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  1. Now that is just awesome.

  2. Henry Bowman

    Ordered this one and a few more…..Tx…

  3. Awesome stuff! Love the resister stickers. Iconic.

    Does this qualify for micro aggression? Or is that only the purview of cognitive dissonance writ large?
    This is truly rich. Only a cultural marxist could come up with this beauty of the oxymoron of statist logic.

    James Pearce
    about 3 weeks ago
    Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors.
    This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists.
    Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons….

    – why did this post not get ‘scrubbed’ from Facebook for its micro-aggressive, safe-space-destroying, violence-enouraging hate speech?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s actually more macro-aggressive.

    • Those pussy metromarxists couldn’t “storm” a Cub Scout meeting.

      Pick up guns and wet themselves.

      I wish some of those fantasists would try something like that.

      • the NRA is probably a gun free zone so no one would be carrying in there. Plus, they’d probably use the religion of peace or BLM at proxies anyway.

  4. I was not even 100% sober for this design. Lol.

  5. Unka JoJo

    Maybe a companion Macro Aggression patch…

  6. Spending $ on worthless crap is the reason the vast majority of murkins are poor. How can any savvy person justify wasting precious resources like this?

    Question. Who would wear a pink n green penis “morale” patch in the first place?
    Answer. The same types who would purchase it.

    FreeFor deserves no financial support until the children sit down and some adults finally stand up.

    The stoopid. It hurts.

  7. Here we go again, Philando Castile is unavailable for comment. The MEDIA needs to be taken down a couple of notches in this country. They should all read Bracken’s work and study it. Closely. Then decide if it’s worth it.

    See here’s the rub, the dirt people are generally nice folk that don’t want trouble. There is a huge difference between “not wanting” trouble and being unwilling to face it. Rock Paper Scissors Lead.

  8. Getting one for my family member that works at Emory University in Atlanta and a Special Snowflake patch too.
    As someone that worked their way through to a biology degree, the recent news event did not make my relative happy.

    RIP TF

  9. Micro Aggression Freedom Style:

    Even the smallest acts of courage and virtue can change the world.

  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Be advised that shots have been fired in a primarily black Dallas anti-police protest, DPD Chief: 10 LEO down/3 dead/possibly 7 non-LE injured, shooter/weapon so far unindentified/uncaptured, LE/non-LE claim “multiple rapid fire shots from a single direction”, CNN sez 1-2 snipers either found/caught/killed.

    Better hope that if CNN’s right about snipers they’re not white.

  11. Cassandra (of Troy)


    CNN reporting 2 suspects cornered, @ least 1 LEO shot in gunfight w/ 1 suspect, DPD circulating pic of alleged suspect: Black male/late 20s-mid-30s/wearing woodland camo w/ what appears to be an M-4gery, DPD Chief said they have info that said suspects were also going to plant bombs. CNN interviewee Andre Felix/IL initially stated to Don “it’s an automatic weapon if I say it is”( Lemon guy w/ M-4gery slung over shoulder was white & now says nothing about suspect’s race after pic publicized nor did Lemon. DPD now reporting 4 LEO dead, Lemon pushing ‘assault weapon’ angle @ every opportunity, CNN “LE contributor” threw in TX being open carry state for addtl bias inducement as is MSNBC whose “LE Expert” is none other than the other Waco Jim, ex-BATF chief thug James Cavanaugh.

    CNN/DPD Chief: 4 LEO dead, 3 in surgery

    MSNBC: Suspect in circulated pic turned self in, suspect in alleged firefight w/ LE in custody, “suspicious package” found by shooter involved in alleged firefight, Brian Williams adds that shooting scene “not far from where JFK was shot”, both CNN & MSNBC “LE experts/contributors” claim that “attack was planned/WELL planned”, race of 2d alleged shooter not revealed by either network. Brian Williams picking up open carry line w/ Scott Friedman/KXAS who’s also claiming that attack “was well planned according to DPD sources”.