A Reminder


Change takes time.

And time is getting short.


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  1. I’m 53. See the guys on top doing push-ups? That’s my body type. I can do over 100 correct push-ups in a row – more than when I was a young 11B.

    Grok that you lumps of shit.

  2. This is wasssisss against fat people.

    Pt shouldnt just be a prep but a lifestyle. One cheat day a week.

    • over 50, no cheat days allowed. And if you’re in excellent shape, you won’t want to. The body then DEMANDS a work-out

      • I need to enjoy life a bit. That means pizza and booze, or similar on occasion. I love to cook and on occasion the recipe is not all that healthy 😉

  3. Kiss my fat ass, tfA-t

  4. Get yer fuckin’ Back strait! You MUST break the plain!

  5. But I’m a good arm chair warrior.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. That’s the final clue! Ive solved who you are tFta. You’re John Basedow!

    • outlawpatriot


    • I think he’s Sgt Steve’s alter ego.

      Steve has pretensions to literacy and intellect.

      tfAt allows the inner Steve its release!

      • You know Panama Tufts, I give you about twenty days max when this finally goes over the edge. That’s what it will take whatever poor FN group gets stuck with you to finally get a belly full. Then late one night a few self starters will take one of those contractor grade trash bags that I find so useful and smother you in your fucking sleep. Then they’ll divvy up all your high dollar top speed shit. Sleep Tight Rainbow Brite!

        • LOL. I’ll be part of a flotilla of well-armed yachts at that point watching the shithole called Fusa go up in flames. Good riddance to loser rubbish like you and your slimy family. Taa Taa broke boy.

          You fucking lowlife scumbag bitch.

        • outlawpatriot

          Really! I’m bettin’ it wouldn’t take 20 days. More like 20 minutes. 🙂

      • That’ll be the day, Pilgrim!

    • Grenadier1


    • Virgil Kane

      Walter Mitty

  8. 58 y/o Cavalry officer, now farmer, at the end of the day I’m too stinking tired for pt. besides knees are cracking like rice krispies, back and neck failing regularly. I do the best I can but honestly I’m old and broken. too my deployments and an active life style from a young age have taken a toll on my body. shit its getting hard to use iron sights. but I still got the fight in me cause I can out work men half my age. but I pay for it later. I’m rambling.

  9. I realized recently I could no longer push myself hard enough on own so I found a personal trainer who smokes the dog shit out of me twice a week and I do my own work outs in between. It isn’t cheap but the results are undeniable, I’m stronger and faster than I have been in years and this is coming from a guy that was still running his 3 miles in under 21:00 at age 37 BEFORE going to the trainer. We can always be better and hiring a professional to help worked great for me, just something to consider.

  10. I’m 60. My knees and hips ache almost constantly, my eyesight ain’t what it used to be, my hearing is degraded through many thousands of rounds fired in my ‘yout without hearing protection so these days I walk a minimum of 5 miles, 7 days a week regardless of weather, I’ve lost over 30 lbs since last August and I’m really pissed off about what the DC and local .gov assklowns are doing to this country. Remember Mattis.

    • Virgil Kane

      Men, don’t stop. My dad turned 71 this year and he’s actively building a farm. That’s with a couple of bulged discs and constant hip pain. He grew up on a farm and spent 1970 sleeping on LZ’s. He don’t know how to quit. Twenty year old “strapping” boys can’t keep up with him. He calls them pussies.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’m 62 within a week, spend all my time outdoors hiking, hunting, fishing and backpacking. Came down with maniscus in my right knee a few months ago, (just got back from Physical Therapy ) but it hasn’t stopped me yet, except I may have to cancel my 2 week backpacking trip thru Yellowstone NP next month. The one thing I’m lacking in is upper body workout, don’t do enough since my carpentry work has slowed the last few yrs.
      But all in all, not bad shape for my age, and my weight is excellent, 6′ and 170 lbs.

    If you are over 40, fat, and out of shape try intermittent fasting(some call it the warrior diet), one or two meals a day with a 11-7 (8 hour) eating
    window. Foods: Low carbs, good proteins, beneficial oils like coconut, olive, lots of dark greens etc…No sugar, processed foods, twinkies, etc, you know the drill.

    Note: I eat one huge salad a day plus a regular meal or large subway sandwich, etc..and toss in a few snacks in between. Low sugar protein bars, and Peaches. Peaches are a great fruit because they have a very low glycemic value. Sometimes I buy granny smith apples. ( but NEVER eat fruit (sugar) after a workout)

    peak 8/sprint 8 conditioning 3 times per week combined with “super slow” weight training ….and absolutely NO SUGAR, corn syrup, etc…especially within two hours after peak 8 training – it stops beneficial metabolic processes and kills HGH (human growth hormone) production dead in its tracks.

    Intermittent Fasting (warrior diet)

    Peak 8 (HGH producer):

    Super slow workout:

    See Dr. Mercola for details.

    I’ve done it, and nothing compares IMO. I’m still doing it. The fasting actually curbed my appetite. Thus making losing the weight that I lost (50+lbs) much easier for me. See Dr. Mercola’s website for details.

    …and keeping it off is a no brainer…I have maintained the 8 hour eating window and still do peak 8 twice a week with my rowing machine or my elliptical trainer, with sporadic weight training. I wish I would have known about this 20 years ago.

  12. I’m 65, crippled, diseased, medicated, overweight, nearsighted, short, and about the happiest motherfucker I know. I still work out, weights and treadmill, stretches, calisthenics, jumping to conclusions, making comments like this one, and praying for Haxo to convert to Judaism. That last one was just for fun. Good for you, tfA-t, wish I could do the same, without the arrogance, of course. I hold no illusions about my ability to survive the coming Endarkment, but no one knows what will happen, and in the worst of times, things happen that should not. That cuts both ways, by the way, tfA-t. Battlefields small and large are always strewn with smart, tough guys, who could run like gazelles, and crap lightning. And hospitals have always had to divest themselves of smart, tough guys who succumbed to virus and bacteria, or the vagaries of accidents. I don’t much care for dying, but I see the point, your time is up, you go. I will go, too, and I won’t have made much difference in this world, good or bad, but neither have many others, and they all died too. A lot of them never had much of a chance to really live, either. So, I’ve had my life, and like Straight Arrow, who was on my back porch a few years ago, drinking tea, it will be over, and I won’t even know it. I much admired that guy, only got to talk to him once in person. I remember he said that it was a shame that a lot of us talked like we were together, when we’re really separated by our pride and arrogance. I’ve been marching my whole life towards my death, and like Lt. Spears said, once you understand you’re already dead, then you’ll be able to function like a soldier, without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. Mebbe even without the braggadiccio, eh? Like hell. It IS a good thing that war is so terrible, because otherwise we should grow too fond of it. I’ll see you sons of bitches at the top.

  13. Uncle Larry

    I’m 67 and can still kick the crap out of any two women at the same time. If I’m drunk.

  14. Listen up, if you care to take this small leap of faith;
    Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) has done

    Fist hand experience here.
    PT…. Good for me…. good for you….
    D.E…. Good for me…. good for you

  15. I have 700 bales of hay to load today. I will put up 10,000 bales with my neighbor. I urge anyone wanting to get in shape to pitch bales. I cannot find anyone willing to help with pre-stacking, loading trailers,unloading trailers,stacking on pallets and tarping. Bunch of fucking pussies.
    Real men stack hay! I do the hay after working 8-10 hours in the mine and I am 61. I don’t take pain meds or anti-inflammatories. I don’t drink or smoke. For fun I watch men who go to the gym, fall flat on their ass after two hours of haying. The sweating combined with the dirt,pollen and dust is too much. We are so….fucked.

  16. Do your best. No excuses.

    None can fault you.

    I could list my age and infirmatives. They are irrelevant. I’ll do what I must as well as I can.

    None can do more.

  17. Marlo Stanfield

    Almost 8 years of the big O. One would think  we would have become a nation of skinny ass distance runners with an AR slung over their shoulders. Okay no ARs. But a couple of Wranglers behind the runners for support. (Energy drinks and ARs) Seriously I think the welfare mentality will take the masses to their graves, regardless of who is in the oval office. Think about it, one can get pretty damn slim in 8 years. And buying a 20 round box a week of 5.56 or 7.62 whatever adds up. Refund checks can buy how many ARs each year? One can take their EBT and buy up canned goods out the ass. Just no excuse.  

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