Brushbeater: RaDAR


Get your comms gear running for real.

Even if you have doubts re its tactical utility come The Bad Times.




11 responses to “Brushbeater: RaDAR

  1. Grenadier1

    Sounds like something I can get on board with. Will get the 817 ready and the loop antenna.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    The boar image reminds me of the old KSHE logo

  3. Virgil Kane

    Concerning the 817, is W4RT still in business? I’ve sent a couple of emails with no response. I need a battery for my 817 and I like the specs on his.

    • He’s still in business, but the battery is not. A better bet is running a 7AH battery to Anderson Powerpoles. An even cheaper option for this weekend is gabbing a couple battery clamps and crimping them to the factory 817 power cable.

      • Grenadier1

        This is the one to get. Still on my want list.

      • That battery pack is obscenely overpriced, and too big for what it is. Also you are stuck with one non-swappable battery. Rather roll your own, buying two batteries, separate the charge controller/monitoring elements, and maintain more flexibility (saving $$ at the same time.)

        That outfit has some interesting products but their prices are absurd. DIY, baby!

  4. Bucephalus

    Cool, thanks


  5. Grey Ghost

    Love large wire loops fed with openwire line to a 4:1 balun and up as high as the slingshot will allow. You might be surprised how far you talk with 15w or thereabouts.

    Grey Ghost