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Via Twitter.


Get yours today.

12 responses to “Update

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  2. Ugh…I love how commercialization has even infected the 3% movement.

  3. Capitalism. Would you prefer socialism?

  4. Can’t have people offering goods and services for consensual exchange.

    It leads to…….something bad.

  5. Call me stupid but 144:1 means?

  6. I believe it is a reference to Psalm 144:1.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Racism, sexism, cisgenderism, etc.

  8. Psalm 144:1

    Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight


    You may die now.

  10. Bill Harzia

    Psalms 144:7 also applies:

    “Send thine hand from above; rid me, and deliver me out of great waters, from the hand of strange children;”

    Plenty of “strange children” in America these days.

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