Schlichter: Reboot America Before It’s Too Late


Good assessment.

However, the Bad People have no intention of stopping.

Thus, there will be war.

Better win.

19 responses to “Schlichter: Reboot America Before It’s Too Late

  1. It will be divide and conquor. Convince all those guntoting southern boys the real enemy is “Russian Agression” and ship them off to fight in Eastern Europe. Can’t resist the US Gov. if your in a grave in Poland.

  2. the ZOGlobalist “endgame”, neo-con Schlichter, is White extinction. And the Jews and their shabbatz goy political class/ethnic enforcers cannot “re-boot” because that extinction is already well-advanced. They scent victory, and they will win…provided they can get hold of the guns before the debtPonzi collapses

  3. Adm. Painter: What’s his plan?

    Jack Ryan: His plan?

    Adm. Painter: Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.

  4. keith park

    Why is it that every time I see a picture of Omammy, I can’t help but have the image in my head of a dress-clad macaque dancing at the end of an organ grinder’s leash? Funny how the mind works.

  5. There is a strategy in Tsun Su[sp?] that says:
    “Build a bridge on the east and attack through the west”

  6. I stopped reading at this drivel.

    “And just as with soldiers, we normals revere cops as symbolic of the best of how we see ourselves – loyal, brave, patriotic protectors of order and decency.”

    Uneducated dweebs believe that crap. Law Enforcement in this country is the oldest, largest, most corrupt and best funded criminal organization there is.

    Since this countries existence, LE has been the spear point of the politicians and the highest bidder to stomp down the freedoms of its citizens. My give-a-shit meter is broken when these bastards get their comeuppance.

    • Agreed. Talk about licking boots… People without at least some qualms about cops simply have not been paying attention – or in Schlichter’s case, probably working for the Ministry of Propaganda.

      Look in your rear view mirror, and see a cop car behind you. What is your immediate reaction? Fear or joy?

      All you need to know.

      • Exactly…You know what’s really ironic and should be a slap in the head to those who worship cops…That the interstates that once you were getting a ticket on for going that speed is now legal speed because the state dictated it so…How many jobs were lost, insurance was revoked or went through the roof, how many lives were ruined all because of a speeding ticket…Now take that times infinity and that’s how much the state has fucked us…

    • Current City Police, State Police, Fed “armed officers”, can trace their jobs back to private security like Pinkerton of the 19th century. Breaking strikes by cracking skulls, and later, gunning down opposition without pretending to “arrest” the alleged wrongdoers is the history of coppers. Nothing new here, and we’d be fools to expect different. Haxo’s not wrong in that it’s a war to the finish, not a social/criminal thing that can be adjudicated.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Tom Horn: I agree wholeheartedly. Cops are instruments of the state, trained and brainwashed by the state to treat us as the enemy, we are no different than anyone else to the oath-wiping swine.
    Putting on the plastic badge, Nazi costume and living out some sick power fantasy over your employers by tyrannizing them for every minute life encounter is not a patriotic American. That’s a traitor and an enemy of free Americans everywhere.
    No one forces you to join the evil empire because you cant be a productive member of society or you have some insecure need to brutalize or murder innocents while hidīng behind the lies of a fabricated police report, not to mention the pig bill of rights that gives them time to concoct the story
    Townhall is an instrument of the elitist, walled-community Repugs who revere the badged traitors for keeping us flyover people in our place and their hands in our pockets while holding a gun to our heads. THEY TOO ARE THE ENEMY.

  9. Reboot? No. The Left are putting the boots to America. I am thinking very bad things.

  10. Grey Ghost

    Did I read this guy wants to reboot to the Constitution? YGTBFSM! It hasn’t worked thus far. What makes this guy think some magic return to the Constitution is going to fix this country? It ain’t happenin’, we are too far down the drain. Besides most people haven’t read the Constitution and if they have the don’t understand it… not to mention the Bill of Rights. Then if you ask them to read the Declaration of Independence they don’t even know why it was written and the chances are they can’t even find a copy of it.

    Grey Ghost