Buppert: So It Begins – Dallas and the Emerging 4GW in Vichy America


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  1. Interesting times indeed. Most of us have heard the expression; “no more free wacos”. It would seem the BLM has declared their tribe and the line not to cross. That the Second Civil War (if that’s what this is) would start like this is really no surprise. Who has the least to lose to the police state? I’m not judging or taking sides, study the facts, dump the emotions, prepare! Rule of law is dead.
    Note to BLM, mind your target selection. If you start shooting random white people this will turn on you fast. Look at history, we don’t shoot each other, we organize into huge armies and burn whole fucking continents down. Again, not taking sides. This is no surprise, a well-armed people and a police state don’t coexist. Use caution.

  2. GOP convention is gonna be interesting.
    18 miled is not far enough away.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    Yes this should be very interesting, if there are any honest
    police officers without a superiority complex out there, quit
    Joe citizen mistrusts you and has to look at every traffic
    stop as a possible death sentence, — and the JustUs Dept.
    sees you the same way the Defense Dept. views the armed
    forces, — expendable.

  4. Neros Lyre

    They took the shooter out with a “bomb”??Attached to a robot?Are police forces now in possesion of high explosives for general use?Hmmmm….whats next,sharks with laser beams on thier heads?Meanwhile our lying feckless PoSotUS talks out both sides of him hole to the delight of his mentors and handlers.They are getting exactly what they wanted.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I kinda wondered about the bomb thing too, just vaporized him and no living witness to said crime?
      Funny how almost every one of these shooters ends up unable to speak or testify after its over. It’s a good thing we have such efficient LEO’s. Nobody to contradict the official press release.

      • Steve Kristmann

        Shades of Philadelphia and MOVE back in the ’70’s eh?
        Very damn convenient…use bomb = no body..very
        convenient indeed….

        Anyone else here smell the stench of ‘False Flag’ here?….

        Definitely time to re-read “Unintended Consequences”!
        Very good summation of the Philly collectivists using a
        cobbled together ‘bomb’ that did way more than they intended.

        Yours In Liberty w/o ANY putrid collectivist leg breakers (aka cops)!!
        NorthGunner III

    • comradewhoopie

      I recall many, many years ago the Philly police dropped a bomb out of a helicopter during a standoff with black radicals. The resulting fire it started leveled 2 square blocks. You’d think the ATF and FAA would’ve had an issue but no, it was all good.

  5. Hmm, well medical mistakes have killed 2.5 million people in the last 10 years so I guess we should start burning down hospitals eh?

    Who benefits from a turn toward chaos? Those of you hoping the PD will run away home are not thinking clearly. No one will like what happens when that occurs, if you think you will, you are delusional. There is a very thin veneer of civilization. Once I was in a mid sized New England city during a blackout that lasted 48 hours. Things got sporty and I came out of it grateful that I didn’t have to shoot or kill anyone to defend my self & business (think Korean grocer LA methods). Two of the longest nights of my life. The moment where the kid in the hoodie came out of the darkness toward me is etched in my brain. Time really does slow down some times.

    Again, I’m not saying there aren’t problems with the police state, clearly there are major problems, but you folks howling for the cops to get dead are foolish or worse.

    • Chaos is a product of an unaccountable ruling class, not of a lack of rulers. Bad people in hoodies (if that is really what they are) will finally be removed from the population when the ruling class is no longer usurping the dispensing of justice. All you need to understand this is to examine the history of the so-called “Wild West”, which was safer than any modern big city.

      Yes, it will be rough at first. That’s only to be expected when people make the adjustment between the current corrupt situation and that which follows.

    • Fuck those lowlife pigs you seem to worship. Get rid of the biggest armed corrupt gang in the country and Americans can start the clean-up process. Don’t you get it? it’s the threat of what the cops can and will do, that prevents honest people from exterminating the scum criminals once and for all… Your cowardliness is starting to get old. Man up and get ready to fight. Yes, that means you Tom. Or, just step aside and STFU.

    • you are living in a dreamworld. Your nation is dead, your race and civilization are under lethal Judeo-globalist assault. And you think the regime police are going to protect you? Better think again

    • Mark Matis

      The veneer has already been ripped off, Binky. But y’all keep on suckin’ now, anyway. Hope your head don’t get in the way of any lead coming in piggy’s direction…

    • If Doctors forced you to submit to their treatments, then YES … burn down hospitals.

    • “Chaos is a product of an unaccountable ruling class, not of a lack of rulers. Bad people in hoodies (if that is really what they are) will finally be removed from the population when the ruling class is no longer usurping the dispensing of justice.”

      “it’s the threat of what the cops can and will do, that prevents honest people from exterminating the scum criminals once and for all”

      Yup. The “thin blue line” is just more State propaganda horseshit. If the vast majority of people weren’t at least tolerably civilized, there’s not a damn thing the donut suckers could do about it.

      “If Doctors forced you to submit to their treatments . . .”

      It’s pretty close to that now, with any alternative (other than no treatment) to the State medical monopoly being made at best difficult and expensive, and increasingly becoming outright criminalized

      Re OP: Don’t miss this comment. Money graf:

      “When complying with the tyranny becomes more difficult than just shooting the bastards, the bastards will begin to be assassinated, and in rather large numbers.”

  6. Neros: this is not the first time the police have bombed their enemies, hell the Philadelphia police blew up a building in the 1980s….


  7. Tom, those Korean grocers survived by banding together WITHOUT THE LAPD.
    When seconds count…
    Cops, out of the sheer evils of power, control and eventual enslavement of Americans, have crapped in this bed and now must sleep in it.

  8. Grey Ghost

    Some Black Power org has now said that more killing of white people will happen in the future. OK you fucking racists, fire when ready. These violent black communist backed racists may want to rethink that position or there will be a lot of blood in the streets. And it likely won’t end up the way the Black power org thinks it will.

    I wonder how long these nigger racists will last when there is no food at wallyworld and no electric grid? Got ammo and rope?

    Grey Ghost

  9. Neros Lyre

    Yep,you are right.IIRC is was a helo with an incendiary(?) that was dropped on some black activist radicals/panther types or something having a shootout with the cops.Got out of control and burnt up way more than intended(maybe).

  10. Grey Ghost


    AP/Zero Hedge reporting 4 wounded and 1 dead by nigger in TN using roadside tactic.

    Grey Ghost

  11. Bucephalus

    Good article (thanks), but I think the numbers or ratios are off a bit because some or all of the cited countries (like China) also use the military as police (where the US usually does not; Detroit 1968 being one exception). China and the USSR have killed >millions+ of their own people…more than our abortion clinics..

    I also think that since there is no deductive way to add up all the bad things that do not happen or have not happened in the US, because of the actions of our LEOs (good and bad), a truly supportive conclusion (for the premise) is difficultcult to articulate.

    But I get the gist; thanks again.

    Ne Desit Virtus!

  12. I can barely imagine the tension of a “traffic stop”, now … particularly for a black man. Or, indeed, any interaction with “law” enforcement.

    Formerly, he thought that his instant-and-total submission would have been sufficient to guarantee his life. We’ve all seen the videos; so we know that it is no longer enough to abase oneself before authority … ‘cos you might just get popped, anyway. The situation is intolerable.

    I defy any man to watch some of the videos that are online, and not incandesce at the treatment that is meted out at the roadside. It’s beyond degrading; I don’t know that I even have the vocabulary to describe the contempt that is displayed by the cops in these videos.

    “cops are the bloody end of all politics” …<<<< This.

    And those same policemen that many of you idolise today, will be the ones demanding your firearms, tomorrow … and citing "Dallas" as the pretext for the confiscation. If that happens, you will be compelled to pick a side. It's maybe a shitty choice, but you'll have to make it.

  13. The Dallas shooter- the Dorner, Grey man tactics, strategy. He was on no-ones radar screen. One well trained battle hardened rifleman has created chaos in Dallas and across the country. Our govt and LEA are horrified of these ‘grey’ men. There are way too many out there to be monitored.
    Don’t draw undo attention to your self. Train, organize, but don’t go on the net and say ” the pigs had it coming”. Most cops are conservative and don’t like Obama either. They will, however, ‘do their job’. Just don’t get on their radar screen, don’t give them reason to look to you. The biggest battles have always been, and will always be, between the govt pension cop slugs and the inner city ghetto Free Shit Army. Let them fight it out. No more Burns, Oregon fiascos.

  14. I had a Buford T Pusser type cop in Virginia pull his side arm on me when I went to open the glove box to retrieve the registration. He was abusive, white, extremely fat and a full bore ignorant piece of shit. I too am white. He was acting extremely aggressive and agitated. Why did I get stopped? I was ticketed for driving down a mountain at 61 MPH vs the posted 55 MPH limit on I-81 in the middle of frickin nowhere. It was not a pleasant experience.
    I think the comment about cops being the ‘bloody end of all politics’ is spot on, unfortunately.

  15. This would be a good time to review or initiate a Neighborhood Protection Plan as described in A Failure of Civility. Available via internet’s alternate sources.