Even A Doom-Delivering Meteor’s Gots To Know His Limitations

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14 responses to “Even A Doom-Delivering Meteor’s Gots To Know His Limitations

  1. That’s right, because as our National Administrator said at the memorial for the deceased police officers, “…Glocks are easier to buy than books.” Priceless, isn’t it? This entity has no heart and no soul. Neither does the presumptive Dem nominee; they are soulless automatons, brought hither from Below, as near as I can tell.

  2. Won’t be surprised if Putin delivers the SMOD.
    God knows the neocons have pushed him to the edge.
    If it happens, I’m gonna climb on the oof and it won’t be Putin I’m cussin’ at.

  3. It’s a good thing some of the readers haven’t jumped to conclusions. Next thing you’ll hear is all cops are bad, death to the pigs! O wait, the site has been saturated with fuck the police. Not fuck the democrats or Hillary, but fuck the police? My conservative bone is connected to the libertarian bone, but some can’t decipher the difference, nor can they think rationally . We are in a Bosnia type debacle, but with a lot more sides, not just three.

  4. Bucephalus

    Guns (like any other Individual Liberty) in America appear to have achieved the status of the “Temple Mount”; some are emotionally-fixated on taking them from those who are fixated on sublime cause of keeping them.

    It comes down to the asymetric battle for ownership!

    Ne Desit Virtus!

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. What the Grunt said, fuckin’ A.