Mosby: On Dallas


Blunt and fair.


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    An impressive evaluation, sir. Sadly, we will never get the complete picture due to the arrogance of TPTB. It will be the same with Orlando, as there are rumors now that some of the night club patrons were hit by “friendly fire”.
    It was the same with the FBI Miami shootout 30 years ago. It was worse than pulling teeth when police trainers tried to get information from “The Bureau” about how they screwed the pooch. Then, they blamed the caliber of their guns.
    The bigger picture is the civil war which will be starting soon. There was a chimp-out on the 405 Freeway in SoCal over the weekend. Traffic was blocked for miles. Tyrone and Shawntisha would have looked good as hood ornaments. Cooler heads prevailed. Whites are still waiting and watching. The Vato Locos are still running them out of their neighborhoods. Time will tell.The pot is almost at a rolling boil. Re-read Thomas Chittum’s seminal work: CIVIL WAR TWO.
    Ready for Cleveland! Ready for Philly! Keep prepping. Bleib ubrig.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The best part is when those who worship the cops finally realize they aren’t part of the blue gang themselves. It’s usually when a badged thug totally walks all over their perceived ‘rights”. That’s the day they join the “fuck the pigs” crowd which, BTW grows more and more everyday… If it hasn’t happened to you yet – it will…

  4. Not much to argue here. It’s blunt and fair enough that I don’t expect to see Mosby employed in the mainstream media!

    One small nit, or at least a question – didn’t civilians successfully aid the police in the Texas Tower shooting event long ago? Somebody with a deer rifle is not necessarily worthless…

  5. Good piece by weaponsman.

    We should note that this is the first use of a drone on a US citizen (perp that he is) on US soil in an offensive manner.

    • Mark Matis

      As I have said before, they have set – and now, re-set – the Rules of Engagement. Hope they and their families are ready to enjoy the fruits of their labors under those very rules.

      They had better be telling their kids to stay WELL away from any toys that don’t belong to them. Sure would be a shame if Jimmy Piggy Junior got his arms blown off when he picked up a remote control toy car…

      As I understand it, the pigs had told Mr. Johnson that the robot was carrying a cell phone so they could continue negotiations.

  6. CA Warrior

    Once again, excellent observations and conclusions from JM. Well Done!

  7. That was incredibly refreshing. Thank you sir.

  8. jessejames87

    It’ll be a trip if the regime can’t continue to ride this tiger and the African Nationalists manage to figure out their goals are incompatible with those of the regime. Nasty multipolar conflict brewing here, when the shooting evolves into firefights then we’ll be cooking with propane.

    • Orlando: Regime Entitlement Groups slaughtering each other. Dallas: Regime Entitlement Group and Regime Enforcers slaughtering each other. Both a harbinger of excellent urban things to come

  9. One of his best pieces actually; thanks for the link. The ground will be soaked with more than that which flows from sacred cows before it’s over.

  10. Spot on

  11. Steve Kristmann

    Or John is being duped by the narrative and failing
    to see that this is nothing more than what it is, another
    ‘False Flag’ gov op by the HMFTITTIC. And that they’re
    attempting to play everyone again.

    And no, there are NO ‘good cops’!! They’re all nothing
    more than armed leg breaking thugs for other thugs
    in the false religion called ‘gov’.

    Fuck them and their enablers!!

    Yours in Liberty w/o thugs!!
    NorthGunner III

  12. Neros Lyre

    Mosby is correct in that language has been twisted into lies and turned into a weapon.We all know the AR15 Assault rifle BS,but there is much more that is being said that is totally false.American legal citizens are not”civilians”,we are citizens.Civilians are noncombatants in a declared war zone.Cops are mere citizens also.Hero worship is for childen and imbeciles.The media has trumpeted over and over how the PD was/is there to “protect”the protestors?BS.They were there as a precaution and show of force for rioting.Its a “tragedy”is what we hear.No,it was cold blooded murder,a homicide,a mass killing.A tragedy is a horrible accident,a force of nature,or an uncontrollable act of stupidity.I realize it is too late to expound on this and many other instances but its ridiculous to see how ignorant the masses have become.

  13. I’m gonna stir up the AK versus AR debate. Would an AR-15 round go thru those police vests like that AK round did in Dallas( I really don’t know)? Now I know that an AK will. That AK-47 the shooter had is a devastating weapon inside a hundred yards. I saw dozens of AR-15’s in the hands of the police but one guy with an AK-47 held them all off. Too many people turn their noses up at an AK. Certainly the AR-15 was a fine weapon in Orlando when no one was shooting back at you in the gay bar. Certainly the AR is much better outside of 150 yards. But most of the coming battles will be from room to room, car to car, house to house or street to street. Not from farm to farm. The Dallas shooter proved that an AK-47 is at least as good a war weapon as the AR-15 in the hands of a trained rifleman.

    • AK is a superior machine. AR is pretty, and a fun plinker, but, it has gone up against 3rd worlders countless times and every time sent home with it’s tail between its legs – FACT.

    • Grenadier1

      His rifle of choice had nothing to do with him holding off the cops.
      Thats completely the result of modern tactical training. Police and military today are terrified of casualties. Its to the point that its almost crippling. They will not close with and engage bad guys unless they have overwhelming capabilities.
      Dont get me wrong I dont want to get shot myself, especially for some shit hole be it third world or domestic.
      Problem is its paralyzing.
      There are several documentary series that have played showing combat in Afghanistan. One thing all of them have had in common is that they show US troops who go to ground the second they make contact with bad guys. They go to ground, spray lead down range then call in indirect fire support or CAS. There is no effort to fix bad guys in place with fire and then assault them. They basically wait in a hole or in their MRAPS until the bad guys break contact.
      Cops are doing the same thing. Wait until they have enough guys onsite and hope the bad guy has escaped or killed himself.

  14. Marlo Stanfield

    This is from season 4 of The Wire. Young Michael is being trained how to shoot and kill by a pair of pros. Life imitates art. S4E12 Michael in training Paintball The Wire was sort of a training program, depending on how one thinks. I was active duty all thru the 80s and basically we did not shoot that often. Even my three years in Panama we were not handed a weapon. Even Marine guards had M-16s that had a wire seal thru the magazine well and chamber. On the rare occasion when we did training with the M-16 we looked just like those Dallas cops at night with iron sight only ARs. Those cops looked like it was their first time with an AR. The few I saw with a weapons light were very low powered. There is a new book out called: The Curse Of The High IQ by Aaron Clarey. Turns out of all the professions school teachers and cops are at the bottom when it comes to IQ. My personal belief is most in law enforcement don’t belong there. The fitness standards are lower than my 1980 high school gym class. My high school wrestling program would make most puke. Even the military standards are so low for both sexes. I don’t think that is by accident. When you look at the world records for both men and women in fitness it is easy to see our service people are not capable of doing 10 percent of what the world record holders do. Alicia Weber did  721 pull ups. Took her an hour. I think the citizens of this country need to get in shape and learn to shoot better and further and quite dreaming that LEO will come to their aid.

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