Of Course

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Denninger disagrees.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Man, this is good stuff!!!

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Karl’s right, but looking in the mirror won’t fix it. Denial is what’s in today.
    Apathy and denial, the new Amerikan way. So figure how far that will get us.

  3. This is the best raw, in your face truth of our defective society and the governmental created evil who prey upon us. Civil war is inevitable…time to gun up folks or we all die as slaves.

  4. colddeadhandsdays

    Denninger is sick of calling a spade a spade. Seems like he’s done.

  5. Although the typical response will be for more “gun control” laws, opponents of the Second Amendment may also start going after ancillary tools and training.


    Get it while it’s hot?

    • I’ve always wondered when they would “crack down” on “militia” training…

      • The scary part is, that begs the question, When will they be going after childs games such as airsoft, paintball and even hide n seek? (valuable E&E tactics learned in that last one, even if unconsciously).

    • Looking kinda blue gunish. They are lookin to expand WA state… Crisis actors anyone?

      How are you different from other Martial Arts?
      Here there are no illusions, no katas or rituals, simply put no non-sense. We base our mechanics on natural instinctive movements that are easily understood and dont take 5-10 years to be able to use under stress. Our reality-based systems are designed to teach real self-defense and build big ability fast!

      There are seem to be NO listing of the instructor’s qualifications.
      The last pic shows a caption that says instructor training. Seriously.

    • That article at the blaze has all the boilerplate template markings, as if the author has no clue about the subject matter. It’s bullshit.

  6. I have to question the author’s connection to reality, e.g.:
    “Specifically, and in reference to recent events, it is our refusal to demand that police officers be held accountable for every round they fire just as is any other person.”

    Demand away, dude. See where it gets you.

    I always get suspicious of writing that is heavy in “we” and “our”.

    The law is all well and good – depending on who owns it. Most of the time it serves the interests of the oligarchy and its minions. But hey, I’m all for law that was written up to serve the interests of anarchists. I wonder where I can get any?


    What people really want is order, a decent society. They all have different visions of that, and the thing to do is to let them have it – without letting them dragoon others into supporting their own vision. Whether some kind of law is necessary for these things is a question worth asking. Maybe for some visions, it is. But surely not for all.

  7. A child. Albeit a very dangerous child.

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  9. Arms, exile or surrender…

    Only 3 choices.

    Everyone has to vote. Participation is mandatory.

    Not to act. Is to act.

  10. Virgil Kane

    Concerning the bomb thing. What happened to tear gas? Does this not open the door to aerial drone mounted ordnance to be used on the “bad guys” to keep the cops safe? Hellfire from a Predator? Those drone pilots rotating out of Vegas will need a job.

    Who gave the order to kill him? It would seem that he would have a lot of information that would be good to know…or maybe they didn’t want that info getting out. It would be interesting how far up the chain of command that order came from. Was it the chief? Did the city attorney or state AG check it out? Did Loretta Lynch make the call?

  11. OMG that is the best thing I have read in years and years. Lays if all out in black and white and puts the real risk and danger in correct perspective.

    I have been screaming these very things for years myself, very few even listen. Very few will have the attention span necessary to understand this. Even fewer will spend the energy and time necessary to read.

    And all of us are going to pay the price.

    I’ll say this again, we are all going to pay the price, irregardless of who pays attention to this essay. We are running out of chances here to divert, in fact there may already be none.

    Very well put, and terribly true.

    • “We are running out of chances here to divert, in fact there may already be none.”
      There are no chances left. With Dallas and the guy shooting at cops and whites in Tennessee, it’s on going dissolve further. No realistic person would think would think there are not going to be more incidents this year.

  12. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/07/08/confirmed-philando-castile-was-an-armed-robbery-suspect-false-media-narrative-now-driving-cop-killings/

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but if it is accurate it certainly cast a new light on the situation….and why has this not been reported elsewhere?
    Seems to me the country is being played by .gov, the MSM and every huckster looking for victim status.

  13. Mike Bishop

    Anyone who didn’t see this coming was asleep at the switch.

    1) Demonize your local LE by over-reporting certain OIS and not others. Got agitptop?

    2) Fund the living fuck out of Marxist, “identity” groups. Got useful idiots?

    3) Declare anyone not in support of false dialectical choice a social pariah; see also “racist”.

    4) Offer the “solution” of bringing all LE under the aegis of the Federal Overlordz.

    5) If you like your local government, you can keep your local government.

    • Mike, there is another element here. The civilian cops walked right into a trap, eyes wide open. They are being used as a tool. The feds dangled a worm on a hook in the form of militarization and unlimited combat arms/materiel, funds, and getting to play with “The Big Boys”. They took the bait hook line and sinker. They forgot exactly who they work for, they ditched the dirt people. The feds got them all mall ninja’d up, fed them a huge fish story and an entire narrative of agitprop via federal fusion centers and the SPLC. Made em feel like they belonged to a special club. Then when the most incorrigible and violent members of law enforcement became a cop subculture of unaccountable brutality with the assistance of turned states Attouney’s, aka the Soro’s infiltration operation States Attorney’s General Project, they pulled the rug out from under the clueless dummy’s, and are using them as a racist scapegoats. It worked perfect. Cops are in a catch22 now. Can’t shoot anyone with dark skin without looking like an armed badged white racist supremacist group. Perfect set up. Cops are in a serious pickle now. But the cherry on top of this shit sundae, is it is all designed to outlaw property, a specific kind of property, guns in the hands of the dirt people by making it look like we are all homicidal white racists bent on extermination of the black race.

      Am I right boy’s?
      Lets here it you fucking trolls.

      • Although the current foot soldiers appear to be these BLM imbeciles, the REAL enemy resides in the halls of Congress and the West Wing. When local fedgov ruling elite’s local offices start tasting the wrath of the aggrieved, then will the common folk, the untermenschen, the sub-humans, the dirt people, get the attention of the ruling elites.

  14. Mark Matis

    This is why I have thanked the Lord for those dead Dallas pigs, for at least HE is truly just.

    They stand behind their Blue Wall and laugh, and the Only Ones do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

  15. It’s Fast & Furious rules writ large.
    It’s a set up. It is all about guns, it is all the scum oligarchy can think of when it comes to what to do about us dirt people and our get up and go. Nothing has worked to subdue us and our spirit. They are scared shitless of our guns and what we could do to them for what they are doing to us exactly because we have guns.
    We and our rifles, they fear us, really fear us.
    The reality here is ‘they can’t come get em’, it would be physically an impossible task. The only option is to create a false dichotomy of racial divide, using the media as the stalking horse, to create an atmosphere of fear. It is a tried and true methodology of control.
    It’s basic totalitarianism 101:
    First create the illusion guns and those who have them are bad and bad people, next instigate and or create false flag events of as horrific a nature as possible to then create more memes and narratives, to manufacture more fear, at some juncture the intension is to create so much fear in a segment of the publics mind it gives the appearance of legitimacy of the will of a plurality of people who are so afraid the political traitors then have a mandate from the people to initiate severe regulatory acts of more tyranny always with an air of illusion of legitimacy, thus through socially engineering and manipulation, they literally rule peoples souls.
    In a nut shell the feds literally create the turmoil, then come in and tell us they are here to save us.
    It is classic fear as a social pry bar to pry apart society that could not be divided otherwise. It is classic divide and conquer. They do it all the time, with everything, nothing is sacred with these nasty hateful pricks.

    All these events are about guns, because it is all about guns and the political power of guns, of the political power that only comes from the barrel of a gun. It is about who has guns, who doesn’t have guns, who uses guns to control people, and who has guns who will not be controlled because they have guns. It is about manipulating people to divide enough of us so those without guns will be so afraid of guns they will not have solidarity or rise in support of those who do have guns. Outlaw the people with guns.
    The ruling scum are faced with a conundrum of enormous proportions in America. They must find a way to dis-arm the dirt people without trying to come get them guns. Because that would be impossible, and every day their faced with more guns and people who have them for the purpose of protecting themselves from the very ones who are desperate to take them guns, because the real truth at the heart of it all, only guns can protect us dirt people from those who use guns to retain power.

    It is history’s mother of all Mexican Standoff’s. And before long, because those in power keep pushing and pushing, what the dirt people are gonna tell them is… Gun laws? Gun Laws! We Don’t need No Steenkin’ Gun Laws!

    When that stage is reached, everything changes. It is the collapse of government. Because the only powers the government had is what they are permitted, and the power the guns they have afford them in application of force and violence. But here in lies another fundamental truth about the political elite, there simply is far far more of us dirt people with guns, and too few of them to do anything about it. There will then be only one legitimate power in the FUSA. The dirt people with guns and those who stand with them.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “It is all……and go.”

      Which became nakedly obvious once the capfest began to wind down &, much to the horror of the Imperium/its sycophants, YUUUUGE portions of the population noticed & responded w/ what’s now become SOP,: Buying guns/ammo/accessories in quantities that’re close to shutting down NICS/CCW permit processing, the G/A/A supply chain, & training facilities.

      And the boost the above gives The Trumpening? Oy VEY, votta Nakba!

    • They’re already “comin after ’em” Doug. Just consider how many victimless crimes have been deemed felonies, how many other transgressions they’ve decided are worthy of stripping you of your rights. Think domestic violence accusation, NOT conviction, accusation…. I fear their patience far more than I fear the idea that they appear to be getting pushy, impatient and transparent with their civilian disarmament agenda. Simply to appear on their radar is an invitation to split you from the herd and see if they can’t disarm you. There is no indignity these people wont to subject us to given a chance, just imagine their behavior should we ALL be finally rendered helpless…..

  16. The murkins don’t and won’t do anything about their situation simply because they don’t care. As long as they get their freeshit check, have a case of beer, and sports in on the electric jew, they are happy as pigs in shit. They live their pathetic existence sitting on their asses “liking” bullshit on facepuke, yapping for hours on end with other morons on their smartphones, stuffing their fat jowls and guts with GMO poisons, reproducing more human trash, and guzzling alcohol. They truly make me ill. The only real thing that gets them upset and angry is when their neighbor is actually getting ahead in life and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Then the knives and fangs come out- jealousy and envy.

    Fucking Barrel Crabs.

    100-200 million useless murkins need to be vaporized…

    Pray for SMOD.

    • Virgil Kane

      Doug’s post is straight from today’s patriot fiction. tfat is a realist. An asshole, but a realist. You hit the nail on the head with that one. I’ve been saying that for years. Few have what it takes to do what needs to be done.

      • Oh FUCK YOU. You’re the asshole for not being honest with yourself. The murkins are poor, stupid, and lazy. I seen it for years while being an employer. Out of 100 only 1 ever made a success of himself.

        • In fairness to the American people, the majority of people throughout history are poor and lazy(you cant say stupid, even inteligent people are poor and lazy).
          the usa is in the mess that its in because like every attempt of people being governed for the best interests of the individual in the past, the rulers get corrupt and the people don’t realize it before its too late.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Other than our truly destitute, Americans aren’t particularly poor, except relative to other Americans. When obesity and lack of parking are considered problems for your “poor,” they aren’t that poor. They’re not particularly lazy, either. Those who can find work are putting in a lot of hours and producing quite a bit.

            They are, however, largely uninvolved, especially in big picture type stuff. People tend to be parochial – they worry about the stuff in their immediate vicinity. It is starting to change, but the change will take time.

            • Really? I think you have surviving and hand to mouth existence confused with prosperity… How many murkins have $1,000…or even a paltry $500… in their pocket right now? How about we try $100.?

              I rest my case.

              • I feel sorry for you Brother…All the guys I hang around with carry at least a grand with them and a couple carry 10k…Maybe you should quit swimming amongst trash…

        • Virgil Kane

          Fuck you too. I’m agreeing with you. RTWT

      • Mr. Kane,

        “tfat is…. An asshole”

        I consider one being called an “asshole” a term of endearment.

        Go tfA-t !

      • That happens sometimes when you have to rent sex, tufts. Good thing you’re so wealthy, I mean those blue pills aren’t cheap and stroking your pathetic ego on these blogs will only get you so turgid. Drop a little quell on it and you’ll be ready to go in no time

        Useless, incompatible old idiot

      • Great video. For years, I’ve been calling that “the British Disease” … characterised as, “I don’t like that … so YOU can’t do it.”

        It’s totally pervasive, over here. It truly is a “cancer”.

        Crab-brains is better.

        I didn’t realise that the infection was Global … I guess the American’ propaganda promotes the idea of “getting on” and the “American dream”

        Was thinking about the topic of “consequences”, myself.

        I reckon that all of human behaviour is governed by consequences.
        Buuuut, the State protects its Agents from the consequences of their own behaviour.

        The result is predictable … a system which has no negative-feedback … it’s inherently unstable.

        Some people might consider that Micah Johnson went right around the State’s shield, and personally delivered some consequences.

        Then again, I am moderately intoxicated, so am more-than-usually-disposed to write garbage.

    • Woohoo! Looks like I hit a cultural marxist nerve with that one. The trolls and agent provocateurs are out in force.

      You all don’t like the truth huh?
      Tough shit.

    • Does the line form on you? Just askin’.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Given your repeated expressions of loathing for the American hoi-polloi & declaration of your intent to gleefully view the destruction of them/their repulsive country safely & very comfortably away from its effects, your continued appearences here don’t make much sense unless you’re doing a Paul Radin routine.

      • The murkin hoi-polloi is both grossly repulsive and yet remarkably fascinating, much like the horrible train wreck that it is. The level of brainwashed ignorance, addiction, and dependency that’s displayed by this zombified culture is truly entertaining. Witnessing the painfully-slow pathetic end of the greatest nation in Earths history at the hands of a effeminate bumbling homosexual half-negro marxist is a fitting reward to such a God forsaken people. Blacks, mexicans, and muslimes are something that my AO has none of, so yes, I’m pretty safe and comfortable where I sit -for now. I’m not fearful for my future in the least. When this dungfest finally collapses under it’s own bloated weight, I’ll just move on to plans B,C, and D. Children, poverty, hunger, homelessness, helplessness… just not my problem. Here’s some good advice… Get out of the cities and suburbs, have a store of PMs, and trust your equipment and training- you all do have military training, right?

        Remember: Ignorance breeds poverty… and POVERTY SUCKS.

      • outlawpatriot


        • hey idiot. don’t you have a house payment to slave for?
          I haven’t had to make a payment on anything in years – i just pay CA$H


  17. Bucephalus



    “…possible civil war.” Really? I submit we have been involved in civil war since the ’60’s. It started with the “Civil Right Movement” with all of the block-busting and forced busing. This was orchestrated by behind-the-scenes Communist agents, some of whom were Haxo’s people. Then, you had these same folks and their useful idiots ginning up the rent-a-mobs for other social/political/environmental issues such as equality for sexual deviates and spotted owls, etc.
    Amerika is in the transition phase towards open violence by one group against another. Up here in Rawles Land, folks are lining up at shooting ranges to practice and buying guns and ammo until Hell won’t have it. They are also signing up for concealed carry classes. The increased violence and frequency of the chimp-outs will only serve to hasten the collapse. The trigger effect will ultimately be an economic correction. Bleib ubrig.

    • Exactly so as regards the ’60s, commies, and it’s been snowballing for 50 years. IMO, concealed carry classes, “permits” are out the window as of Thursday. If you ain’t packin’ you be lackin’. It’s show time.

  19. My take on the latest mess:

    “The Mother of Order”

  20. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Interesting how as the Freddie Gray case & the fortunes of its Champion continue to collapse & those busted for exploiting it are steadily being convicted/sent up for doing so, BLM/its allies have seemingly ‘forgot’ their Solemn Vow to re-enact the ‘Days Of Rage’ if His ‘murderers’ didn’t get ‘justice’. One more of “those things that make you go hmmmm”, another is how as the reaction to Dallas is failing to produce the expected concessions but instead is causing Mistuh/Missus Cholly to get eager to crank up Pat Travers’ most famous ditty & get they own thang on a la KISS the tone from those who’ve been pushing the outrage’s becoming more Jackie DeShannonesque/Youngbloodian.

    If the resistance trend continues to widen/deepen one wonders if New Seekers festivals sponsored by Atlanta’s most famous beverage will become fashionable.

  21. All I see is irony. CrazyKarl preaching all of us are failures due to inaction. It’s our fault. Then he says he will go off and have fun while he can. Lots of people write blog post, but just what good it that? When KD picks up his rifle and drills a fed or one of the ruling class, or burns down the local tax office, then he can talk down to us. Til then, filed under file 13 (aka- trashcan) Lead from the front or STHU. NOG (mr. fedgov turd, I am not threatening anyone or anything, nor telling anyone to do so. So piss off.)

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. This thread of comments has perfectly illustrated the internal bickering and petty horseshit that has rendered those of us interested in liberty impotent in comparison to our enemies. I hope you’re all proud of yourselves.