Two From MVT


MVT VERSA Chest Rig: Design Change & Price Reduction

MVT 5.56 Chest Rig: The ‘556 Patrol Rig’

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  1. Ime game for one. Not too thrilled with my mayflower actually.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. He was all about battle belts till he started promoting these chest rigs

    • I’m still all about lite battle belts, if you take the time to research before commenting. How about this recent post, with links to a couple on gear within it, explaining the concept:

      The purpose is to bring the right gear to market, that fits with a good solid gear and training concept. We don’t actually sell pre made lite battle belts, but you can put one together yourself.

      There are always those who object to the free market, even those commenting on a site such as WRSA. *sigh*

      • I don’t object to the free market. Got a chest rig from SDS to go with my battle belt. Just seemed from earlier reading that you prefered the battle belt to chest rig setups. My thoughts don’t always transfer through keyboard properly.

    • Matthew Wilbanks

      The chest rig and battle belt compliment each other, one is not a replacement for the other. I’m pretty sure he still wears a belt.

    • Still uses a battle belt. Gear evolves.

  4. Yeah, I built a belt based on his previous recommendations, and I’m glad I did. Like a lot of people (most of my close shooting friends) I have plenty of guns, mags and ammo but had nothing more practical than a ruck-sack to carry it. Now I do. I bought everything on-line and the whole set up (enough for 8 30-round mags) was under seventy-five bucks.

    I might try this latest chest rig. It was clear from his writings that he was experimenting a lot when he was recommending the battle belt. Having an extra couple carry rigs seems reasonable.

  5. Battle belt is part of the equation

  6. got anything for the seven sixty two? or 39 platforms?

    • Amazon has 7.62 mag pouches you could put on a Condor or similar belt.

    • This is a 7.62 (.308) Rig, as well as 5.56. We will shortly (next couple of weeks) offer a .308 only rig, and we are working on the AK 7.62 Rig.

      Please don’t waste your money on Condor! Quality, made in the USA.

    • Search engine for surplus FAL/G3/M14 magazine pouches.
      1980’s canvas ZA R-1 pouches are really sturdy & ergonomic. Soak in Thompson’s Water Seal and dry outdoors until they don’t smell to be very water repellent.

  7. It always seems that these things assume everybody is using 30-round magazines. The 20’s make for a somewhat handier rifle, not to mention being what Eugene Stoner intended. But put a 20 in one of these pouches and they are pretty hard to fish out. I suppose I could always stick a block of wood down there or something like that.

    • Cut out 2 layers of blue camping foam (everyone has rolls of closed-cell camping foam in the basement/garage unused since you got fancy Therm-a-Rest pads, right?) to fit under your 20 round mag to the correct height. Glue the pieces together to make solid correct thickness. Hollow out foam for small tool/parts/lube kit. Wood is heavy and pokes into hips.

    • I agree. Kinda difficult to get low in the prone with a 30 mag keeping your sights a couple inches higher than you want to be. I keep some 20s and a 10 in my pouches.

    • C-Products stainless steel 20 round M-16/AR-15 magazine is pretty excellent. Not counting grams, lifting pounds.

      • Genius. I always prefer to deliberately cut my ammo load down by 1/3, running 120 rounds in 6 mag pouches rather than 180. Just ‘Cuz. Random.

        I’d you want to carry less ammo, why not just carry 4 mags and thus have only 120 rounds? We will be coming out with 4 mag rigs for those who wish to do that.

        And no, a 30 round mag does not prevent a good prone position being adopted. That is nonsensical in reality.

        The only time I run 20 round mags, is in my lite battle belt when running my PC, because sometimes 39 round mags sticking up can interfere with the bottom of the PC. Experience running gear in the field will tell you these things.

        For those who looked at the post, and not just the photo here on WRSA, you would see that the 5.56 mag pouches contain a Kydex insert designed for a 5.56 mag. Now, if you wish to run 20 rounders, you can do so, but I would suggest ranger plates on the bottom of the mags for easier extraction from the pouches.

        Anyone for real world tactical experience? *sigh*

        • Max.

          Not all of us are corn-fed blobs of shit. I think you’re just to used to big fat asses who when laying down still present 24″s of target. I’m still thin and in great shape and I disagree with your comment about the 30 rounder-from my personal experience.

    • Mr. B.,

      Add a MAGPUL to your 20 rounders. That helps yanking them out. I gravitate toward the 20 rounders myself.

  8. Beez makes awesome chest rigs and they’re half the price of MVTs.

    I had all my PCs, Vests, and Rigs custom made by these guys. They’re the best IMO.