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From a reader.

FPOTUS is not impressed.

Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster could not be reached for comment.

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    Spot On.
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  2. Re Waco Massacre…………………

  3. I for one will never forget 4/19/1993 and my horror of the actions of the Feral Gov. at Waco. It was for me the first of many treasonous betrayals of trust. As citizens we all bear responsibility, unless we think we are just “Good Germans” supporting our government, right or wrong, like Lee Greenwood.—what-really-happened.html

    Bonnie and Clyde Clinton – Are you horrified and sickened yet?
    (Nope, because Some will not read the link or smell the “Camps” like the “Good Germans” who lived for years nearby..
    See, Hear, & Say No Evil…..maybe it will go away and leave me alone…….but IT Will Not……..We are being spiritually tested )

  4. Weren’t the FBI involved? I’m sure the “vast majority”, men of the highest integrity, refused to do such a thing. We can assume it was the “few bad apples” who drove tanks over people… and called it a mass suicide.

    Hey, you don’t suppose those “few bad apples” are still around do you?

  5. This time, Clit-on will just do the deeds and keep the lid on media about it. She’s learned that people just shouldn’t know what she’s doing, and that’s that.

  6. Remember when bin laden (or the taliban, or al quiada, or sadam hussein, or… at this point, what difference does it make) killed 3,000 in NYC on 9/11? Oh wait, never mind… that was the second bush admin.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. LeVoy Finnicum could not be reached either.

  9. Sucking up to pig cops is a total waste of time. There’s a civil war going on. Side with the cops and they’ll laugh as they throw you under the bus. Like they give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. Even worse, you are going to have to cut ties with some friends and family. They’ll turn you in for arrest or to be killed for your own good. Kiss their filthy ass and you’ll get what you deserve-either from them or the resistance…

    Mark those words.