Brushbeater: (in)Justice For All


RTWT, but here’s the quote of the decade:

There is no “nation”, there are no “laws”, and all of this any of you have prescribed to is an illusion created by merchants to keep you complicit. Recognize there is only Tribe and God, partnered with a duty to protect both. The world outside the West works solely in this manner. So should you.

Tempus fugit.

9 responses to “Brushbeater: (in)Justice For All

  1. Recognize there is only G*d and Tribe. There, fixed it for you. Without G*d, there is no Tribe. Homeland Security is the one who issued in April, 2009, that “returning war veterans are the greatest threat to domestic security”, and their reasons for doing so are both logical, and prophetic. Not very bright, seen from the view of said veterans and their families, because to pipe the tune is to expect the dance. Hells Angels started out as returning war veterans from WW2, and even before they became notorious gangs bent on wanton rape, drunkeness, and drug dealing, they were accused of it. So, self-fulfilling prophecy. But not only that. Accused of crimes you didn’t commit, any decent, law abiding person will react, and defend themselves. So, when the bully (FedGov) picks a fight, and calls names, they shouldn’t be surprised when the object of their pushing, (us), pushes back, and the bully gets a bloody nose for his efforts. But bullies always think they can get away with it, every time, and that no one will be waiting, unseen, around the corner with friends, and a ball bat, and bag intended to be dropped in the river. It will come to that. Even a dog, when beaten and mistreated, will have enough, and bite. After all, the bully set the example. Why should he expect less?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Former Gambino capo Lou Ferrante made a good point on his show about the Camorra: you can’t squeeze a guy too hard; stay within a certain range, and the guy will pay up, because paying is easier; go beyond a certain point, and either he kills you, or you’ll have to kill him – either way, he’s no longer a source of income.

      Being an effective bully requires a careful balancing act.

  2. I think Captain Capitalism, or maybe Jacob Fisker; shows how best to live in the usa where you may have to rely on yourself, your own group; only aquiring what you need for existence.
    Who would have thunk that during a period where people in the usa treat air travel like bus travel, we might be closer to going back to the 1900s than the next step in advances.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      A new Dark Age is/was always just a few bad decisions away.

      • Mike Bishop

        The Statist Symbol should be the Ouroboros.

        A giant serpent, subsisting on its own shit.

  3. “The world outside the West works solely in this manner.”

    Does he mean the dirt floored, no running water/plumbing, no electricity, grass skirt, bone thru the nose world? or the dirt floored, goat humping, no running water/plumbing, no electricity, man dress world?

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Steve Kristmann

    tfA-t said:
    “…Does he mean the dirt floored, no running water/plumbing, no electricity, grass skirt, bone thru the nose world? or the dirt floored, goat humping, no running water/plumbing, no electricity, man dress world?”

    Either of those two options are totally f’up shit, especially the second.
    I’m thinking he meant more of a vulgar, ‘banana republic’ where ‘mordita’
    is the payment option and ‘disappearances’ of dissidents is the rule.

    Hiligula….Hugo Chavez’s corpse reanimated and given a sex change!!

    hiligula’s banana republic

    Or maybe Sarajevo is a better comparison…..

    Yours In Liberty No Matter What Putrid Collectivist Sockpuppet Is “Chosen”!!!
    Death to islam and collectivism!!
    NorthGunner III

  6. I say great days are before us and our liberty. It is still gonna hurt, but the leviathan has committed suicide and nobody had to fire a shot against it. The beast is existential to itself. It has gravely miscalculated by declaring Anarchy on itself thinking it has got one over on us dirt people. The timing is flawless. It’s the appetizer in a banquet of eating it’s own. Watch what begins to take place. Political fratricide is the next stage. Meanwhile the ripples from what they just did is going to spread out over the planet like on a pond and come back and things will begin to cascade failure. But the preference cascade this has created will be the deciding factor.
    Hubris before the fall.