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I for one am looking forward to dekulakization, along with the elimination of saboteurs, wreckers, and other miscreants.

It will sharpen people’s thinking.

Those that survive, that is.


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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Link to full movie about Hitlery Clinton that has been banned from nearly all theater chains in the USA–must watch and make viral….

  2. Sanders turns out to be a little cocksucker sellout.
    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!
    A disingenuous communist! Who woulda thunk?

    • Apologies for the gutter language. I try to remain level headed and unemotional. When it comes to the subject of communism, I’m not as self contained as I’d like to be.

  3. Judeo-communism and Judeo-Wall Street. These two paths to the universalist Tikkun Olam have always been convergent. Though never more obviously so than now

  4. I confronted a Kollege Stoodent yesterday regarding this, his answer predictably was that he will now Vote for Hillary because she will be “less bad” than Trump.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Heard an even better one 2 days ago. Some fukn lib from Colorado was explaining to me Hillary was a better choice since she ‘earned’ her money, and wasn’t born into wealth like Trump.
      There really is no end to stupid of this level.

    • Less bad, yes, the same as I hear on conservative forums. And the system continues to roll on, legitimized by the peons.

    • Bernie voters can be reminded of how H. is worse than any possible random candidate in terms of personal corruption, political baggage, and unwillingness to prosecute fraud/crime/banks for the current situation.

      There is never going to be “free college” or “educational debt relief” beyond the currently-available routes, but losing order/rule-of-law (even in theory) will lead to African-style strong-man leadership that will be very-bad for everyone (esp. the dependent classes) in the fUSA. Trump buys a little time, maybe. H. is full-speed-ahead into the end of social/economy runway concrete barrier (40%+ white unemployment, infrastructure collapse, TPP+, leasing gold from China for trade notes, domestic-only-currency, bad money/credit-collapse, foreign “aid” coming to ConUS, TExit, war).

      This is assuming they don’t try to disarm Americans, which is #1 or #2 on globalist dream/plan list. How’s that CT semi-auto/magazine ban working? How’s the prosecution for private firearm sales in Oregon going?


  5. keith park

    My nipples are hard thinking about all the angst and depression on college campuses today. Expect student suicide rates to jump. 🙂

  6. Bernie Sander’s said Killary was corrupt & dishonest. Now he’s endorsing her less than 60 days later. Isn’t that special.

  7. It’s not the politicians who will carry out this genocide on the people. I wonder who will be actually performing this dekulakization for the regime? Could it be the lily white, pure as driven snow po LICE?

    Nah. They would never do anything like that – ever.. They’re to be worshipped and praised for their “honor”, “truthfulness”, and “courage”.

    Keep sucking that badge and they’ll promise to disarm you, arrest you, and murder you with tenderness for your support.

  8. Strelnikov

    We are all kulaks now

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Stealth Spaniel

    It will be ugly for awhile, but once all of the safe spaces, 3 letter agencies, the 10,000 laws of Daily Roman Living, no Supremes,and the well educated Elites are done, we will once again live in a free country.
    You might have problems with the neighbor down the street, but no one will care what some centralized important city wants. Cuz you won’t hear from them.
    Negotiate your taxes to stop losing your home or doing jail time? Won’t happen. Your money, such as silver or gold, will only be your business.
    You will not be worried about getting son/daughter into “the best college”. Won’t matter. They will be learning an actual skill.
    Afraid that some level of government employee will find your guns/ammo/knives? Won’t happen. The layer after layer of self appointed Community Protectors will be gone.
    It will be very ugly for awhile, but we will survive and thrive. The Renaissance is coming.