DTG: Excellent Videos On Camouflage


Go and save to watch later, if you must.

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Camo is a concept, not a pattern.

Blending with your environment (wherever and whatever that is) is a essential skill – be it for approach or evasion.

Tempus fugit.

6 responses to “DTG: Excellent Videos On Camouflage

  1. best short posted here in long time

  2. Good shit, thank you.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Stealth Spaniel

    So, this is the Academy Award performance of/for your life. I think many men, and some women, will benefit from camo patterns and ghilli suits. However, when The Festivities get under way and morph into everyday life, I think the folks left behind the iron curtain will find it beneficial to fit in whatever way they can. A housewife with ration cards is going to be humble and patient-if she wants to live. Doesn’t mean that later she can’t tuck a sharp knife in brown jeans and take out a local gestapo member. The cafe pic was a good example.

  5. Your airsofter knows jack shite about bush living. The only thing he knows about cammo he read on the internet. Patterned uniforms are ALL seasonal / terrain specific There is no “universal” cammo pattern. Any dull earth tones that “blend” with your season and region are just as effective when you get some dirt rubbed in them as any patterned cammo. To “improve” the cammo effect just put a net or cover over your gear with some burlap strips and veg. SOUND is far more of a problem. When was the last time any of you heard a critter or plant go “klink” or “clack” from the weeds? TAPE , TIE , SECURE EVERYTHING. Jump up and down at your pre mission inspection. Tape the crap out of whatever go’s “tink” DUMMY CORD EVERYTHING! Smell? Use local or “unscented” soap. Trackers who are close enough to smell your soap OR your unwashed ass are close enough to see you. Not staying clean in the field is some more mythic tough guy internet bullshit. If you stay clean you will not get crawly bugs all over you. Bugs make you sick. If you are an irregular living in the bush and you get sick, you will most likely die. SCAT : Dig a cat hole and learn to HIDE it. Hauling a bag full of your own shit around the woods is stupid. If the trackers/dogs are out you BETTER “J” hook around their flank and ambush them at the first opportunity. You won’t live to regret not doing that. Like I said before ,If they can smell you; You are already “F”ed. Leave the stupid ass radio gear at home. Unless you have multiple teams in the field or a group larger than 10, the only thing radio “chatter” CAN do is give up your position or tell your enemy you are in the AO and “active”. You have no backup and NO air support. All that “tackticool” radio gear may make you look like an “operator” .But in the real world it will get you killed. AIRSOFT IS NOT TRAINING.

    • Calling Bergman an “airsofter” is like calling Mosby a lightweight.

      Ray, you’re an I.D.I.O.T.