Get Your Travel Arrangements Made Now

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  1. colddeadhandsdays

    Better surround the RNC with NG. Police ain’t gonna be enough

  2. robo call and robo text them, block their numbers

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    > Concerned American posted: ” Via Twitter.” >

  3. winfax works nice, hooks up to your computer modem, and automatically sends faxes to a list of phone numbers. can have it set up to send faxes repeatedly to the number. buy a magicjack from wallyworld and use TOR to with it or a proxy.

    Just have to tie up their lines, no need for fast service to get a call thru.

  4. We knew it was going to get ugly. It’s just a matter of how ugly.

  5. “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” Music is a tool. Many of us have seen the change in the music, many of us are now witness to much we were never aware of with the music.
    Trump is not a Blessing, Hillary is a proven liar.
    These days are a repeat of the past. Fighting in the streets is not the answer, you are being used! If you hate these people who are in fact being used, you also are being used!
    Danial 3:3,10,15,

  6. The irony is they will support an old white woman whos on the records saying the evil “n” word instead. Lol.

  7. I’ll bet drill weekend falls on the same day in most states.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    As my Pa told me many a time here in Cleveland: “Son, don’t go looking for trouble–you will find plenty of it in this life without rustling some up.”

    FWIW: Cleveland Police Union Chief said on local Fox 8 TV last week: (and I summarize) “We are not ready for the RNC. We have not trained in crowd control. We do not have adequate resources for this…”

    Cram two years of training in 2 weeks–yeah, that’ll work! (“Hey, Eddie! How’s this tear gas gun work?)

    Cleveland’s Black Mayor and Black Police Chief reply: “ALL IS WELL!”

    • State/locals not ready, state/locals “overreact” to rioters burning city, Governor comes off as inadequate in response as chaos continues, federal forces come in toward end, media and official media proclaim rescue by fedgov.

      Sounds like Detroit 1967.

  9. I’m booking the first flight off world.

  10. Nice, how they did a screenshot of Trump, AND the dead dindus on either side, so as to, you know, equate one with the other for all the low IQ dindus who see the poster. I doubt that the Republican Convention will actually take place, or even be able to do business. They couldn’t have picked a worse city, except maybe Detroit, and the Dindus are going to go all native over attendees, etc. Once this fiasco of a campaign is over, its bones will be picked over by the mandarin class, and the media, if you can hear them over the sound of all the gunfire and screaming. The more I watch this comedy of dramatic errors, the more I am reminded of the street scenes in the movie, “1941”. In all of American history, I have never seen such horrible choices for President.

    • “In all of American history, I have never seen such horrible choices for President.”

      Eeerrr… Osamabama??? v. any one?

    • Sean,

      I agree the usurper soetoro-obama was an extremely bad choice for POTUS. His Al-Taqiyya deception knows no bounds. He’s the Manchurian candidate who has done all he can do to damage/destroy what is left of fUSA. The fearsome thing is this scum has 6 months left to complete his efforts of destruction.

      Never give up your guns.

  11. kaiserzose

    This needs to go VIRAL. It explains what’s going to go down in Cleveland:
    DoJ / BLM / Democrat party collusion to sabotage the Cleveland Republican Convention.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Will be telling to see what “Lebron” does before and during this. He is “the man” in Cleveland now. Will he “man” up and call out the city and anyone coming to the city to remain peaceful and back the cops trying to keep the violence down to protests and marches or will he duck out to count his money from some beach and show back up when next season starts up and Cleveland has cleaned up whatever happened.
    I choose the later, I’m betting losing the sale of one shoe is more imprtant to him than the city that’s making him a billionaire.

  14. outlawpatriot

    Gee, what if one.or both party’s are unable to hold their conventions and formally choose a candidate? Hmm? 😉

    • Conservatives/the right are incapable of protesting without all the needed permits. Even if they had the permits theyd like hold signs and hide behind cops.

  15. Flash mob them to a holding area.

  16. Uncle Larry

    Any trained snipers with nothing to do that weekend? Suppressors? Night vision scope?

  17. Shinmen Takezo

    Hopefully the “Dindu-nothin’s” will turn Cleveland into a massive conflagration, live on CNN, FOX and MSNBC.

    Please Jesus, pretty please–help them bring this about!!!

    And why do I ask these things?!

    Because the majority of the sheep are still sitting in their pens bleeting and chewing away at their packaged General Mills, Walmart obtained fodder in a state of semi-sleep…. that’s why.

    They all need to be smacked in the side of a head with a NYC sized phone book with something that will widen their eyes, make them shit their pants and make them head to the nearest gun store only to find out that the shelves are empty–and all that is to be had are butter knives and surplus psyop Army manuals on how to use harsh language.

    Some villages have to burn in order for the bigger village to be saved so to speak–and a “leftist insurrection” beamed into their skulls live on TV is possibly the only way to activate the sleeping giant once again.

    The III% types (actually 5% to 9%) are awakened now FYI. There is no need to preach to this choir anymore–they are on board, stocked up and have their shit squared away for any eventuality… all that is needed is an “event” in order for them to coalesce, organize and come out of the shadows. BLM may give the people in the “Liberty Movement” to make massive gains in the coming weeks if what I think is about to unfold, unfolds.

    Here’s some links to make me think the “fix” has been heavily applied…

    The leftist organizers in DC are literally playing with napalm by organizing and instigating this current “insurrection.” If this insurrection unfolds, it will quickly turn into the “race war” that the DC goons in power have been rubbing their hands together and shitting their pants with glee about for a long time–because out of chaos come their “solutions” –which will be a boot in out faces assuredly.

  18. I can’t even imagine living anywhere near an urban environment filled with city scum. Please dear God allow one of your angels to nuke all the filth who inhabit murkin cities.

  19. Leave the niggers alone. They’re digging a hole for themselves and should be left alone to dig it deeper. The deeper they dig, the more the white political lackeys are going to excuse their behavior. Then they will dig still deeper. It’s a circular, self-propelling mem which will end with them turning on their keepers. All I have to do is watch and enjoy.

  20. This shits gonna happen in Philly too.
    Gonna be a long hot summer.