Porretto: On Black Privilege


Fran speaks badtalk.



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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I cannot believe I looked this information up, but given Dallas and then the Tennessee guy, there is no doubt this will get much worse.
    The black population in the usa is about 13% and now they run the country like a wild mob both in public and in government. Now, I do believe its decades of liberalism that got them here, 100 years ago free blacks were known to be decent(look at the founding of the texas republican party). unfortunately that 13% is about 40 million people, so things are going to get REALLY bad before there’s any chance for a turn; as ignorance is large amongst most people and understanding reality takes time and pain.
    Black privilege, Mexican privilege, woman privilege and any other privilege is now on deck to either take down the country or go down swinging and have the usa return to it’s foundings. Given the history of empires before the usa, I don’t like the chances of returning; but that’s where the usa is now, might as well get used to, prepared for and be able to occupy your mind with other things when you need a break from reality. I recommend Churchill cigars, weihenstephaner beer, attractive women and astrophysics.

  3. I thought Fran was smarter and more honest than to hope for the ‘black community’ to denounce their leaders. The villains are identified, make your choice there is no other.

    • Blacks denouncing their leaders is as likely as Muzzies allowing criticism of Mo’. Black “leaders” take credit for the sun coming up, free sh!t from Whitey delivered as A Right (housing, beels payed, re-spect, etc.), and promise to make heaven on Earth when North America is run by Blacks. Like Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta are now, but more so.

      More so will include cholera, grid-down, corpses in the street, until the depopulation progresses far enough to make dirt farming with animals (Africans are notoriously hard on machines) practical as a way to get enough food to eat.

      Cold long winters solve many social problems.

  4. Black Lives Matter is civilization jihad at its finest. Muslim Bro’hood got game. We are not in the game except as spectators. Got to know your enemy and the deceit involved in coopting useful idiots in the ultimate goal…domination of Western Civ by implementing sharia law. Its a long con, incremental, inexorable, and perfect for minds which are confused by emotion. “Father. forgive them for they know not what they do.” Stephen said likewise as he was stoned. Righteous men on both sided of this lunacy gonna die. It is difficult to contemplate, in role playing, scenarios of extreme prejudice. I hope I made sense.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    It always seems to be the same scenario, regardless of the opponent: the aggressor seeks to prevail by force, the victim just wants to talk it out and explain why the aggressor is in the wrong. The endgame is all too easy to predict in such situations.

  6. Mark Matis

    For those still insisting on “moral high ground”, I give you an after action report:
    Five pigs dead
    Six more wounded
    Result: Piggies double down.

    Now let me give you the result if the same had been done to Dallas pig whores, with five dead and six more wounded: Today the Dallas pig sty would not have enough resources available to protect the donuts in the Headquarters break room.

    Nothing will change for the better until the Praetorian Guard decide they chose the wrong career. And there are very few ways of convincing them to make that choice.

  7. another 5 minutes wasted with Fran. Here’s what actually happened and why…

    1) during the late 1940’s – coincident with the Israel Project – the liberal wing of organized Jewry bought the Demoncrat pty, and re-cast it from a KKK pty to a “civil rights” pty. Over the next 30 years the Blacks were thus turned into a near-100% Demoncrat/Zionist voting bloc as Black family and community were destroyed by the dependency racket Judeo-welfare/illfare state, drug culture, and crime lobby legal system

    2) this done, and to deflect attention from themselves, the Jews then used their lock on the legacy MSM to brainwash Blacks into believing that “the Whites did this to you”. Blacks, particularly the young males – and females – are now a multi-million strong Army of Extermination directed at the Whites…being reinforced, of course, by other hostile, invasive Blacks/Browns/Muslims art a rate of c. 7,000 per day across the Jew-vaporized borders

    3) in short, contra Porretto, the Race War cannot be mitigated. It is merely a question of who is going to exterminate whom and how soon

  8. I believe the white SJW to be the greater threat. The Negro is right in front of you to be seen. It’s your six you need to worry about.

    • The you mean the white sjw’s are the fudge packin queers?

    • Mark Matis

      Neither the Negro nor the SJW nor La Raza nor anyone else is any REAL threat without their enabling Only Ones.

      Happiness is dead pigs.

      And dead pig whores.

  9. Up until now, the instigators of the current racial divide in the US have been given a free pass. Soros has so much blood on his hands he shames Satan. The useful idiot race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson are dangerous useful idiots and they have personally prospered enormously. Most blacks are far more dumbed down than their white contemporaries and as such will NEVER shout down their masters. Hoping for such a thing to happen in the black community is a simpleminded fantasy.
    It’s going to get much worse.

    • “Most blacks are far more dumbed down than their white contemporaries and as such will NEVER shout down their masters.”

      Oh very much. Yesterday at the local version of this little hissy fit protest the news allowed one such angry black man the opportunity to voice his outrage right there in front of us all on old school analog Twitter (the television, for those technically un-inclined to Social Violence Networking newspeak), and he provided us with this little gem of his awesome intellect.

      “It goes all the way back to Trayvon!”

      Read and understand that well. This is what all of western civilization is up against. History? History starts with Trayvon. There is the one great evil, the Bush, and then there is light. And our ancestors killed the Trayvon, and thus our struggles began.

      I don’t know how to counter this. There are no words.


        Mr. 308. You are right. There are no words. All that is left is armed force. Your uniform will be your skin color.

  10. Marlo Stanfield

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  11. Maybe be too late for Texas now, Thursday Dallas and now Houston: “Two Houston Police Officers Kill Gunman Who Aimed At Cops While Obama Tries To Talk Down Social Divide” – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-09/latest-shooting-two-houston-police-officers-kill-gunman-who-aimed-gun-cops – You know that a march on Houston is next as i think the infamous “Quanel X” lives in Houston. I’ve stored food and ammo, maybe time to start storing water.

  12. These guys are great Murkins!

  13. Notarealperson

    I lived on the outskirts of Los Angeles during the King Riots. By the 3rd day, shaven headed Mexicans and blacks in town were already cruising about and getting ready to rumble(as all our Sheriff’s deputies were in Los Angeles). I packed everywhere I went.

    It was then I realized how fragile our system really is. Stress it too much and it starts coming apart.

    Thanks to Obama and the Democrats we may very well experience the King Riots on a nationwide scale soon with whites being directly targeted.

    Stay away from cities with a high black population. Avoid black sections of the town you live in.

    Prepare, plan and arm accordingly.

  14. SemperFi, 0321

    The blacks will not stop until they see white blood, it’s what they have lusted for since CW1.
    They have this genetic flaw that says every single white is responsible and must pay for slavery, never mind that many of these blacks aren’t even from plantation families. They like to just lump all whites together as evil slave owners and therefore responsible parties who owe them some blood.
    And none of them ever figured out the math part of their problem.

  15. With Obama bringing America together, I’m sure it will end well.

    FM 6-2003 Ethnic Cleansing Operations


    Or something. Probably ‘or something.’

  16. Sorry, it doesn’t matter how much you rant about it, collectivism does not appeal to me. And the notion that people on the bottom of the economic ladder run the nation is simply absurd.

    Yes, some people get away with stuff (both dark brown criminals and murderous cops). It’s in the interest of the ruling class that it be so. “Divide and conquer” is the strategy here. Don’t be a dupe of the ruling class.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If you end up dead because the “dark brown” (to use your term) types kill you because they are running the nation, or simply allowed to run wild, does it really make that much of a difference to your next of kin?

  17. Blacks offing Blacks and the down side is???? Well the downside besides the body count is that such actions feed into the realization that there is no State force capable of stopping them if in sufficient numbers.

  18. Here’s a smoking gun as to the Orlando shooting & what’s in store. I suspect they are going to try to suspend the election using agent provocateurs, false flags etc. All despot’s & statist’s seize & centralize power using false flags of terror.

    DHS designated Orlando Massacre NSSE pre-planned event

  19. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Some decidedly ‘inconvenient’ addenda to Mr. Porretto’s piece. First up, ‘Tha Blek Cahmyooneteh’,:






    & here’s the double tap.:


    Now we move on to the sins of La Familia Latino.:








    And finally, should someone of the Hebraic persuasion take you to task for daring to air the above ethnic group’s dirty laundry just ask he/she/it/them about Israel’s ‘Ethiopian Problem’.

    Enjoy & adieu