ZH: Deutsche Bank In Terminal Glide

I’m sure it will be fine.


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  1. Terminal glide is right. Can’t wait to see the CDS call when their derivative plays go south.

  2. the DB is no worse off than the US Central Bank, the Fed. Just more honest about its situation. I still can’t figure whether the entire global debtPonzi will implode all at once, or if it’ll be a chain-reaction leading toward the Last Castle, that is, the Fed…and the Dollar. Probably the latter

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  4. My charts say within the next 6 weeks, the us markets will dropp by 2,000 dow points minimum. Now, that is not much, but given the social unrest in the usa and the “refugee” problem in Europe, the economic drag from those things may take it further down.


    They’ll just keep printing money. The sheeple will buy into it because they have about as much knowledge of economics as Tate, my Boston Terrier. As long as the great unwashed keeps drinking the Kool-Aid, and the Ferris Wheel of bread and circuses keeps turning, it will be business as usual.
    Everyone will continue to agree to the rules of this corrupt, skewed game of Monopoly. The consequences of anything else are too terrible to contemplate.

  6. It’ll all be fine. If they die, we will all have to pay for their yachts.

  7. ZH is so larded up with popups and other bullshit it too, like DB, is sinking under it’s own load of putrescent excrement.
    Yeah, DB is royally screwed and so are a hell of a lot of dirt people up to their designer frames in the mire with them. Sporty.

  8. Helicopter money for the planet. The World is they’re stage for them because humanity allows it. The rule us they fool us because of gross ignorance. Same crew brought the planet WWl & WWll.

  9. One of the main factors in DB’s decline is the huge tapering off of money it receives as premiums for its derivative (insurance or as I like to call it, bet) coverage for stocks, bonds, securities, etc. What is not being talked about here is the fact that Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, etc, are broke, and not making their payments to DB for these derivatives, which DB in turn is holding the very same bonds from these countries. The broke countries get the loans, (ECB, and picked up by DB), and DB is the bondholder. Insured,(derivatives) by DB. To be sure, other countries in the EU and England also hold a lot of these bonds. Also with derivative exposure. Italian banks are worth nothing, right now. Not only do they have hundreds of billions in bad loans sitting on their desk, they can’t make their insurance payments for the loans, and neither can Greece, etc. So you know why DB is partly in such trouble. But with finagling in metals, LIBOR, and other such nonsense, add in the deficit spending by Germany, PLUS they are exposed to 52T Euros in insurance payments, which they do not have, and the insured are not paying for, both insured and insurer are headed to hell. They can print Euros forever if they want, all these factors show their system is corrupt, and bankrupted. I think a great time for all this shit to come to a head would be during next weeks RNC, the day before Trump gets nominated, if that even happens. To me, this is a game played on us by the high rollers, who figured they were too smart to fuck things up, smarter than us by a long shot. Only no.

  10. Stock Market hit all-time high today. The only thing going to crash is the little peoples EBT cards, welfare payments, employment numbers, and housing market… Just more of winnowing of the common peoples lives. No worries, there’s a place for the desperate and hungry all prepared and waiting…