Amanda Versus The Dirt People


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One reason war in FUSA is now inevitable:

The so-called elites have neither the information nor any desire to obtain same regarding the people who will soon be coming to kill them.

War is coming.

Whether you are ready or not.

Regardless of which face on the polygonal battlespace you call home.

34 responses to “Amanda Versus The Dirt People

  1. yup time to start training 5 days a week

    • Without question brother.
      And a diet of raw red meat of White pride and primal freedom to go along with it.

  2. One aspect of the ms. Taubs of the world that should be understood by all and sundry is that their assumed place in life is achieved by merely adopting an attitude, and toeing the party line.

    Think of all the half baked vanguardists we DO NOT hear of, the ones who failed in some way. They are living miserable lives where they shake their fists in rage at the neighboring dirt people in life’s MDU (multiple dwelling unit)… tripping over the crushed PBR empties in the hallway when the superintendent forgets to pick up the recycling.

    It is a case of adopting a world view, instead of doing the hard work of life. She snipes from the ivory seats the puppet masters allow her to occupy. She likely has some soteric, useless degree… no children, no real man in her life, and probably collects cats as a hobby.

    Be thankful that such sad creatures are self genociding by not reproducing. In this, Darwin will have the final say… “liberalism is not an evolutionarily useful adaptation”.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. (((Michael Ignatieff)))

    (((Amanda Taub)))

    “cloud people”? Let’s stop beating around the bush: Jews. And their cosmetic servants


      Word. And they will wonder why, as they are pulled from their limos and beaten to death by the mob. They really do like the colored people. They understand their struggles. That will be their last thought as the life seeps out of their broken bodies. I have seen it happen during the chimp-outs in LA in ’65 and ’92.

  5. “That is, that it [gov] can’t control their borders, can’t control who gets jobs, can’t control basic conditions of their lives. So they feel helpless.”

    Right there. This ding dong has conferred his god onto those he claims to be observing. Name one person on the planet who wants the basic conditions of their lives controlled by somebody else. Pin headed, know it all, ivory tower, super double doctorate idiots crack me up. Who is his god? It’s the gov.

    “This near total lack of self-awareness by the Cloud People even effects their ability to observe the Dirt People” says Amanda.

    But I disagree with Amanda on this point, they don’t lack self awareness, they are true believers in their god, state. The know it all’s, during the french revolution and during the last days of the Roman empire, did not act to save themselves because they had faith in their god, state. That faith is the reason why dirt people, to them, are wrong. The cloud people (I’m getting sick of this analogy) are cult members for their idol.

    They won’t understand why the bringers of their of death won’t just convert. They won’t understand up until their very last breath. Pity.

  6. Yes indeed spot on.
    Gladio B: The Origins of NATO’s Secret Islamic Terrorist Proxies

    Easy to be a prophet when your writing the script.

  7. MIchael Ignatieff is an effete elite asshole. When we ignorant Canadian people were too stupid to elect him Prime Minister he left for Harvard. You guys can have him.

    • outlawpatriot

      Gee, thanks. 😉

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Jebus – you gave us him and Justin Bieber.

      *scours the Geneva Convention furiously*

      That has to be a war crime of some sort.

  8. Steve Kristmann

    Of course the original authors of the article totally miss what the
    ‘French Revolution’ was. It was a proto-marxist/collectivist
    war against the dirt people of France.

    Ann Barnhardt on the Vendee Genocide:
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    As Ann mentioned in this presentation, remember
    that the social and political environment is very
    similar between France of the 1790’s and America
    of today.

    And now, we’re the Vendee…

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  9. Amanda v. Rule 308………………

  10. The Vendee were the “religious extremists” of their day. They kept their faith and their guns, stood manfully and said “No!”. The government which made war on them was the reasonable and enlightened one rooted in Freemasonry. A similar war happened in Mexico and for the same reasons.

  11. I don’t get it. Trump is supposed to be some kind of Hitler-wannabe, but Hitlery is not?!

    Ah, the Cloud People. Reminds me of Sowell’s “The Vision of the Anointed”.

    Snooty bastards had better watch out. They may end up on the pyre some day when the people they despise have had enough of their crap. History often repeats itself in this respect.

    But as thezman points out, they probably will not see any of this coming their way. Ignorance of reality does have its downsides.

    • “Ripping the chainsaw from the grasp of the political class as they hack away at the tree of liberty will be difficult at first but once they start folding (a quality they all share thankfully) it will come fast.”

  12. Readers here have been waiting for the crash since…when did Mel Tappan start writing? The Amandas know there will be a crash sometime, but quite rationally decide not to spend half their lifetime worried sick about it. Instead, they live the tax-funded good life, where their actual job is writing eyewash to keep the taxes flowing. She’s cute, she’s crazy, she gets away with it, and then she’ll be the girlfriend of some militia general, or a foreigner. It seems to me it’s a life plan that works.

  13. The problem for all these Marxist leftist intellectual assholes is that they have never been punched in the mouth. Keep pretending the twitterverse is a real place “cloud people”. Click your heels 3 times and the badness will go away.

    BTW Trump is a wonderful diversion for the suckers in the Dead Elephant party. While they are pining for the good ol days of ‘Murica, the Marxist scum are burning this country to the ground. Did you notice that his Veep choice hits the .mil voter block AND the Pro Choice block? Yeah teh Donald thinks womenz should be able to sell their offspring for partz. Keep voting shmucks.

  14. The diatribe of the academia citadel is merely the tip of the iceberg. The microclimate is created due the deep association with marxism. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The irony of the matter is that the academics, in every case where marxism as a national doctrine takes hold, are among the first to be exterminated. Their purpose has thus been served, and services no longer required, with resources better distributed elsewhere. Academia is running out of scapegoats to champion to advance the left’s goal, btw. The only logical progression from this position is creation of civil unrest on a large scale. Think on that one.

  15. Hence this WSJ headliner: ‘Voters Add to Election Turmoil by Threatening to Jump Party Lines’

    Notice something here.

    Voters = Dirt people
    Turmoil = Dirt people causing trouble for the status quo
    Threatening = Dirt people who are having a preference cascade outside the oligarchy’s proscribed permitted obedience, the only threat being to the ruling class in permanent power
    Jump Party Lines = Further double speak for dirt people defiance of the transnationalist’s one world order.

    It is never ‘Americans, (or people), of all kinds are rejecting those in power and their politics by expressing their cold anger through using their withdrawal of consent via voting for Donald Trump.’

    Us dirt people are the bogeyman Zman’s writes about. We are villains us dirt people. In the media, we have no humanity, we are portrayed always as non entities, usually we don’t even exist, 300 million of us and our consent, we do not exist in the Potemkin media, but when it is necessary to mention us dirt people we faceless at best, white trash, gun toting racists, domestic terrorists, bitter clingers who are recalcitrant and ignorant voting fodder, we are government statistics to be manipulated into any falsity or graph, like globull warming, to suit the narrative. We have the unmitigated temerity and gall to disobey. That can never be allowed to be seen, that us dirt people are normal basic good shits who have the most simple basic inherent primal right of all, and that is to have a care about what is happening in our world around us and a voice in that. And to be made into the bogeyman to suppress any appearance of legitimacy on that score, that self determination and withdrawal of consent is the act of racists and terrorists, well, is it any wonder patriotic and nationalistic revolution is in the air?

  16. We are at the end result, however it (potentially) might be unintentional of the ‘great society’, AKA war on poverty. There is an entire class of .gov slaves dumbed down to a 50 IQ that know not what they do or why. But they go and do. Sooner or later (much sooner IMHO) they will kill the wrong white people or burn the wrong store and all hell is going to break loose and a whole bunch of that low IQ brain matter is going to be in the wind. Think that can’t happen?

  17. We are being asked to surrender to the Marxist militants and George Soros. Some things are worth fighting for. I have worked around the globe for over 20 years in some of the worst hell holes there are. I have seen civil wars up close and personal. The violence and death is grotesque in the worst way possible. However when a people are pushed and freedoms quashed they will rise up to defend them.
    The Marxist are running out of patients they see Brexit beginning to dissolve the European Union and the dream of a North American Union is dying with it. They (GOVERNMENT) will fabricate a false flag if necessary to allow them to initiate a civil uprising they think they can control. These morons have no idea the destructive power of a society pushed to the very edge of depravity.

    • Well said Smitty. I agree, the motive power and audacity of us as Freemen is something once unleashed is indomitable. And such things are nasty brutal ugly affairs. Let us hope those who depose our liberty are what we know they are, that it will take courage and spirit to wrench the levers of power out of their corrupt hands, and when that begins they and their power will collapse so quickly it will blow our minds.

      All I know is resistance is never futile, that it is always the dirt people who rescue humanity from itself, from tyrants and tyranny time and time again, that it all begins with each of us, and what is really happening is not necessarily a revolution because of arms or civil war, but first an evolution in honesty and first principles, that without virtue, without integrity of the man first, without facing the harsh realities of the predicament we are in in this country, we will never be freemen, we can only have our liberty and the primal freedoms, the component parts of living as a sovereign man, if we become that man who not only looks the truth straight in the eyes and never flinches, but goes after the truth with a bone in our teeth and a rifle in our hands, and in this way we all become leaders, ambassadors of liberty, and then we set the bar, the standard for others to aspire to and follow, support, and or become leaders in each his own way… This is the indomitable thing, it can not be stopped.…..The only thing more dangerous than fighting our tyrannical corrupt government that has amassed unlimited resources against us freemen; this tyrannical corrupt government facing an awakened citizenry who face the unlimited power of and truth they have their liberty and freedoms within their hands and always have….

  18. You can see the self satisfied smirk on Amanda in that pic… I wonder how that will change over time.

    • Grenadier1

      About the time she is told to “face the gates” she will understand that Comrade Hillary does in fact know what is going on..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s a rather strong jawline for a lady….

  19. ‘ISIS places assassination contract on Bulgarian immigrant catcher’

    Correction: Merkel and Soros put out a contract on dirt people.

  20. We are all Bulgarian’s!

  21. One ugly kike.

  22. The following was the definition of democracy in 1928. Like many meanings,
    it was changed also:
    “A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of direct expression. Results in mobacracy. Attitude toward property is communistic, negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequence. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy. Democracy is the direct rule of the people and has been repeatedly tried without success.” Citizenship, Training Manual No. 2000-25, War Department, Washington, November 30, 1928, prepared under direction of the Chief of Staff, [A.G. 014.33 (4-28-28).], By order of the Secretary of War: Official: Lutzwahl, Major General, The Adjutant General, C.P. Summerall, Major General, Chief of Staff.

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  23. Never punched in the face.
    Never had a real job.
    Never bounced a check.
    Never tried to figure out what to eat 3 days from payday.
    Unf***ing believable.
    Darling, Wrap your head in duct tape. Take off your shades. The future ain’t lookin so bright.

  24. The Usual Suspect

    Amanda say’s ” Let them eat Twinkies, the dirt crusted, or
    whatever there called “