Dallas Morning News: Graphic video shows ambush, shooting of officers in Dallas


More badness.


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  1. SameNoKami

    Anyone who could not have foreseen this is not real smart.
    Cops can’t just keep on killing blacks under questionable circumstances, kicking in the doors at 2am, kicking in the WRONG door at 2am, asset forfeiture, making Hillary above the law, etc. etc and not expect this to eventually happen.
    Spicy ?

    • Police get militarized. Policeman shoots minority. Masses of that minority respond with protest march. Fringe members (of that minority) shoot police officers (of all races). We’ll probably learn later today some of them had military experience. As discussed earlier at WRSA: this is what Dorner getting repeated looks like. Obama (while in Poland helping build up NATO’s ARMED presence against Russia) responds that it’s the guns. He completely ignores the social factors that anyone on the street can see. Obama looks as stupid and hypocritical as ever in his response regarding this sequence of events, but that won’t matter or change anything.

      Cui bono? In the short term: The American dictatorship.

      Hillary squeaks into office later this year and announces sweeping gun bans next year by EO. The dictatorship will grow and more people will react. Eventually Civil War 2 happens. America breaks up.

      Cui bono for the long term: the Transnationalists.

      Yes, we saw this coming. Get right with Jesus while you still have time.

      • payetteman

        They say the shooter was a military reservist who served in Afghanistan. Your prediction was true.

    • Dylan Noble,19 year old white kid shot and killed by police in Fresno, June 25th. Kid was prone in the street with half a dozen nellies pointing their manhoods at him. It’s on you tube. Police chief won’t release body cam footage because of “investigation”. My guess, Dallas is for openers.
      And let’s not forget the media’s role in fostering this mindless cop worship. Small wonder the cops believe their own press clippings.

  2. Mark Matis

    It’s good to see their accuracy has improved, to at least as good as that of the Only Ones. This still is relatively ineffective, however. Far better to do the “armed irregular” event. One shot from your bolt action rifle at a distance where you are reasonably accurate. Do NOT wait to see if it was effective. Instead, leave the area as subtly as possible without leaving any identifying material at that location. Unless, of course, you have something appropriate to leave behind.

    What might be appropriate? Well, by now you DO know where they live in your AO, right? And you know when trash day is for that neighborhood? If one were to collect a can or bottle or other such souvenir from the appropriate trash without getting one’s fingerprints on same, THAT might be appropriate to leave near the spot where you fired. I’m no Sun Tzu, but to me the best way to win a war is to let your enemies destroy themselves. And help them get there, if you can…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As the ‘RA put it: Beware of One Shot Paddy and his friend called Eamon Wright.

      • Mark Matis

        Thanks for that! I’ll use One Shot Paddy in the future. Do you want credit when I do?

  3. The shooter has good training or combat experience as evidence by how he smoked that cop.

    • CA Warrior

      rifle training – yes. combat training – no. Proper planning would have taken into account safe egress and assistance in fully departing the area. This guy did not think past pulling the trigger. We all need to analyze and remember for future events.

      • I agree with the thrust of your comment. However maybe this was a one way trip. The planning and execution, with the exception of exfil, appears to have been good, so I do wonder if getting away was even in the plan.

      • Turns out I was correct-yes.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        That assumes he intended to egress and wasn’t opting for martyrdom of whatever flavor.

    • I’m not sure the shooter had training. I’ve had none and have been able to pull of similar moves playing paintball. The shooter got inside the cop’s decision cycle, moved quickly to the cop’s open flank, cut him down and finished him off. The cop thought he had a defensible position. He was wrong and paid the ultimate price.

    • Blazing Apostle

      …and, no. You’re still wrong, Detroit. Training as in ‘basic’. Combat as in ‘none’. Unless his intent was to die, then his ‘plan’ worked.

  4. https://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/07/4gw-in-dallas.html
    Warriors slain on the battlefield. Be careful what you wish for… ”Law Enforcement Officer”.

  5. Randall Flagg

    So many conflicting reports at this time. Lone gunman. Multiple gunmen. Gunman shooting from an elevated position with a scoped rifle. Cellphone footage of an assailant shooting an officer at close range with a pistol. Gunman dead, blown up by police. Gunman alive in custody. Gunmen driving a black Mercedes. Etc.

    For now, just total chaos.

    • [Lone] Gunm/e/a/n, confusion, regime change. I’ve heard this song before.

      Dallas hasn’t changed much.

    • I heard the 1st BBC/NPR reports (the ones that get remembered by casual listeners):which broadly implied that “peaceful Black demonstrators were fired on by AR-carrying White snipers”.

  6. just plain todd

    is it too soon to say i told you so?

  7. Get ready boys and girls.
    The regime of destruction and human extinction movement will never let us dirt people win, no matter what they have to do they will pull the plug, they are yanking on it’s chain. Thats what they think.

    Its pretty simple. They can not let Trump be elected, it not Trump, it is leadership that inspires a nation of people who can not be manipulated and false flagged into slavery they can not permit. If we dirt people elect Trump, there are far too many people to fool with a 3% margin of vote fraud and gerrymandering to make it look like a close election and install the next chosen dictator.

    If we dirt people are permitted to vote, as surely the sonofabitches know Trump as President is a done deal, it is the end of their power. Not because Trump, he is nothing compared to something far more important, that something is after all this time, the long march to destroy America, we are still here, we are far more robust, have withstood everything the fuckers have thrown at us, and they have stripped mined us of the easy wealth and prosperity. What I’m saying is this is it. This is their last chance to beat us. If Trump is elected they are toast. There is not enough time nor money to recover and regroup, to begin again. The Overton window will not shut, the building it is in will be demolished.
    They simply can not allow the dirt people to rise up. It is the end of the bastards if we are given the chance, by them, and that they will not do. But we have lasted far longer than they imagined, we are still here.
    This bullshit going down, these crisis’s as a means and false flags, they are the actions of a group of sonofabitches who are loosing. Bad as it may seem, terrible in its consequences, us dirt people, we ain’t beat, we have hardly begun. And that is what is so funny, the fuckers think they are going to end up masters of whats left of America.

    Got a message for you trolls, go back to the rocks you slithered out from under, tell your masters Because Fuck You Thats Why

  8. Leauxryda

    Best thing to do right now is pay very close attention to how all of this evolves…

    What will become the narrative…and how many advantages are taken to further restrain freedoms.

    One thing is for sure…this administration is getting what it wanted.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Okay–here is comes now.

    Watch for “gun control” rabid dogs come crawl out of the pavement on this.
    Even the alleged conservatives in DC will get on the bandwagon and beat the drums loudly and proudly over this.

    Look for a push for complete confiscation now.
    Australia here we come…. yeeeee-haaaa!

    Bill Bupert’s impending/forthcoming book will not be obsolete it seems.
    I was just wondering where and how it would all begin.
    It is surprising that it happened in Dallas Texas.

    I am looking at police spokesman reactions to this shooting–and all of them seem complete clueless over the seething hatred and loathing in the black community. I mean just how many people do you get to zotz, mame, rob and beat before there is a knee-jerk reaction like Dallas.

    BLM does have a point–although they are dumb as rocks as to get their point/s across to the public (being mostly influenced by leftist/Marxist agitators).

    Another possibility is that this is an “agi-prop” operation conducted and coordinated with the leftists wonks in DC. I am looking at this article that came originally out on Edward Griffin’s site (yes that Griffin) and yesterday on Oath Keeper’s….


    And then this on (presently on Oath Keepers)….


    So, yes this is some sorta’ dark DC operation to force the issue of fire arms confiscation. You cannot deny this possibility now. Seotoro and his fecks are pulling the strings through their layers of leftist/communist agitators down the line here. At the end of the strings you will find Seotoro, and Lynch.

    Have no about it.

    Breaking…. It’s happening. A news conference with the Black Caucus on Fox. Everything I am saying now is being pushed.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

    • Takezo,

      “….and all of them seem complete clueless over the seething hatred and loathing in the black community.”

      If you believe the hatred and loathing of the badged thugs exists only in the “black” community, you are sadly mistaken.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Dan III… no I do not for one instance that the “hate and loathing” exists only in the black community–but I do believe that these people have been culturally wired crazy-like to react to it differently (with protests, outrage and violence).

        Whereas people in the “whitey” community seem to still be clinging to popo’s skirts with some sorta’ “Stockholm Syndrome” like psychosis. And most of the people are in the “liberty movement” are also afflicted as well. People here are more along the lines of the founding fathers and see the problem for what it is all unvarnished like and politically incorrect for conservative TV/radio comments.

        There is massive hate and loathing even in non-black areas–and even in these so-called “red-state” bastions where the popo’s are more “revenue farmers” than peace officers. Road piracy prevails and is rampant. Chicken shitting over made up minor offenses–and perjured citations are common.

        I was in Utah some months ago and a popo was following me for miles and miles–and even into truck stop scoping me out. Knowing he was just lurking to sieze upon some situation (real or not) I waited this cock-sucker out for an hour…. and he left after I began adjust my dash-cam.

        I have good liberty movement friend who lives in Missouri. And about 11 years ago his farm house was burglarized while he was away at work. So his first instinct is to call the local sheriffs–so they come and start searching the house and low and behold there are now marijuana buds laying atop his dresser and window sills…. so he is arrested. The burglar it turns out to be one of their “police informants” and a former tenant whom was evicted.

        My friend facing a 10 year prison sentence in Missouri, has to plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid prison and a trial where he would assuredly be convicted. So he gets off with a probation sentence–has to jump through probation hoops and get this…. they were trying to confiscate his farm, which he manages to save with legal help. This happened in Collins Missouri–with a shit bird 10 man department.

        I have since learned that the Sheriff and one of the deputies involved in this situation was arrested by the FBI on some sorta’ unrelated corruption charges a couple of years ago. So yeah–he’s a straight laced guy, a whitey, a Christian patriot, bible thumping type who loath and hates the police and vows never to have any sort of involvement with them.

        This sorta’ shit is common in the outlying areas–and very common in many so-called “red patriot areas” because the governments there are broke and must resort to chicken-shitting, revenue farming.

        The blow-back will be tremendous once some seminal event takes place… such as financial collapse, gun confiscations and so forth. It will only take a final shove to get the white-man off his ass in a major way.

        • Takezo,

          I have little use for ANY badged thug. I consider them all worthless tools of the evil one calls “government”. Why do we even have cops or as they like to call themselves, “LEOs”

          Perhaps if we elected Trump, start manufacturing again, produce instead of consume, and in turn create family-sustaining wage jobs in the private sector, then people would cease looking toward being cops and .gov parasites just to have a decent paying job.

          My problem with patriots/nationalists is that they/we/us are not organized in something akin to a shadow government, state/local level. A militia of one creates some havoc. But, just that….SOME havoc. Nevertheless, this Dallas example could turn into that which the politicians and “LEOs” don’t want….militias of one taking one shot, one kill across the fruited plain. And not taking out the foot soldiers but taking the leadership….one here, one there.

          Time will tell. Be safe.

          • Dan III, been awhile since we’ve back and forthed over current events, glad to read we’re still on the same page, mostly. Be safe and blessed in the summer of excitement, or WTF ever history will call July/August of ’16.
            There is no “us”, other than Tribe (kith and kin) and the Lord God Almighty. See you in Montana, or Heaven; which I believe may be the same place.

        • It gets to the point where a person figures out it no longer makes sense to submit, to permit one’s arrest. Why go through the criminal “Just Us” sausage-maker? Why not just go to war?

          Cops may find it uncomfortable to walk around with targets on their backs, but they have made their bed and now they will have to sleep in it. It would have made sense to police their own ranks 10 or 20 years ago, clean up their act (a euphemism for “stopping murdering people or dicking around with them”) but now it is too late. Soon a uniformed cop will be a rare thing to see.

        • “My friend facing a 10 year prison sentence in Missouri, has to plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid prison and a trial where he would assuredly be convicted…. This happened in Collins Missouri–with a shit bird 10 man department.”

          Imagine them pissing off the wrong person who might have reacted in a different manner.

    • “It is surprising that it happened in Dallas Texas.”
      Live in Ft Worth and am not surprised at all. 50 PoPo have left in the last month, morale is low over there, hiring stalled. Dallas is not our fathers Dallas any more.

      • Mark Matis

        And was it not Dallas pigs who murdered that man in cold blood in his own garage about a year ago and got away with it because one of the murderers was the chief’s spawn?

        It was the wrong address.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Dallas is not our fathers Dallas any more.”

        Great! *NOW* you tell me.
        – Zombie John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  10. Mark Matis

    Heh. Just recently, the Dallas pigs were complaining that they weren’t being paid appropriately and were leaving the force:

    To me, it now seems like the pay they’re getting is just about right. When one includes what they were “paid” last night…

  11. Fight Islam Now

    Hitlery is the biggest beneficiary of this ambush

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Gays and now cops. Yep. The spineless gop shall fold on “common sense gun reform” now and totally ignore the social aspects of all this.

  14. Hey rotten corrupt pigs- all of you.

    What comes around … goes around…

    Warms the cockles of my heart.

    Heh Heh Heh

  15. If Hillary doesn’t have to follow the law, why should I, or BLM for that sake. If Hillary’s server was hacked by a ‘bad actor’, she put peoples lives in danger.
    Like I’ve said before, the biggest battles will be between the govt pension cop slugs versus the ghetto and BLM slugs. The Patriot community simply has to avoid doing stupid things like they did in Oregon. FLEA knows who’s shooting at them.
    The rule of law is dead now. It’s now all about who has the most firepower and who is the smartest and the most brutal about the use of it.
    Like I said before. Keep your guns holstered. But keep um real fucking handy.

  16. Stay frosty, y’all. Watch and wait, they’re going to show their hand.

  17. Uncle Larry

    They were killed because they were white. Think about that. I’ve worked with, lived with and been around hundreds of regular everyday black people. They hate you white boy. I sat and listened to them talking to each other. They talk about more white people should be killed. Ever hear them talking bad about someone named Chuck while you were standing there? You’re Chuck. They call it slave talk. Talking bad about the master, while he be right there. They think it’s funny. Ever been to the Honky Hen? For us it’s the former White Hen Pantry convenience store. It goes on and on. And you twits thought the event was a good thing. Losers.

    • Uncle Larry, you are correct. I listen to black radio in Chicago and can tell you they hate whitey. To all patriots here, you think your blaming police, pigs, etc is cool now don’t you. If gov were to fall, whites will be on the menu, no matter that you blamed police for their problems. The basic issue is blacks do not want rule of law, they do not want whites telling what to do, no arresting of blacks for anything by anybody. The problem in America is bleeding heart whites. Blacks are inherently unable to fix their situation, their only solution is violence and blaming others.

      • Piss off- badge sucker.

        “If gov were to fall, whites will be on the menu” OH FUCK YOU.

        Hey dumbshit. You must have been taking a nap for the last several years.

        THERE IS NO “Rule of Law”

      • Oh Alex you scared little boy…You might be on the menu but us here would know how to deal with the scum with no worries that the police would try and lock us up after…If you are relying on the cops right now for your protection you might want to rethink your defense…

    • Leauxryda


      Interesting article above circulating on various web sites…From this link, and the highlighted conversations below, McKesson confirms his use of white supporters for their summer of protests. To him and others in the movement, whites are their “useful idiots”. And he’s correct…they are useful idiots.

      DERAY MCKESSON: “…today and he [Sam?] confirmed that there will be around 10,000 protesters disrupting the [Republican] convention. Plans are being made for other cities as well for upcoming Trump events. Ads have already been placed looking for people to help. I know you don’t care for them [white people] but this is the time we need our white allies doing a lot of the work for us. They are the ones who listen the best.”

      JOHNETTA ELZIE: “That will put fear into the GOP and the country when they can’t have their convention for all their racist supporting Trump. We’ve worked too hard and closely with the Obama administration to have that racist ass take it all away and Hillary…. You know I can’t stand those white allies, but yo right this is the best to use them. They hang on every word you say and will do whatever is asked. I just hate all that kiss ass they try to do. Like that changes who they are.”

      DERAY MCKESSON: “We have a lot of white allies volunteering for Trump’s campaign to pass along information to us before it’s made public so we know when rallies are coming up before they are announced. That way we can plan major disruptions in those cities in advance. We just have to keep our names out of this and let these [white] people do the work for us by pushing how Trump’s racist ways will destroy….”

      JOHNETTA ELZIE: “That’s all those white people are good for in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine even pretending to like that racist ass Trump even to get info on his events. I’ll be glad when we shut his ass down.”

    • Who gives a shit? Sucking a cop won’t save you.

  18. While not agreeing with the majority of posts here, being that cops had it coming or pushed their authority enough that something like this happens. IMO, it’s chicken or egg; if the black culture wouldn’t have devolved into the thuggishness it is today; cops might not be so quick from zero to ready to fire; but this event puts it past the point of no return imo.
    from here things get much worse, just a matter of when and i wished i had moved to small town New Hampshire already.

    • Mark Matis

      Andrew Lee Scott was not Black when the pigs murdered him.
      Jose Gurena was not Black when the pigs murdered him.
      Jeremy Mardis was not Black when the pigs murdered him.
      Jack Yantis was not Black when the pigs murdered him.
      Kelly Thomas was not Black when the pigs murdered him.
      Erik Scott was not Black when the pigs murdered him.

      When there is no Rule of Law, it works both ways. And good ol’ Comey showed very clearly on Tuesday that there is no Rule of Law. The pigs should be DAMN happy that it is merely they who are getting attacked up to now. The filthy maggot swill have set the Rules of Engagement. And those rules mean that EVERYONE in every pig family is a valid target. Damn them to hell for what they have done to this country, and damn their filthy whores right along with them. Don’t touch their minor children or their pets if you can avoid it without being in “fear for your life”, but other than that…


        Mr. Matis: I would add Miriam Carey to your list. This poor, frightened, confused. and INNOCENT woman of color was gunned down by the DC Police after making a wrong turn near the Capitol Building. She had her baby in the car with her. Congress applauded the police action.
        Sadly, their dance cards are all filled up and have been filled up for a long time. As someone who was in the business for 30+years, I cannot even imagine conducting myself like this. Kelly Thomas’ killers got a pass because the juries in Orange County, CA will not convict due to their psychotic fear of the changing demographics and their slavish reliance on “The Thin Blue Line” to protect them from the great unwashed.
        The only possible good thing about all this is people will quit applying for the job because they have no wish to be the head duck in the shooting gallery. But, then you will have the dregs of society filling the void to protect the privileged class. Things are rapidly spiraling out of control. Have a plan.

        • Mark Matis

          There are hundreds more on the list of “murdered by pig”. CA has only so much space available for this blog. I try to not overuse it. For those of you who aspire to further info I give you this:
          Already up to 608 by early July. Now many of them may have indeed deserved to be killed. But as far as I’m concerned, 5 dead pigs in Dallas ain’t even a good beginning as far as justice goes. Wipe them and theirs from the face of the earth until they police their own and return this country to Rule of Law.

    • cougar,

      Making excuses for the badged thugs are ya ?

      “….if the black culture wouldn’t have devolved into the thuggishness it is today; cops might not be so quick from zero to ready to fire;”

      What’s your excuse for badged thugs shooting innocent folks like, for instance, Lavoy Finicum ? Or Randy Weaver ? Or Randy Weaver’s wife ? Or their decimation of the Waco compound and hundreds of other shootings of white, black and Hispanic victims in the last year alone ? A fucking cop will screw a white boy as fast as he’ll screw a black boy.

      You must be one of them copsuckers who tells everyone how the cops “protect us” and “put their lives at risk”.

      I shed not a tear for those who met their demise in Dallas.

    • Get out of the cities. The mountain folk know that tribe comes first.

      Those of you saying this was a good thing and cops deserve to die should look in the mirror and ask yourself how you”re different from Black Lives Matter? There are good cops. Just like anything else, judge people by their actions. Go ahead, flame away I don’t give a fuck. And PS you’re talking to someone that once got a kellog flashlight shampoo from a bad one some I’m not some Pollyanna.

      • They didn’t crack you hard enough.

        • Yeah. WTF?

          Thank you sir may I have another?

          I never used to hate the fuckers, but I DO NOW. All it took was one of those scumbags to cross the line of decency. They don’t grok that some of us have a memory span of more than 15 minutes. I’ll HATE everyone of those sons of whores FOREVER and EVER. Funny how that works- huh?

      • “There are good cops.”

        You mean the cops who leave people alone? Don’t bother anybody smoking some weed or carrying a gun? Never pull people over for going a little too fast? Never did a “civil asset forfeiture”? Never even bullied anybody?

        Yeah, I am sure there is a whole slew of cops like that. Strangely, I haven’t run into any.

      • Tom,

        You fuckers with your “There are good cops” spiel make me want to puke. Certainly, someone during a piss break in the latrine at the Nuremberg trials whispered, “There are good NAZIS”; “not all NAZIS are bad”.

        By virtue of wearing the badge those badge-wearing folks become one’s enemy. They are not there to protect the citizenry. They are there to ENFORCE (a copsuckers favorite word) the diktats of the state. Contrary to FAUX News….cops/LEOs/badged thugs are not there to protect the citizenry. The SCOTUS has affirmed this….the badged ones have no duty or responsibility to “protect” the common man. So, just WHAT duty do the badged ones have ? You figure it out Tom.

        How’s the heel of that LEO boot on your neck feel ?

  19. Never met a cop that wasn’t a corrupt lyin sack of shit, never met a bluegum that wasn’t a thieving racist parasite. I’m…. conflicted. Guess I’ll just have a coke and watch this all play out until such time as the powers that be decide to punish ME for the actions of others.

  20. Strange that this:
    Pushes emailgate into the netherworld
    Gives the banguns crowd more blood to frolic in
    Pumps up racial friction
    Inspires more Dorners
    Why, almost as if a hidden hand was at work – Raoul X anyone?

    Oh yeah, no mention yet of Crazy Louie Farrakhan demand for 10,000 killers

  21. It’s not just blue uniforms they are going after.

    Your skin color is your uniform.

  22. two narratives here
    1-as always ar15 bad
    2-civilian body armor bad-“the bullets bounced off the bad guy”
    One question since when can the police use explosives to kill?

    • Virgil Kane

      “One question since when can the police use explosives to kill?”

      Who or what is to stop them? Isn’t that how they got Dorner?

    • Another question is: was the device they used a shaped charge, like a claymore? Does Dallas PD have access to military grade explosives now?

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        According to Waco Jim Cavanaugh on MSNBC the charge used by DPD was a FE “Claymore” (“a lump of C-4 w/ BBs embedded in it, kinda like a giant shotgun shell, when it goes off it just shreds the guy”) attached to the robot’s arm & remote detonated, that’s what he claimed but then we know how accurate/truthful ol’ Jimbo is. The ‘journalist’ (Brian Williams?) seemed rather aghast despite the basilisk smile.

  23. Call me joeblow

    all this over a broken tail light, broken tail light! what does a broken tail light have to do with anything?
    Police pull a black man over for a “broken tail light” , he ask the black man for driver license, black man reaches for his wallet, and police shoots him execution style 4 times.
    Police gets 2 weeks paid vacation for his trauma, black man not so lucky. Nothing in life happens for no reason, Dallas police will wonder why all this happen. It happen over a broken tail light. Maybe not so simple but close enough.
    Sometimes you need to let the little things slide. Go have a donut. Taxpayer don’t care what police do, do the protect and serve at the donut shop. The black man with the broken tail light poses no threat to the community.
    Everyone’s lives matter, including the taxpayer.

  24. Stealth Spaniel

    Bracken, as usual, proves to be an Oracle.
    It was brutal, it was chaos, it was inevitable. This has been a constant drumbeat from POTUS and his cohorts for 7 l-o-n-g years now. The guy that Dallas PD killed with the robot bomb was (supposedly) a military veteran, honorably discharged after tours in Afganistan. Who is surprised about that?? What did the CongressCritters yap about this am? Yep, GUN CONTROL!! No mention of the Somalis in Minneapolis terrorizing residents, no mention of shootings in Chicago, no mention of the girl with a brain tumor, blind in one eye, who had the shit beat out of her by Memphis PD & TSA because she couldn’t hear their comands. As if no one would think of bombs, hatchets, knives, etc. I guess even hot coffee will be on the list of “Also Fobidden”. Our society is out of control, and it has nothing to do with guns. This country has been invaded by savages who have no concept of civilization or first world living.The savages already here, have been empowered by Specialized Snowflakes that turn them into the new plantation slaves.
    Harden your hearts was never truer.

  25. Jimmy the Saint

    Right, wrong, or indifferent, the events in Dallas just go to show that losing the Mandate of Heaven comes with heavy consequences.

    • Indeed Jimmy. The course of this world is right on track, proceeding according to plan. No surprise.

      Eph 2:2… “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:”

      Romans 5:8… “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

      He reconciled Himself to us by the cross; it is we who ought to reconcile ourselves to Him.

      • Blazing Apostle

        GCP, Christ our King was sent here for one reason – to reconcile fallen man with a holy, righteous, and loving God. Acceptance of this is the only key to salvation. Each of us has a decision to make, to be undecided is to be decided. As we – you and I, and you and others – have taken Scripture to back each of our sadly human limited understanding arguments – let’s just agree that the only hope for anyone is Jesus. And those who disagree with that, will have opportunity in time to stand before the Father, and… well…
        “…every knee shall bow” – means EVERY knee. Satan likely won’t do so willingly, so his will be snapped.

        • Brother, I hear what your saying. Every knee shall bow. The King James Bible actually demonstrates that Christ was sent for two separate purposes. I’d greatly enjoy speaking with you further about such; the two-fold purpose of God.

          Christ is not my King. He is Israels prophesied King. He is my Head and my Savior. The Bible is so amazing… I live to speak of it 🙂

  26. Bucephalus

    Murder rates have purportedly gone drastically upwards in those areas where the LEOs have quit doing their “duties” for fear of………if this is true, its:

    A. A good thing because they are mostly killing each other.
    B. A bad thing.
    C. Other

    I’ve had 5 or 6 bad experiences with cops since the age of 16; my first was an “impeading traffic” ticket in jerkwater USA for bull-shitting on mainstreet at 2300 hours (no other cars anywhere); but these protesters are being allowed to block traffic….? Another was a 56 in a 55 zone; Nolandville, TX. One female cop pulled a gun on me because I was loading a u-hall truck when I moved from KY. Over-zealous game wardens make up the worst of my experiences.

    There isn’t a lot of trust between me and the system; 5 or 6 bad experiences in 55 years means the LEOs aren’t as bad as people say or….

    A. I have conformed and they are leaving me alone..
    B. They have conformed and I am leaving them alone.
    C. Other

    Their “professional courtesies “really piss me off; looking the other way when an LEO or their spouses/kids breaks the law(s).

    Where was the screening mission before the protest; clearing danger areas etc?

  27. The Walkin' Dude

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    (((Israel Cohen))), 1912, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century


  28. Steve Kristmann

    Hmmmmmm…’False Flag’ gov op anyone?
    Cui Bono indeed!!

    A study of the history of ‘False Flags’ is definitely in order here:
    A Brief History of Government False Flag Terrorism

    (my only criticism of his discussion is his ‘jew baiting’
    I have NO tolerance for that mentally retarded crap!
    Are the ‘banksters’ as Kenneth Royce/BTP called
    them, ‘beneficiaries’ of ‘False Flags’?…you bet!!
    Instigators via their compliant puppets in ‘gov’?..
    absolutely!! Are all Jewish people involved with
    this?…No!! Stop following the retarded agiprop
    from stormfront..which is most likely a national coin
    operation from the gitgo).

    Never loose sight of ‘who benefits’ from these kinds
    of events…and always ‘follow the money’!!

    Yours in Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The average jew on the street is no more involved with the Zionists than you or I are with the NWO, but you also have to admit, you’re not part of their tribe either. There is a wall, and you’re a goyim whether you like it or not.

  29. SemperFi, 0321

    You can argue all you want about blue boys and blue gums, but this is all coming down from the NWO. They will do anything to stop Trump from upsetting their future plans of a one world order. Brexit just threw them for a loop, they thought they had the EU wrapped up as a slam dunk, and BOOM, the masses woke up! If only the US should be so lucky.
    Read up on the FedRes, CFR, or the Bilderbergers, they have financed every single revolution and world war, this is where the money rolls in for these cocksuckers, starting with Rockefeller and Kissinger here in the US.
    So now we watch the cities burn down all summer and the ignorant masses throw themselves into a planned collapse, while the NWO laugh themselves silly over their next planned excitement.

  30. I’m an old coot. Growing up I respected cops and government. Now I believe most government is tyrannical. I look at cops today as militarized tyrants and mercenaries for evil government. America today is 1938 Germany, complete with a Nazi Police State.

  31. http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2010/06/the-virulent-eruption-surround.html/

    This article explains how the black police chief in Dallas who has served as the department spokesman for the Dallas shooting is the father of a cop killer himself.

    Dallas policemen were enraged some years back when Dallas Police Chief David Brown forced some of them to escort the funeral procession of his cop killer son David Brown Jr.

    They say that police moral has never recovered from that slight.

    Dallas officers still seething over funeral procession for Police Chief David Brown’s son

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Interesting thing about the appropriately named Chief Brown, everybody’s saying “single shooter/lone gunman” but he isn’t changing his “2, maybe more, snipers” position one iota much to the reasonably well disguised displeasure of his superiors/the press/punditry/others. Another (at least to me) interesting thing is how the press/politicos/’blek leeduhship & cuhmyoonehteh’ will handle the following.:



      The first one’ll be pretty bad IF the ‘conservative’ outlets push it but #2’ll be catastrophic for those peddling the ‘Weezall jus peesfulleh protestin dem evul whaht po-leese who be killin us jus cuz we black’/’Whites ARE out to get blacks!’/’We’ve GOT to ban ALL of those eeeevilllllll assault weapons NOW!’ narratives. It’d be genuinely hilarious if #2 became a trend & caused LE to repeat the QUITE successful (& VERY embarassing for those pushing the first aforementioned narrative) ‘Cincinnati tactic’ of withdrawing LE from the non-white section/s of towns/cities then cordoning them off & let ‘nature’ take its bloody course as it did there & later in L.A. after the Rodney King verdict & N.O. after Katrina.

      VERY unlikely to happen, but it’d sure be a howl to see!

  32. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Some additional observations.:



    ( :~O )








    I present, you take it however you want