“Once you open the doors of Hell, you can’t choose what devils get to come out”


Wretchard looks ahead.

And shudders.


17 responses to ““Once you open the doors of Hell, you can’t choose what devils get to come out”

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  2. Dennis Garoutte

    What happens that day when you find out everything you know to be true turns out to be a lie?

    • Well,I drank for about a year; then realized this game has been played for centuries and civilization always is overrun by the mob eventualy; best to move to a small town and ask questions later to any strangers coming in and get a good dog, guard dog.

    • Grey Ghost

      You have freed your mind and thrown of the shackles of your mental slavery… the upshot of taking the red pill and the matrix falling away. Even the history you were taught and believed was presented as truth but turned out to be mostly lies. Remember the winners always write the history so you are only getting half the story… if that.

      Have no fear, the CONservatives WILL side with the Demoncraps to make all gun owners CRIMINALS and it may be coming sooner than you think. Once you are a gun owning criminal then you will have nothing left to loose.

      We could try to secede from these LEFTIST assholes but then you’d have to convince the Lincoln bootlickers who are in charge of the South and flyover states that it’s past time to separate from these authoritarian statist killers. Let me know how THAT works out.

      Grey Ghost

  3. You should treat areas where active shooter drills are held like a minefield. Stay the hell away.

  4. MSM keeping a close lid on actual pix of cops killed by Dallas ‘boons, but my impression is 5/5 White. Anybody know otherwise? Anyway, any day that Regime enforcers and a Regime Entitlement group are killing each other – or group vs group, as in Orlando – is a good day indeed. Has summer begun yet?

  5. Being white is a massive liability these days. I need a tan.

    I wonder if my term life insurance will get cancelled because the ridk is too great?

  6. You are all seeing that picture in the wrong way, those bones are whats left of the Progressives when we are done. You see those extra large lateral and medial malleolus’s on the Tib Fibs? Those belong to Cankles…..

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Dennis, do mean as, “When the truth is found to be, lies, and all the joy within you, dies”……?Jefferson Airplane, 1967.

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  10. Marlo Stanfield

    No one is supposed to say  a thing when a white person walks around with a gun. But blacks get the law called on them for just coming into a place of business or public area? I will go out on a limb and say 99 percent of LEO’s are not suited for the job. The fitness standards are lower than 1970’s high school gym class. And the vast majority can’t shoot. And that can’t shoot comes from FLETC. (federal law enforcement training center) When the experts say you can’t shoot, America has a problem. I downloaded some unedited videos before they get pulled. And I noticed the number of cops running around in the dark with an AR-15 that only has iron sights. No tactical lights either. The few tactical lights I saw were very low powered. They also acted like they have never had a night time shooting class. There  is a lot to be learned from watching these videos. Watching the cop get ambushed from behind is tough to watch. Specially since he was holding a long gun. And was totally unaware of his surroundings. This was avoidable.   

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  11. How does this all end? Ah yes, “the Hamptons is not a defensable position”.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    As close as these various criminal enterprises are to each other
    in ideology, I would expect to see fully automatic weapons and
    possibly rocket launchers to IED’s employed against the state
    law enforcement at some time.
    It follows a tested logic that they bring a gun, you bring a machine
    gun and on and on, making the state over react further alienating
    the angry peasants and slipping in perpetual chaos that fragments
    whole countries.
    That is the goal, to destroy the FUSA and replace it with something
    else all together.