Director James B. Comey speaks during an F.B.I. press conference at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. on Monday, June 23, 2014.

Once you’re a pickle, you can never again be a cucumber.

What a tool.

25 responses to “Banzai!

  1. Speaking only for myself, I assume this guy has a wife and kids. I assume as well he was reminded that he has a wife and kids. And that accidents happen. I can’t condemn him.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Virgil Kane

    That’s why he recommended no charges. Did he have to tell us all of her crimes? What I heard him say is, “she did all of this and while another person would go to prison for it, I’ve been told Clinton is not to be touched.”

    Unless FREEFOR has the union guys ready to take “Brooklyn Bob” into hiding, he did all he could do.

  4. I agree. I believe that’s why he gave his statement the way he did. Here’s everything she did but I’m not gonna die in a gym accident. It’s up to the people who heard his remarks to take the ball and run with it.

  5. He might lift weights and is up-to-date on the current news of the death of another weight lifter.

  6. So anyone who has a wife and kids is exempt from their oath.

    Right. Gotcha.

  7. Homey, dont play dat!

  8. He needs to resign then.

  9. Bucephalus

    No different than the “wobbly knees” of C/J Roberts on the Healthcare ruling.


  10. Then I shoulda be in his position, I have neither and given the path the country is heading; i have plans for neither; can you imagine raising kids and sending them to public school under a hillary presidency ? my kids would likely be taught to kill me before they are 6 just because i’m a white, regular bible reading, gun owning, climate skeptic, veteran.

  11. I was thinking that same thing yesterday, they must have him too in their pocket.
    If this is the usa today, imagine where it’s going to be under hillary ? I need a drink.

  12. Think the facebook police got you JST, “facebook post no longer available”.

  13. whatshisname is a coward himself.

    “I can’t condemn him” of course you can’t.


  14. As hard as I laughed, I’m taking a minute to address “Mr. Establishment”.
    I read often the phrase “those who may not be mentioned”. In conjunction I add “the truth that must not be spoken”. That the negro with the exception of the talented tenth, is not intellectually or psychologically capable of succeeding in an advanced society. It is only government (read subsidized) employment that has allowed them a modicum of upward mobility. I take no pleasure in pointing it out and wish it were not so. But until this harsh truth is confronted, and it never will be, look for the continued scapegoating of white America as the source of all the negro’s ills.

  15. Hey tufts I made fun of you on another blog. It was the old schtik about your previous handle. Panama82 or panamaOmlette. Anyway you know what I mean. The take on Van Halen singing. “Reach doooown”. “Between mah legs”. “Glare at some kids from my RV ”
    Bet you can’t find which one in 30 mins. No cheating and using the browser history either.
    Go get em tiger!

  16. I lift my own weights at home as I have since 1964. And I no longer do bench presses, just overhead presses so there’s at least no danger of the bar falling on my throat.

  17. SameNoKami

    Day gotz the piks of Roberts w/dee li’l boys.
    Comey, I don’t know about. Little girls ?
    Either way they both valued their lives over their sacred honor.

  18. Tired of Talking

    Comey is and has been a compromised traitorous punk.

    Comey has made it clear, and put it out into the open for all to see, that tyranny rules and he is a tyrant.

    The rank and file FBI agents are all faced with a decision to make because Homey the Clown Comey has created a dividing line for them all.

    1) They either resign in protest or make sure Comey is removed from his position.

    2) Or they stay in the FBI under Comey and become targets for the American people who are going to begin taking out all Federal tyrants. You cannot have it both ways. You either honor your oath, or you serve tyranny. Every other choice you think you have is only an illusion that will not be recognized.

    You have Comey, that brazen bastard to thank.

    Death to tyrants. It’s the right of the American people to remove with deadly force all traitors, tyrants, and enemies foreign and domestic.

  19. Shinmen Takezo

    WHAT THE FUK!!!!!???

    I am reading the headline on Drudge that Cankles-The-Cunt-Clinton was not even questioned “under oath” –and that these badged panzies did not even take a transcript!!! –WTF?!!!

    Are you fucking shitting me–right?!
    This is some insane joke–right?!!

    If I had a small puddle on my property–the fucking DC FLEAS would be riding up my asshole with citations, threats and prosecutions…. yet this cnankle-ankled-cunt skates off the ice free and clear?!!!

    Are you shitting me?!
    Please say this is some insane mass hallucination.

    Talking about the “rule of law.”
    That is just another nifty slogan along the lines of the following…

    The Pepsi Generation.
    We move you.
    Just Do It.
    The full faith and credit of the United States.
    An Army Of One.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

  20. Here’s a novel idea, maybe he needs to man up, grab that hit squad they been using to execute LeVoy Finnicum’s, and use it on the somebody who is threatening his family.
    Just saying.
    After all, they are badged armed leg breakers, so who is it that has the firepower in this scenario?
    Or are they all in it 100% together.
    Which is it?

  21. Dennis Garoutte

    Most people can’t or won’t handle the truth, at this point I see few options, one being watch from afar.

  22. Anonymous

    That the negro with the exception of the talented tenth, is not intellectually or psychologically capable of succeeding in an advanced society.

    Funny, they sure seem to function on-par in the military. Do you believe every single one that enlists is specially talented? Instead, I believe the military doesn’t accept racist excuses. Racists once believed they couldn’t do pro sports, either.

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