Hey kids! Your cool hippie grandpa just sold you down the river!

Welcome to Suckersville….

Population: you.

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  1. Yes, kids are certainly getting an education right now. I wonder what Hitlery traded to Bernie for his endorsement?

    • keith park

      His life?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Nice un-bullet-riddled skull you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

    • I would suggest nothing more than a Bill to be referenced to him so he has ‘legacy’. Other than that he is not threat to her ascendency.

    • A position of the board of the Clinton Foundation? I’m sure he’ll fit in fine there.

    • That’s easy Paul, the fucking commie sold everything including his soul. Bernie is a pussy, and he’s pussy whipped by canckles. He was just a pied piper of useful idiots for this election scam. He probably skimmed off a few million for him and his red diaper wife out of his election funds, with other gratuities for taking a dive on que. That was his purpose. It wasn’t about ideology or altruism, it was about helping get the dick-less-tator installed as the next tyrant of the disunited states of amerika. It was just another tree rat distraction.
      They know she can’t get elected without rigging and gerrymandering.
      O’l Bernie was a stalking horse to keep as many as possible from either dropping out of the election or talking a good look at Trump and starting a preference cascade. Then just when the suckers are feeling like they are rebels, pull the rug out from under them, demoralize them, and they throw their hands up in resignation and say fuck it, I’ll just vote for the pantsuit psychopath. Easy Peasy way out of being a grown up and facing truths about themselves and their country.
      The con was all pretty much basic reverse psychology.

      I think the thing you have to keep in mind is our society because of the illegitimacy of the elites, from all sectors, because of their meddling in our affairs and cultures, so much has been purposefully skewed for their enrichment and power, and the natural reaction is devolved into extremes at each end of the political, social, and economic spectrum, that in order to come out the other end of whats going down, you must keep on the straight and narrow, keep to traditions, yes be a bitter clinger, because either extreme is ultimately an unmitigated disaster.
      There is everything to be said for and taking the middle road when it comes to our freedoms and self determination. That was how we became a nation of Freemen to begin with.
      Sure, we are going to have to take extreme measures if we are to fight both ends, but that isn’t about living straight and right, its about defending and winning straight and right. It’s pretty basic.

      Take Donald Trump, don’t get me wrong, I personally like the guy, have respect for his accomplishments and see Trump as a basically honorable kind of guy. But he is a creation of the equation of human terrain and our traditional American culture trying to balance itself out. It is the pendulum swinging the other way, not Trump, but the dirt people searching for resolution and redress. Is that a good thing? Gee, I have no idea, but extremes always have unintended consequences of some kind.
      But the more I see and hear, the more I believe the answer only lies with ourselves, and that that begins with each of us. There is no voting our way out of this. Maybe generationally there is, but it’s looking like the luxury of time is a train that departed long ago.

      So Trump is The Great Fuck You, to almost everyone, and even the fuck you’s have taken extremes at both ends of the human terrain.

      At some point the only way out of such extremes is there’s going to be a fight to the death, like war of extermination. One extreme just can not tolerate the other and remain an extreme power, one is not about power for powers sake, but it has enormous latent and inherent power, and it must be destroyed by the first extreme if that extreme is to remain all powerful.

      It is those who refrain from extremes for tradition and the human terrain’s sake who will become more powerful than both combined. It will become indomitable, it can not be denied it’s legitimacy. That is the power of the dirt people, the unseen, the unmentionable, the unspeakable, the untouchables of this America.

      The motive power and audacity of the dirt people is their withdrawal of consent, their guns, their traditions, their basic good natured grace, and tolerance. It is what makes the dirt people the middle of the road between these two extremes. They can not be pushed or prodded, coerced or threatened, their private motto is I won’t and mind your own business.
      It is the real silent majority.
      They are the most peaceful, and the most dangerous people on Earth.

    • She assured him she wouldn’t rat him out for… whatever.

      Hey! It’s Clintonesque.

    • swan832013

      a CABINET position…. he wouldn’t be found DEAD…. this is going to be interesting…. got to get more popcorn….


  2. Bill Harzia

    All of the BER-nie! signs and bumper stickers on cars in my neighborhood vanished within a day.

    If I see any more, perhaps I’ll add my custom bumper sticker right next to the BER-nie! one. It says, “played me like a bitch.”

  3. I wonder what Hillary told Bernie would happen to him IF he didn’t endorse her. Nice retirement plan you got there, Bernie. Be a shame if you weren’t around to enjoy it. A Bernie supporter I know is somewhat confused and bitter right now.

  4. Ha. Anyone with a brain knew he was full of it and would sell out and endorse her.

    His throngs of emasculated persons can now fall in line and worship hillary. Theyll end up voting for anything with a D after its name.

  5. “They wouldn’t a let ya in here if you weren’t a chump.”
    ……Henry Gondorf to the players in Doyle Lonnegan’s poker game.

  6. Thoroughly delightful.


    Same thing I’ve been saying all along. If you haven’t achieved success here in murka, you simply didn’t try hard enough… No soup for you!

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. His life?

  10. Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team”

  11. Alaska Paul

    Remember that so-called press conference with Bernie when only his lawyer was talking after meeting with O? Bernie said nothing. His lawyer just spoke. Bernie really looked shook up. My wife picked up on it. “What was it that was said to him? Somebody got to him with some kind of ultimatum. He looks awful.” Probably a deal he could not refuse. Then he folds and endorses Hil. The guy is living but he is destroyed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “What was it that was said to him?”

      “The Party thanks you for your service, comrade. However, there comes a time when each team must make individual sacrifices for the good of the Collective. That time is now. Siberia, or one in the back of the neck?”

  12. Well folks…. Looks like some festivities planned for this weekend…

    StAy frosty….

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Whatever Hildabeast promised, Bernie & his wife will end up VERY RICH. Poverty and taxes are for suckers.

  14. Bernie is a member of a political party. Persons senior in the party said, well, you aren’t winning, so now is the time when you throw your support to somebody in the party who can win. We the kingmakers decided this, and your money flow from the party is now cut off.

    It didn’t come from Hillary, she isn’t in control of the party. Bernie is sad because he lost the contest, fair enough, it’s an honest reaction.