Here’s Mud In Your FBI

Here's Mud in Your FBI 1

Stilton sends, with accompanying text.


4 responses to “Here’s Mud In Your FBI

  1. Tribe? Those backstabbing cowards?

    Where was the “tribe” for LaVoy?

    I’ll tell you; watching porn. Lots and lots of porn.

    • first time i agree with you. there’s going to be a whole lot of disappointed ”tribe members” out there. at this point, i don’t trust anyone. the murkins are in debt up to their eyebrows sociopathic losers. of course there will be flak over this comment.

      Because I’m right over the target.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Anonymous

    Tell me how two politicians who only have $20M and no dynasty are militarily stronger than a police agency with 35,000 employees and far more money? They aren’t. Comey supported the politicians because he’s on the politicians’ side against the people. Comey’s speech meant, of course I’m not going to prosecute a noble, but political power depends on the audience having a suspension of disbelief. Your antics are waking the audience up, and putting all of our phony-baloney jobs at risk. Stop it! Your job as presidents is to make pretty babies and get photographed in a new dress each day. Look at how well that British couple is doing their jobs.