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  1. Grenadier1

    That first one is classic!!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. If that is supposed to be morbid humor its not too funny.
    The military industrial complex and their money grubbers in congress have to be happy. Tasers? Flash bangs? We don’t need no steenkin’ flashbangs. A whole new customer base to milk. A target rich environment. And no shipping charges to the sandbox or getting State Dept approval for arms export across borders, this is indigenous open source arms racism. Guess what happens next?

    Remember, one dead resister looks just like another. No matter their cause. Today the BLM, tomorrow those racist white terrorist Tea Partiers.
    This is the kind of slippery slope that will start an armed revolution to the death. It is crossing the Rubicon. It is worse than elites with no rule of law, this is WROL on crank with a high order of brisience with no warrant.
    If you believe LeVoy Finnicum was “eliminated” with extreme prejudice, this is extreme prejudice with a digital joy stick at 34,000 feet per second.
    Your looking at the state of the art in WROL and what has supplanted the 4th.

    These clumsy bots are going to evolve into android bots the size of a rat, large enough to carry a stick of C4, our a fuel-air grenade. Hard to see, can get into or thru tiny places. Cheap and simple.
    Your life is now cheap and simple.

    Got a problem with a dirt person? Or no problem?
    Send in a rat.
    No problem.
    No Dirt person.

    • Mark Matis

      As I said earlier, “Law Enforcement” had better be teaching their children to not go anywhere near toys that don’t belong to them. Sure would be a shame if Jimmy Piggy Junior picked up a remote-control car and it blew his arms off…

    • There is a consoling aspect to what you suggest. While the Establishment has huge resources they are clumsy and less likely to adapt. In a war of bots victory will go to the swift and adaptable. Any entity that depends on purchase orders is behind the loop.

      • My supply SSgt. was using a credit card to buy COTS repair parts in 1993 (I had to figure out what I needed and where to source it from). If it’s big money, like a jet engine needed RFN, there will be a Bird walking the “purchase order” process through in record time. Boots will still be P. O.’d on a 3 year contract at lowest bid. Dot-Gov is not incompetent when doing what it does best (murder), but there are always consequences to be “managed”.

    • Well, here is some real gallows humor for ya. I was going to comment that I think I might need to order me afew of thesd myself! Why? Long story short, there are too many here among us who think that life is but a joke, and they are preying on those of us who know better. Case in point, I just discovered that my humanitarian “good deeds” regarding allowing an ALLEGED homeless person TEMPORARY housing , in exchange for helping me with farm chores (which I still font have help with) constitutes a BINDING tenancy agreement that despite the fact there has been no compliance whatsoever and despite the intentional refusal of this person who is displaying a progressive mental and physical disabilities, ,who has become agressive and resistant and refuses to leave, despite the fact that he has housing and help available to him because my husband and I literally obtained it for hm, I CANT GET RID OF THE BUM! He has been squatting in my studio workshop for over a year. I have since last september attempted to get him help, and housing via whatever is available to him. He has refused to follow up on this and I finally had enough and told him he must vacate. He got angry, wanted to know why? When I began explaining why he smiled and said “you cant do that! I have complied with all the terms of my lease!” No. No hehasnt been able to perform at all ,no matter what or how I try to accomodate his ‘limitations’ only to realize too late, that he simply has NO intention of fulfilling or following through on ANY agreements made. I created this problem (nightmare)myself, simply by attempting to help a fellow veteran. My husband was an SFr 12 yrs. And we’ve had ourshare of hardtimes, so we honestly thought we could make lemonade out of our mutual predicaments by offering this oerson a work in trade for room. Fact is, we took his claims at face value, and the only one i verified was his military records,at my husbands insistence, he served and has a good conduct discharge, but it wasnt until much later I learned from him he was never jn combat, served in hawaii and guam on a mchales navy sort of non combat service country club. All fun and games and partying drunkenly all the time (yes dven on duty) and so I have a deranged and now desperate former navy puke who has apparently pulled this ploy on various folks for at least five years and there is NO RECOURSE to get him to comply and seek help, even when it represents a potential danger to others! Nope! No laws to evict a crazy homelss vet who is clearly disabled but in denial and destroying other peoples lives by leeching off of them and then claiming he has “special rights” that NO ONE can force him to comply with anything if he doesnt want”! Yes this is a grown 55 yr old man. From my personal observations this past year this individual has serious physical behavioral and mental problems. He is very good at disguising this until he has inserted himself. As soon as I realized he was seriously incapable of doing anything he had signed up for, I realized quickly I was going to have a problem unless I could offer him an alternative and incentive to move. So I did that. To no avail because the asshole just ignores it and continues to simply sqwat on my property and refusss to leave, and has lately resorted to tampering with basic repairs in some sort of crazy attempt to get me to allow himnto stay! AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I CAN DO TO HAVE HIM REMOVED WITHOUT FOLLOWING A STANDARD EVICTION PROCESS WHICH COSTS ME MONEY AND PUTS ME AT RISK UNTIL SUCH TIME AS I CAN “LEGALLY” HAVE HIM EVICTED!!! Yes,even though there has been no legitimate “agreement”ever ratified by compliance and consideration of parties and there has never been ANY agreement that he could stay here this long. IN SHORT I AM UNDER THE UNWILLING OCCUPATION BY A VERY SCREWED UP PERSON, OF MY PERSONAL RESIDENCE, ( HE HAS THE MAIN HOUSE KEY TO USE BATHROOM AND KITCHEN) AND I WONDER HOW VIOLENT HE WILL GET WHEN I HAVE EVICTION PAPERS SERVED? And what will happen in the 3-4 weeks it will take to have him removed? If I am still alive by then to finish the “petition” !!! I have a firearm and I sleep with it nearby and ready, but I am alone, with farm equipment and animals to protect as well. This is fucking ridiculous and as crazy as Obombas executive delusions! So warning to ANY ONE WITH AN OUNCE OF COMPASSION !!! SAVE IT FOR SOMEONE WHOM YOU KNOW AND WOULD DO OR HAS DONE THE SAME FOR YOU! the more desperate things become, the more chances of “victimhood extortion” will occur! My husband is half a world away right now and he is justifiably livid with this person abd feels helpless from so far away from helping, he is doing everythjng he can and tried to get Bill to leave himself before he left for this job. So he too feels cuckholded and by a conniving disturbed person also. Bill agreed and yessed him obviously with no intentions of adhering to this,as he knew he was leaving. So, PLEASE TAKE MY MISTAKE AS A WARNING. DONT TAKE ANYTHING OR ANYONE AT FACE VALUE EVER EVER EVER! If there is anyone out there reading this who knows of any remedy available to remove sqwatters from your property in Colorado, please feel free to ping me at: michele@seaone.org So , yeah, i think we have already slid wayyyyy far down that slope you speak of and it is now simply survival time.
      I’d very much like two of these please! Im good with a digital murder platform as long as i have equal fire power!

      • Way I see it ‘mamm, this fella isn’t properly motivated. I’m sure your husband has friends and without any words being exchanged between you and them other than laying out your story as you did here, I think a positive result could be had. That being said, I think I’ll go rewatch the bar soap and sock scene in Full Metal Jacket.

      • Welcome to reality honey.

        The murkins are are a pathetic lot aren’t they? I live by this old saying… “no good deed goes unpunished” here in Fusa.

        Mebbe shut off the water and power and play horrible music very loudly while loserboy is trying to nap? Then, when he’s upset and combative, call the po po on the scumbag.

      • Mame, thats your home, your property, it is your primal liberty. It is sacred. You are going to have to take matters into your own hands.
        You got to do what you got to do to defend all that.
        There is no reason on God’s green Earth for having to justify taking care of the matter. Just don’t get caught.

      • The solution to your problem contains three elements. Shoot, shovel, shut up. More exactly, a backhoe to dig a 12 ft. deep hole, a 40lb. bag of hot lime, the traumatic onset of lead poisoning in your “tenant”, and the will to use them in concert.

        • Sounds all tough and badass – BUT…

          Then the lady gets the full force of the po LICE investigating HER and eventually finding evidence of a crime. Face it, it’s the cops and the technology and resources they possess that keeps this woman and all of us from administering justice unto the genetic filth that infects this country. Get rid of the pigs who protect the vile scum and let the cleansing/healing begin. If you support the rotten cops then you deserve every rotten thing that happens.

          • What the hell have you been doing for the last ten hours? First post at 1300 youre saying call the cops and now this one at 2300 you can’t badmouth them enough
            Are you abusing inhalents again? Gel coating the diabolically armed SS minnow there skipper? You blow off at the mouth about how superior you are. Who in the hell is going to trust let alone follow you if you can’t keep a coherent thought chain in the air past a half day?

      • Shoot, shovel, shut up.
        Easy peasy.

  4. I’m giving these bots a new name:


  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    bots, robots, WRATS….I get your points, fair enuff. BUT–I ain’t worried.

    Hellsfire! All I gotta gets me is some cheap-assed radio frequency jammer built up in a weekend by my grandkids fiddling in the basement. Or, better still, outrun the metal monkey or don’t get trapped “like a rat.” Ye olde “shoot ‘n scoot.”

    that dude in Dallas who got blowed up, tried to pull a classic goal-line stand at the three yard line, but faced the REAL “Iron Curtain” coming at him @ 34/k/sec.

    …for every weapon…there is a counter-weapon….

    • Nothing is a substitute for proper small infantry tactics and the human terrain. Remember your OODA Loop.
      If adhered to, your chances of being in a tactical position for these to be effective are minimal at best.
      If anything these devices are a liability for your adversary and he puts himself at a disadvantage.
      It’s like those MRAP’s, they look all scary, but they still have to get out of them.

  6. Quote from Doug: “Got a problem with a dirt person? Or no problem?
    Send in a rat.
    No problem.”

    This has been my thought since I heard about it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That was always Uncle Joe’s approach: No man, no problem.

    • Man makey man breakey.
      Change the terms of the fight. Fight SUT.
      It’s like ariel drones. Fight, use tactics and strategy, to not be inside the envelope of their effectiveness, and they are useless.
      This technology makes people who employ it dumb and open to countermeasures. Even simple things like say a paint bomb thrown against a Wrat’s to blind it’s cameras or as CC said a spark gap jammer. But the best countermeasure is to fight in a manner that doesn’t compromise yourself into a situation where a Wrat’s can be used against you.
      Like avoid city fighting to begin with if possible unless you have superior advantages. They are meat grinders.
      Besides, rate things are going cities won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit fighting over. That’s for state actors and other fools. The countryside and rural mountains is where the critical fight is going to take place once the cities are decimated. They will still need food and materiel to keep them contained.

  7. I wonder what TBTB reaction will be, when observing a dirt people robot rolling up to the gate of their gated community, and blowing it away? It’s always surprising when Junior finally gets his shit together, and flaps his wings to fly away. And then comes home to roost.

  8. Regarding Dallas, any backwater LE officers could have used tear gas and buckshot to take the bastard out of play. He could then be tried and if found guilty I would throw the switch. Using excessive force is the problem, not the solution.

    Even more outrageous, blowing him up was just too stupid to be stupid. That bastard was a VALUABLE ASSET for interrogation! Why would authorities not want him to talk?

    When Americans condone government murdering citizens by drones/robots without trial they become vigilantes and useful idiots to their tyrants.

  9. Marlo Stanfield


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  10. Hmm, didn’t see one reference to the domestic terrorist organization BLM, or the loud mouth behind the bully pulpit. I think we have been compromised by SJW’s.

  11. My question is: where are the soft points on these robots? At some level they are delicate pieces of electronic equipment.Are they vulnerable to aimed fire? What standard of defense have they been built to? Are their synthetic rubber treads vulnerable to fire (Molotov cocktail)? In short, what is a tactical defense against these things?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      AP, or FMJ if you have nothing else. Look for optics if possible, they can’t move it if they can’t see where it’s going. And then again, a paintball should work well too, if it’s in close.
      Or just start blowing the hell out of the drive sprockets on the track, it may just spin in circles with one broken track.
      Me, I’m still lusting for some Panzerfausts…………….like a truckload.