TL Davis: BLM Is Obama’s KKK


Action wing of a political ideology.

Can’t have a “color revolution” without one.


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  1. OT:
    Study, learn.

    A pound of c4 (that had to be a tasty boom if it it happened). Whatever happened to the 3 jamokes in custody? What were their names? Nationalities? Immigrants? Was that report false?

    Smoke, mirrors and “Det” cord oh my.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Saw that one was identified as an Open Carry protester, determined to be unconnected to the whole mess, and released. He’s since gotten a bunch of death threats, though.

      No idea as to the other two.

  2. Do we actually know Johnson’s motives? I have heard hearsay reports as to his motives. Pity we can’t ask him.

    What if his motive was simply to kill cops? More difficult to spark a race war from that.

    Were his victims all white? No, at least one was black…I don’t know whether there were more … maybe he was colour-blind. Weren’t there plenty of white people in that crowd, whom he could have shot? You know, white people without armour or weapons. The videos of the scene, depict plenty of white people in the crowd; but they didn’t get shot.

    Due Process … it has value.

    No doubt in my mind that, if he had a cop for a hostage, a way would have been found to end the situation without blowing Johnson to bits. It would have been instructive to have him alive; even if you later sent him for execution. It absolutely was not necessary to kill him.

    • Part of the plan is to always provoke an over reaction by the state.
      So far, things appear to be right on schedule.

    • Beagle,

      What’s this “we” shit ? You got a fucking mouse in your British pocket ? You’re a fucking subject of the Queen of England and you write here like maybe you live in Bumfuck, Iowa ! As much as you don’t like to acknowledge it you’re a British subject.

      Time you start worrying about your asshole Cameron and quit wishing you were an American with this “we” shit you write. You live in and are a subject of the government of Great Britain and that hag, the Queen.

      Fuck you and your majesty, the fucking Queen.

  3. so once again, a small percentage of the population is dominating and conquering the landscape and trump supporters are still getting beat up.

    I thought they were all tough freedom loving people who don’t take crap from no one.

    • Stewed,

      I’m a Trump supporter. You got a better alternative ?

      Less government. Close the border. Get out of the Middle East. Bring the troops home from our 100 country occupation. Start manufacturing again. Put Americans to work producing. No more Muslims allowed to invade. Protect our inalienable rights. That’s the message from Mr. Trump.

      You got a problem with that Stewed ?

  4. We had some action in Greenville, South Carolina. The feral (((eskimos))) leadership was arrested before they could block Interstate 385.

    We’re on the cusp, it’s coming very soon to a place near everyone.

    • Second. I am already fearing the drive to work in Houston next week as I will have to go through a black area to get there and Houston is now in a stink because some black guy was killed for pointing his gun at the cops and too stupid or high to realize that would be a death sentence. I am carrying weapons and have been for a while, but if cities start turning into mobs I can see any person being a second, third or other example of the trucker pulled from his truck in the LA riots; is a possibility.
      Welcome to Obama’s America.

  5. That may be the scariest article I have read. All this time, I was worried about president Hillary, a racially charged group lead by a president and Soro’s money may just make the European “refugee” problem look easy. Hillary might watch out, if things go real bad; Obama may be back in the white house in 2020 as the “only person who can bring peace to the country”, and that would be the last election.

    • the last actual election – between even semi-alternatives – was 1984. Zion-controlled Uniparty since then….now exposed as such by Trump

  6. That the Police resorted to using R@DINDU is an inflection point in America. Last time they did similar, it was Philadelphia when they bombed the MOVE “HQ” (from a helicopter).

    It would have been much better if he was subjected to the criminal justice system, agreed. However, America needs to decide if this is criminal or terrorist activity. The 2 require different responses. America also needs to not change the definition each day.

    One may also ponder if he was KaBOOMed to prevent him from talking. You are right that we will never know now. Very tidy and convenient, reminiscent of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    This does raise the question that if this technique becomes widely accepted, what will determine who gets KaBOOMed? Will they use it in no-knock raids? What happens when the first American gets KaBoomed in a case of “SWAT-ing”? Troubling times ahead.

  7. The current protests and street confrontations are theater. If it were not theater, you’d see things like being impacted.

    Keep in mind what the regime wants to distract you from. When they start going after critical infrastructure, then you know we are in new territory.
    (ok, they DID go after the transformer station in CA a while back, but that was not a K-KILL).

  8. The Walkin' Dude

    Has anyone here gotten one of those OPM data breach notification letters from .GOV? I am hesitant to enroll in this data protection program they are providing for this.

    • Matthew Wilbanks

      Yup, got one the other day. It said I had been sent one earlier but hadn’t replied. I don’t remember the first one but it could have been lost amongst the junk mail. I agree, I don’t want or trust their “data protection”, no thank you.

    • You and a bazillion others who ever had their file under the “Care” (sarc) of OPM. I personally didn’t directly enroll because:

      a) I completely mistrust the .gov to send me something, when they sent it to me using a nickname (from long-ago SBI) known only to a handful (some now dead) and it invited me to directly to their .com contractor who is supposed to do the credit monitoring (after you confirm ID & provide a shitload of personally identifying information). They couldn’t even manage to use my legal name to verify that it was really me. The most basic anti-phishing technique will tell you not to respond to someone who wants you to input your personal information online to enroll in protecting your personal information. Gotta get real ’cause they ain’t.

      b) whether one logs in & plays or not, you are still eligible for any credit repairs as a result of their handling your PII in the way HRC handled TS-compartmented intel, and can contact them then. Again, you are eligible whether you follow their stupid letter or not.

      c) I have other mechanisms to keep a watch on transactions that may need my PII. And from previous data breaches I don’t trust the OPM-screwed pooch, the VA data losses (BOTH of them), and whoever else. My stuff is in the wind for a long time now so I just go to work on my own because – and you may want to write this down – they DO NOT actually care about you.

      • Badger, you are spot on. I regard all of those PII notices as an attempt to get what they did not get in the breach. Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, and I would have to be stupider than the average cloud person on ecstasy. I am not biting off on their “offer”.

    • CA, sorry off-topic, but thought the gent deserved an response. Please resume fishing. 🙂

    • Spouse and I both got them and tossed them in the trash. Not that that helps either, but they already blew data protection so there you have it.

  9. Go get em homies…

  10. The cops and the BLM’s are shooting the wrong guys. If they can ever see who the real enemy of us are it will be a miracle. Those whose hearts and minds are going to be influenced negatively in this, will. Because fear is the lever here in all this. Fear is a powerful implement of social engineering. Those involved in the turmoil directly are going to wear each other down, as it should be. A salient shitty part of this is it doesn’t have to be like this. Really, you can’t fix this kind of stupid. They all been duped by a phony president who has anal sex with other men, is a closet muslod and an avowed red diaper baby and racist who is blatantly out to destroy everything, and his cabal of cultural marxists. Really, its dummer than a box of rocks stupid to get conned by whats happening.

    What you have to do is set back and keep a hairy eyeball on what is coming as a result of the “optics” of this deliberate false flag stage in festivities. It’s coming wether the war between cops and BLM fizzles out or escalates. The BLM is going to run low on cannon fodder. The truth is blacks just don’t have the physical numbers to sustain a high casualty rate, because the numbers who are radicalized enough are in relative terms are actually pretty small. The legacy media has employed another kind of optic on TV, movies, news, what have you, that blacks are a majority. Among a couple of memes, just for whats going down. Its 24/7 black this, black that, if you didn’t know better you’d be grifted into thinking everything in the western hemisphere is about blacks. It was brainwashing the masses for what’s going down now. TV, they don’t call it programming for nothing.

    My point is this is a first stage. You got to think like a globalist here. It is leading to some form of Martial Law, where the “president” declares it, or he is in such a “desperate” position, it will require the assistance of foreign “peace keepers”.

    If you notice, the armed badged legs breakers of the feds have left their civilian brothers in blue with their arses swinging in the wind.
    Hear that?
    It’s crickets chirping.
    Kind of reminds me of Benghazi. Imagine that, the feds abandon more American’s.
    I hope the civilian cops figure it out. They do, lot of the dynamic changes in serious ways.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The BLM is going to run low on cannon fodder. The truth is blacks just don’t have the physical numbers to sustain a high casualty rate, because the numbers who are radicalized enough are in relative terms are actually pretty small.”

      Of course, most of the cracka-ass cracka communities suffer from acute vaginitis when it comes to dealing with black violence, so…

      “The legacy media has employed another kind of optic on TV, movies, news, what have you, that blacks are a majority”

      Thomas Sowell wrote about that. Most blacks are concentrated in inner cities, where they are an overwhelming majority of the population. Thus, those with militant mindsets tend to overestimate their numerical strength.

      • Ya Jimmy, and with the 5th column media to make these events look like 99% of the country is an “outraged” black plurality.
        Bet you a left testicle if your up on a building overlooking the AO of these BLM operations, it is a few hundred people at best including rubberneckers. Some places there’s probably more presstitutes than agitators and voyuers. The core of these BLM actors will infiltrate the crowds before they put their plan to action so it has the appearance of grass roots movement. They will use social media to get a crowd of agitated but less than physically violent useful idiots to show up before hand.
        Everything is stage managed. Probably a good number of the crowd are method actors hired to fill out the crowds and manipulate certain behavior. Andrew Brietbart bagged those method actors at every event.
        There are no unintended unrelated spontaneous grass roots circumstances of consequence in obama’s transformed amerika. This is pure red diaper baby cultural marxist agitprop and violence at it’s heart. Sure there are useful dupes and just plain ignorant people, but they come in handy as background and useful misdirection. Besides, what else can be expected of government plantation slaves. They are bred to believe the White race owes it for everything, including their right to kill them. How ironic can you get?

        Matt Bracken in his EFAD trilogy made a salient point about optics and context in the legacy media. In the South in his story he describes all the dead bodies after the riots and the Earth Quake, decomposing in the sun, all those bloated bodies look like dead black people after a few days. The media runs with that and flogs it for all it’s worth, in order to make White people of the South out as waging a war of genocide on black people to the rest of America.

        Don’t matter what skin color a dead body has, after putrefying in the hot summer sun for 3 days, everyone looks like a dead negro. Same with cops shooting a criminal with dark skin, they all look like innocent victimized black men killed by racist white cops. It’s the optics. It is the point of it all.

        And essentially cops have become the scapegoats no matter what they have done or not done in the past. They fell for Matt Bracken’s classic wild pig trap anology. Unfortunately, the civilian law enforcement community made their own beds, of course with the help of a corrupt political elite and the strategic manipulations of the federal government.

        Notice there is not a fed law enforcement presence to be seen in any of what’s going down? Interesting that.
        It is the dog that doesn’t bark.
        The Fed Thugs are thick as the thieves when the dichotomy of this racist false flag stuff is on the other foot. If it was White patriots shooting cops, the FBI would be littering the streets with hundreds of LeVoy Finnicum’s. Every jail cell and holding tank available within a hundred miles would be stuffed to capacity with White dirt people arrested for “Impeding a Federal Officer”. It would be 24/7 non stop breathless coverage of White Tea Party terror.

      • Excellent thoughts, all. To better focus and visualize the issue of concentration of blacks in certain areas, take a look at THIS. It is only 6 years out of date:
        Each dot represents a person. It is zoomable. Color coded.

        Have fun, and you are welcome!

        • All I could think of is its the real Matrix!

        • Poor Hines…I feel sorry for him and his dream… With that demographic I think the South is pretty much toast on the succeeding issue…

  11. A agree with Davis on Obama’s racism. I see BLM as a political wing, with the street gangs, new Black Panthers, and others being their active terrorist forces.

    The official spokesman is always articulate, well spoken and most likely female. The street leader is DeRay McKesson, who is slightly more belligerent, and then the black panthers and street gangs are left in the background for when it gets really hot.

  12. Pure 4GW / 5GW Machiavellian asymmetrical nonlinear dispersed warfare tactics using MSM as CSI (Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception) as PsyOp / MISO. Even Bernays & Goebbels would be in awe.

    Right from Rockefeller’s mouth…

    #1 – The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…

    “So after having consolidated power over most of the world through empire building, the Occulted Powers (OPs) faced a problem. Empires, by their very nature, are territorial, competitive and nationalistic, and are not amenable to submitting to outside control as would be required for world governance. Clearly, these old structures would need to be demolished and replaced by newer, more malleable structures in order to finish the global consolidation. For this reason, the OPs fomented and financed the two world wars to break down the old empires and create international chaos from which a New Order could be birthed.”

    #2 – Understanding the NWO Strategy [1.5]

    “Lurking behind the “Democratic Facade” (the so-called “democratic” governments that the public sees as the guiding hands in our world), are the Occulted Powers (OPs). The OPs are a criminal conglomerate of the local royal families throughout the world who are intermarried and/or interoperating with the global network of Jewish bankster families. Under this worldwide royal/Jew “elite,” there are a variety of secret societies (such as the Freemasons) and criminal gangs (such as the Triads) who recruit useful “commoners” into their conspiracy and run societies at the street level.

    As with any large gang of criminals, there is some degree of competition amongst the families as they compete for power, position and wealth within the syndicate, but they are all united in furthering their collective control and exploitation of the human race. They are the ones who have been pushing for ever more centralized control of humanity; they are the “globalists.”

    An interesting thing about these OPs is that they have their own system of spirituality, which can most accurately be called “the Mystery School.” Whether the gang leaders at the very top actually believe in the spiritual mumbo jumbo of the Mystery School, though, is unclear. There may be some sort of “spiritual” force feeding them their religion, or they may have simply made it up as a control mechanism for their underlings. Whether it’s real or made up, though, it plays a central role in everything they do.”

    “So the 13 empires that ruled the world before they were brought down by the twin towers (World War I and World War II) were the Old World Order. And after their collapse, the world entered the period of chaos that precedes the arrival of the New World Order. This time of chaos has been governed by what I’ll call the Interim World Order, which is the current Bretton Woods system in which the US has played a central role due to its post-World War II military power, economic strength, and control of the global reserve currency. It is important to note that the Interim World Order is NOT the New World Order; it was designed to last for a finite period of time (long enough to expend America’s power and wealth to construct the NWO).”

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    RED ALERT!! PLEASE read this, watch the videos, and get the word out to your people. S… is about to hit the fan.. This is Obama’s plan!

    • The left wants a third term for obama. Its very likely is a massive crisis is declared.

      • nothing of the sort will happen. Mrs. Clinton is a Woman of Destiny. Zion wants (White) Russia directly confronted and taken down. Obama has refused to risk nuclear war by so doing. Hiligula, though, will roll those globalist dice

      • Never happen. Obama will exit because his handlers tell him so, even if he was inclined to continue (which I doubt). Voting will continue in America and Constitution will be followed (at least in its trivial details such as elections) long after the country has fallen into the pit. The narrative must continue…

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Engineer Daddy thinks this would be an effective
    barrier for the future:


  16. Shinmen Takezo

    I would completely welcome UN peace-keepers in the streets of the USA.
    Come on down!! Hurry up!
    Why not air-drop a couple of divisions into my AO.

    Hopefully they will also be NATO affiliated–that way I can pry some nice FN’s out of the cold dead fingers of some stupid squadie. Heck, I’d even go for some turd-worlders because by and large they are strapped up with AKM’s… and hopefully one of them laying dead and bleeding on the pavement at my feet with have an AK-12 or a nice Dragonov with half a dozen mags (too much to hope for).

    But really folks–I’d prefer a nice G-5…. but imagine what would happen to this country if the Kenyan-wonder-boy did such a thing. Jeeze–fuk, me! Talk about knee jerk reactions and ramp up of FREE-FOR. Holy shit! Talk about all the fence sitters jumping down–talk about that measly III% turning in 25% overnight. Fuk!!!

    • Blue helmets be bullet magnets.

    • Mark Matis

      To be honest, I would not expect any significant gains in the FreeFor ranks NO MATTER WHAT the Chimp in Chief does. The overwhelming majority of Rove Republicans think that pig dick tastes great, and is less filling, REGARDLESS of its origin.

    • Thanks. Made my day

  17. Truth Corps

    Micha X’s manifesto will be deep sixed like Vester Flanagan’s.

    You may not care about race (yet) but race cares about you.

  18. Dark Side of the Moon

    CA, I’m glad to see you’re finally seeing what I’ve been seeing about blacks for a long time. They don’t like you. You may not care about race, but they do. They don’t give a damn about the constitution or the flag. In fact, many have posted pics on FB wiping their butt on it.

    I don’t know about you, but my family has been in the US for almost 300 years. My folk and ancestors toiled, sweated and worked their asses off for their farms and their communities.

    You’re an excellent blogger. You put out some great articles. In the past I felt you were very naive about race. Race is real. They want to kill us. Especially the blue eyed or green eyed dirt people. Eventually we all have to pick a side. You even stopped comments for a while. Many of your commenters called me people like a racist naziwhowantstokillsixmillion jews. I hope many of your eyes are wide now.

  19. Someone please tell me why Soros is (still) relevant.