SLL: What Are You Going To Do About It?


Good question.

Begin by accepting that tyranny now rules FUSA.

And that there is no voting your way out of it.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    You should already be prepared……because it is going to hit the can………

  2. “S>S>S” It is the only way to protect thy self and those you love.

  3. There is no voting our way out of this? What?! You must want to have sex with Hillary! Don’t you want to make America great again? Are you a closet gay man who worships Hillary? Trump is our savior!

    Sarcasm off.

    The process of law and voting are done.

  4. Agree with the idea TPTB think they can control the blow back on full in your face tyranny, however I estimate they have miscalculated by an order of magnitude.

    In the following video analogy .gov is the Capoeira kickeboxer and Freefor is the Marine.

  5. The League of the South (LS) has been working to end this problem by disassociating the south from the United States government. The LS has been at this task for 22 years as of a couple of weekends ago.

    We do this by electing state legislators who won’t stand in our way and by firing those who will.

    Removing the US government from our states by nullification, interposition, and finally be secession. All of this is a process, not an on or off activity.

    Refusing to do business with any US government agency, delivering “night letters” to those who continue to collaborate, and other actions as necessary.

    None of this will be easy, it may take years still, but if we don’t work at it, the US government will enslave us further.

  6. HHH Old Vet.

    John Ashe was found dead the 29th of June from a Crushed throat, he was going to testify Against Hillary, They say he had an accident while working out; BULLSHEIT . Media is Very quiet. Surprising it is not already put up Here at WRSA.
    We can deduce that the FBI and Courts Work for HILLARY, we will be gone if we don’t act quickly keeps popping into my mind.

  7. Well the III% had a chance to man-up in Oregon, but had better things to do with their precious time.

    Now the new immigrants seem to have no problem chopping wood, so to say.

    • Detroit,

      Why do you care what the 3% did or not do ? GFY.

    • Detroit has my permission to occupy the nearest Wildlife Refuge at first opportunity, then ambulate about the countryside doing interviews

    • The diarrhetic babble
      that immediately followed
      your comment proves your

    • And YOU have had an entire lifetime to turn “detoilet” around…… What ya been doin?…… Glass houses, stones and all that horseshit.

  8. “a bought off class of savages that must stay bought off to forestall chaos”

    Always did enjoy unvarnished, unapologetic truth.

  9. Been 20+ years since I realized that I live in a criminal society….

    Civilian criminals don’t bother me much as they’re mostly honest about what they do and I know that if they do bother me they will be dispatched.

    Gov’t criminals are a different story. They are dishonest and if you dispatch one they all gang up on you and you will lose your life.

    So I go out of my way to avoid them.
    I spent a fortune placing barriers between us and them and changing my lifestyle in an effort to have no contact with them.

    If you don’t understand this mindset yet you soon will, if you’re lucky.

    …..criminals are everywhere, some obvious, most not, so I trust almost no one and have little contact with anyone. I’ve never been much of a *people* person.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Pretty clear demarcation of where “member of the elite” really starts.

  10. Dennis Garoutte

    Me to Private

  11. Mark Matis

    The first rule of Fight Club is “You do not talk about Fight Club.”

    • Mark Matis

      That being said, it might be appropriate to give this country’s “Law Enforcement” a Thanksgiving to remember. By now, you do know where they live in your AO, do you not? On Thanksgiving day, drive around and see which of their homes has the most cars, indicating a family and friend celebration. Wait until they are sitting at the table to eat, then kill every one of them. Start with whoever is nearest the head of the table, of course, but kill every living thing in that house. Then burn it. Move on to the next “Law Enforcement” home. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

      Give this country something to be truly thankful for.

      And help them and theirs celebrate the Strength of the Diversity they and their Masters have been welcoming into this country for years now. Because, after all, that is the Mexican way…

  12. aleksandr baranov

    philadelphia is the place where independence begins in 1776 and ends in 2016 or not?

  13. @Detroit You are absolutely right. Just where was the III % crowd.??
    They talk bad ass, but when it comes right down to backing their words up
    all I see is someone with their head down scratching the dirt with the toe of their boot. Pussies!!!

    • I’ll tell you why.

      Money talks, bullshit walks.

      Must be pretty fucking hard to stand-up and be a man when you’re always kissing the bosses ass to “pay bills”. Because without that go nowhere pathetic J.O.B, little whatshisname doesn’t get braces, the wife will leave him for a real bread winner, and they’ll lose all that bottom-shelf worthless crap-they don’t really own, but have slaved for their entire working lives… Miss those payments and into the abyss they go along with the rest of the homeless losers.

  14. for the moment, I am ,lost in rapt admiration for the criminal brilliance of the Clintons. Since I haven’t seen an intelligent discussion anywhere else, let me explain what that so very public tarmac encounter between Bill and Loretta was all about. Prior to it, there was some chance that Comey would present evidence and recommend an indictment of Mrs. Clinton….which would have put Barack and Loretta in the embarrassing position of Stonewalling; the Evil One still skates, but it’s bad optics, might have cost Hiligula a point or two in the polls or on election day. But once, via the encounter, Loretta “had to” recuse herself, Comey found himself literally appointed Judge, Jury, and Executioner. No wonder this apparatchik broke and ran: the choice was between an eventual, comfortable retirement to a nice house on a golf course, or going horizontal…real soon. He chose wisely

    end rapture. Later on during this ‘net session I’m going to order another 5 boxes of .308. The particularly penetrative “hog killer” variety, via either Remington or Hornady

    • I agree. Comey was given a choice of seppuku or falling in line. He made the best choice that he knew how to make while attempting to tell the truth. Not exactly stepping out on Concord green but not the worst thing he could have done. The Clintons are a scary bunch. Lizard people references may not be far off the mark.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If that’s the case, then everyone who calls FLEAs/LEOs “praetorians” owes them a big apology. Praetorians figured out that they were the real kingmakers and whacked the emperors who displeased them.

        • Mark Matis

          As you say, Praerotians whacked the emperors who DISPLEASED them. What indications do you have that this country’s “emperors” are displeasing the Praetorians? They will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. They have no morals, no scruples, no principles, and no honor. They are nothing more than Rove Republicans in blue. The time is coming to give them and theirs a Thanksgiving to remember. Any of them who are still alive after that day, anyway…

      • keith park

        Maybe that’s why Comey had, what, over +/-100 agents working on this. The Clintons knocking off Comey may be one thing, but the sudden and contemporaneous deaths of 100 other G-men who know the facts of this case and who could be potential witnesses against the Clintons might be a little hard to explain away. I’ve never heard of FBI agents committing mass “suicide”.

    • Pretty good analysis, Mr. Angmark.

      However, I think Comey is still at risk. Why leave such a knowledgeable person vertical when he, a loose end, can be silenced. I think he was and remains at risk for the “Mena, Arkansas” nap.

      For those of you that can’t seem to take a secessionist view, you have my pity. I’ll be giving that out until the end of the year, then the pity tap is closed for good. A couple of folks know where my bunker is, they’re welcome, the rest of you that continue to fly the stripped rag, no so much.

    • If what you say is true then he made a bad mistake and it haunts him now and always. He is a loose end, a dangling participle. He will be erased.

      His best bet would have been to arrest all 3 klintons instantly, then go into deep hiding with massive armed security.

      But his overall best defense would have never been involved with the criminally corrupt gov’t in the first place.

      Dishonesty deserves death and everyone directly involved with this criminal gov’t is dishonest.

      By summer 2017 80,000,000 will realize this but it will be too late for them.


  15. Anonymous

    Promote the idea for a month to synchronize, then everybody who wants freedom takes the license tags off their cars, forever. Install suppressors on any guns you want. Fill in the mud puddles on your property, or dig a pond. Build a house. Refuse to bake someone a cake. Stop paying the salaries of your oppressors. Live free, in every fashion, all at once.

    • Live free, in every fashion, all at once.

      Or die!

      Some things are worse than death.

      • Anonymous

        Some things are worse than death.

        Such as living f-f-f-f-reee in the world without the g-g-g-overment to hold my hand and tell me I’m safe because it’s going to make all the hard decisions for me. If we didn’t have the Nazi government, the results would be even worse than the German holocaust. I know this because the government-licensed mainstream media cartel told me.

    • outlawpatriot

      Ok, cool. I’m in. So, that means when my ass gets jumped you will come to my aid, yes? I assure you that would be my commitment. Please make me feel warm and fuzzy. Otherwise, I withdraw from any participation. 🙂

  16. These Cometh of Evil?
    “The gods are the creation of the created.

    They are not emanations of The Eternal.
    They are made by the adoration of their worshipers.”Kabbalah (B.C. 1200- 700 A.D.)
    What is a vote? According to Webster’s 1913 Dictionary the word vote can be defined as, “An ardent wish or desire; a vow; a prayer.”
    “Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.” (Pr 6: 2)[1]
    Job 15:6 Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I: yea, thine own lips testify against thee. Luke 19:22, Matthew 15:18.

    Eyes Right,

  17. It must be quite a blow to comey’s ego to have gone from leading law enforcement official to felonious accomplice in the space of a single press conference…. Let’s face it, that’s what he is now.

  18. outlawpatriot

    What am I going to do about it? Exactly what I have been doing for the last couple of years. Nothing has changed. 😉