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  1. the J. Meyers essay on “apocalypse mindset” is excellent. Everyday I work on absolute situational awareness (it’s already saved me from two face-smashings by proximate negros) + crowd avoision + dry-firing the pistola

  2. Marlo Stanfield

    Dallas shooter had a SKS. Probably other shooters. In the posted videos I see police show up with an iron sighted AR-15, no light. The few lights I saw were under powered. Lots of police handled their AR-15 like it was their first time together. Lessons learned. Carry a scoped rifle that you have actively trained with. Carry a strong light. I keep a 1000 lumen light with me. Learn to shoot up! Maybe just maybe pass on going  to protests. Specially If the police are not seen on roof tops and other vantage points. Suggest to your local LEO’s, get in shape or find another career. Let city council know. Make sure city council understands LEO’s need to be able to shoot and see at night. Spend money on quality night vision and weapons, recruit nation wide for fit LEO’s to relocate to your area. Dallas was avoidable. Also unfit Chiefs and Sheriffs need to be replaced.   

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