WeaponsMan: Guest Commentary On The Hillary Clinton National Security Breach


RTWT, but start with WM’s introduction:

The following was submitted to his usual outlet, the Wall Street Journal, by David “Bo” Bolgiano, who is fondly remembered in the special operations world as one of “our” staff judge advocates who put mission first, men next, and let the career chips fall where they may.

The Journal, whose newsroom is “all in” for Hillary (after all, she’s the candidate of Goldman Sachs) even as the editorial page tries to split the baby, not only didn’t accept the op-ed, but they didn’t reject it, either. They didn’t even reply. For the act of lèse-majesté that this op-ed represents, they broke communication with an established contributor. As a private business, that is their prerogative, but it is ours to draw inferences from it. Having received the text of Bo’s submission from a mutual friend, we resolved to push it out to you.

We haven’t got the reach of the Wall Street Journal, but we’ll use what we have to get Bo’s message out. It may help civilian readers understand why cleared military and government workers are so wound up about the Hillary’s Shadow Server imbroglio, and the failure of the FBI and DOJ to act with integrity and consistency in this case. -Ed.

Shameful, indeed.


13 responses to “WeaponsMan: Guest Commentary On The Hillary Clinton National Security Breach

  1. Ah, “suddenly and mysteriously.”

    It’s like being back to Roman Catholic CCD lessons during my childhood in the ’50s. “It’s a mystery, son.”

    God knows…..

  2. Nothing is going to change without violent resistance. Sad but true.

  3. Ok well welcome to the party? The Clinton crew n their um associates have murdered dozens of individuals many in the name of freedumb. Bill’s been off on Jeffy Epstein pedo’s plane to Rapeaminor Island dozens of times and you’re concerned with espionage? I’d be more concerned about the unknown unknowns at this point, most of us knew she was a treasonous psychopath so this is not shocking. Director Homey was merely trying to stay alive.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. He doesn’t want to die suddenly and mysteriously? Yeah, well there are worse things than death! Like having no honor! You have your life now, but your legacy is what you will have forever!

  6. The truth is if the left in America were ANY fucking dumber, we’d need to water them twice a day.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And yet they’re winning, so what does that say about everyone else?

      • it says nothing. Act out – other than, say, defending your neighborhood during a BLM attack – before the debtPonzi collapses, and you will accomplish nothing but your own demise. But go ahead: occupy the nearest Wildlife Refuge. Or, for that matter, Wall Street

      • Mark Matis

        The Left own the pigs.

  7. I’d bet a dollar to a dog turd somebody (at least tries) to take her out before the election. My guess; a hardcore communist.

  8. Another reason to demand camera-microphone-gps-free meatspace:
    Pokeman Go.
    If it’s not operated for/by StateSec, they are fools.

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    So, the Clinton Crime Family Saga rolls on. Death and destruction on all sides, and now, even other Elites are cowering in their presence. It is just going to get uglier and uglier, as this “election year” grinds on. No matter what, we cannot avoid this battle for our souls. Stay aware and well armed my friends.