Selco: Lessons Learnt


Things never go as imagined.

Do those things now that you believe you will need to do in the future.

Errors today likely won’t kill you.

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  1. As usual. Great content. Thank you.

  2. Dennis Garoutte

    Were not that far away,kudos to Denninger, hard truth

  3. this is one of several advantages to being trapped in deep collectivist territory, for ex. south-central Mexifornia. On the one hand, it’s a target-rich environment; you don’t even have to be a good shot to hit a worthwhile target. On the other, you don’t need to plan much, since you probably won’t be around long either

  4. anonymous

    Some very good points made. Mike Tyson is credited for saying EVERYONE HAS A PLAN ‘TIL THEY GET PUNCHED IN THE MOUTH.

    Thanks for linking to it.

  5. “Global central banking and their captive governments will do literally anything to keep The Con rolling. Never forget that fact.”

    Including inciting a race war it seems from this mornings headlines. America is a get away car in a huge heist. Standard practice is to douse the car in gasoline and set it ablaze to destroy evidence. Unfortunately America is still in the car, but they are gonna torch it anyway.

    Buckle up buttercup.

    Ever spent time in a place where the social fabric has been taken down? You won’t like it much.

  6. Mark Matis

    Well things DEFINITELY did not go Thursday as the Dallas “Law Enforcement” planned!

    Thank you, Lord, for at least YOU are truly just!

    Can you imagine what the Praetorian Guard would decide if they and their families were dealt with appropriately this coming Thanksgiving?

  7. Here in DFW, itsa lil’ dicey. There may be more of this, with 12 cops shot, 5 dead, including one shooter, 2 civilians shot. Obongo already bleating for more gun control, and the usual suspects are falling in line for same. Heart of downtown shut down, where the offices of FBI, IRS, ATF etc. are at on Commerce St. and surrounding areas. As usual, cops shut down the whole area because they haven’t figured out what to do yet. I thought there might be martial law for a while, but I can see a curfew coming at the least. Shutting down downtown Dallas is not going to be a popular move with business, or the hoy poloy. All this near to Dealey Plaza. Gun shows locally will be brisk, this weekend. Nobody has said revenge yet, but that’s what this is, and probably more than a few of our darker brethren are rolling that over in their minds this morning. After that bullshit in Minn. and La., how could you blame them?

    • SameNoKami

      It’s going to ratchet up. Cops will crack down. Blacks will die. Blacks will react. Cops will double down. It will become a never ending spiral.

      • Mark Matis

        So what’s not to like?

        But understand that it never has been just Blacks being murdered by pigs. The Blue Wall are equal opportunity murderers. Remember that South Carolina pig who murdered the unarmed man running away:

        Note the Black pig standing there, watching the White pig plant his taser next to the corpse to make it look like it was a close encounter where he could have claimed the victim was attacking him when he fired the shot. That GD Black pig said not one damn thing until AFTER the video was posted. Only Ones are not White nor Black nor Yellow nor Brown. They are only Blue. And the sooner every one of them in this country, and their families, burn in hell, the better off we will be.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Only Ones are not White nor Black nor Yellow nor Brown. They are only Blue. ”

          Increasingly, they are multicam

    • Randall Flagg

      Dallas is about a 12 hour bus ride to Baton Rouge. Dallas is about a 24 hour bus ride to St. Paul. Exactly what were they protesting against, and what at all did DFW (let alone DFW police) have to do with either incident? Answer: nothing. But it did ignite one helluva brew-ha-ha. The Marxist masters must be pleased.

      • Mark Matis

        Dallas pigs have murdered Mere Citizens with impunity in the past. When piggies get killed, it is not only the local pig sty that pours out en masse, but pig swill from across this entire country. If the “good cops” will not stand against the sewage in their midst, then that entire barrel is rotten to its core and deserves fully to be treated appropriately.

        The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

        • Randall Flagg

          So when does the protest march that you’ve organized begin in your neck of the woods?


      Sean: Any thoughts how the Sons and Daughters of Texas will react to this? I’m serious and I mean no offense. I did my last 12+ months of active duty at Fort Hood in 1971. It was my experience that the average Texican will not tolerate this kind of crap. But, maybe times and demographics have changed things.

  8. jeffronimo

    If the blacklivesmatter BLM and the bureauoflandmgmt BLM went to war and wiped each other out, and the bluelivesmatter BLM were caught in the crossfire and summarily annihilated, would any of them be missed or mourned?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Their deaths would be treated with a certain amount of awe: Aww.

      /old joke

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. though you don’t post differing opinions…gotta love the 3%…right? y’all claim to want to help yet I have NEVER had a comment post successfully here, or at any of the 3persites…gee, wonder why?