beginning (Genesis) and try to prove him wrong (I did but I’m still trying after 20 years) and don’t worry if the established churches hate him with a passion it kind of makes sense. I mean, with all our preps it kind of makes sense to get a descent helmet.
    It’s daily bread, don’t starve.

  19. Bucephalus

    Where is my God?

    Frame of Reference: Daniel 2:21.

    For the intent of helping somebody…

    Why would this century be any different for God’s people than any other century? God’s O-Plan is so much bigger than the impenent bitch being indicted or not, elected or not…..but it would be nice if she shaved before being photographed.

    Not knowing nearly enough about other people’s needs; it should suffice to share this; believing that a “rock-slide” will eventually take out the feet (clay & iron) of mankind’s idolatrous kingdoms…..Daniel 2:34.

    People who find ways to be more compartmentalized than they are clustered seem to succeed more, and in a wider array of situations; lowering one’s Power Distance Index usually results in a “thicker skin” that shields an individual from acting under emotional stress.

    Cognitive therapy can help lower a person’s PDI.

    If this is too heavy, consider this “sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me”.😊

    Perhaps working on how the frontal lobe controls the amygdala will help to filter the bullshit from reality; or look at it like Deductive Reasoning…..an upside-down funnel that misses more false premises than an upright funnel (Inductive Reasoning).

    God raises kings and puts them down. Try to be faithful with the Prophet Daniel as the standard.

    It’s gonna collapse, take it as it comes.

    Ne Desit Virtus!

    • You can meld metals but there’s no way to meld metal and clay. America is White or it is nothing.

  20. Bibleater

    Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin (Dan chap. 5) And this was after a couple of generations of good times.
    She does set a new bar on the “vile” index.