188 Days


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  1. And idiots like this will vote for her. He and his parents whatever they are, need to be excised from the planet. This country is soooo fucked – Murka!


  2. Bucephalus

    Brush your last remaining real tooth; it is stained with lies, deceite, ranchor, and impenetence.

  3. 188 days.
    188 days till all pretense, illusions of legitimacy, and the beast which has consumed every idea concept and tradition of consent of the governed ends.
    Then a new day begins, a day were the withdrawal of consent of the ungoverned is the paradigm.

    Power of illusions of legitimacy of tyranny are only possible with illusions liberty is powerless.

    I’m actually very excited and feel that day can not come quickly enough. It is not the end. It is a rebirth of liberty. It will be a new day. Not anything profoundly obvious, but subtle and sublime, and that is as it should be. I will be fully released, not because of the legitimacy of myself as a dirt person so much, that is a God given indisputable truth, but because of the unparalleled illegitimacy of the actors of this regime called the US Government who think because they adorn themselves with special powers they create out of whole cloth they have power over me.

    The funny part is the jokes on them. See it really begins with each of us. And frankly, I don’t give a flying fuck if you think that is futile, because right there, you are futile. We who believe and act, we are the real deal. We are legion.

    The elites and their sycophants think they get one over on me all the time. That may be so in certain respects, yet the overriding truth and point there are a myriad of ways around them. They are fossilized old dinosaurs who by dint of their illegitimate powers restricted themselves to very narrow options of action. I have the one thing they don’t. True Freedom. Freedom to outsmart them and use the cover and concealment of how all encompassing living liberty provides. I’m flexible, a nimble one man insurgency. They are slaves to their own corruption and tyranny. Servants to their illegitimacy, they must strive every moment to survive that illegitimacy. It consumes vast resources and energy, till as a system it is consumed solely by it’s surving it’s own illegitimacy.

    They don’t have power over me per say. They worship an illusion of power over me. They are the bitter clingers. They bitterly cling to their corruption and immorality with a death grip. I only have to pick and choose, go along with a few various diktats, so I can get away with almost all their diktat. My freedom and liberty is open source, it is natural insurgency, I’ve become a liberty guerrilla. I seek out freedoms every minute, I employ a fighting style of small unit infantry tactics of freedom, developed an OODA Loop of a strategy to outflank them, get in behind them, and bypass their main forces. My center of power is my lack of a vulnerable center, in that I fly below their radar, avoiding their main lines of defense.

    It is actually quite easy, it becomes natural in practice, because liberty is the natural state of living free. If you don’t know this, it is because you have not tried it. Because, that begins with each of us.

  4. Well said Doug.
    I was spreading a similar lesson to a young waitress in Athens GA last night.
    She was never taught the concept of a legitimate government having the consent of the governed.
    Her eyes were opened when she connect the dots of a two tiered just us system destroying respect for the law by the common person and that lack of respect becomes the withdrawal of consent. Our government is now illegitimate and she understands that the FBI announced it officially when they did not recommend prosecution.
    I can only hope she spreads the knowledge among her peers.
    They are begging for leadership and an explanation of how we have arrived in our predicament.
    Be calm and teach.
    We can recruit to our side with the Truth and history.
    The other side has only lies, bribery, or treachery to coerce thier followers.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Having lived in Athens, the average waitress is probably going to be so “progressive” as to find Stalin overly moderate. If you converted one, that’s a minor miracle.

      • The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

        I’d like to add:
        and the free get living liberty one person at a time.”

    • I hear you man. All you have to do is change only one mind and you change the world. It is like ripples on a pond when you cast a pebble, ideas, they spread out of all size to their humble origin. Seen the same thing. It is like a light bulb going on above peoples heads when they realize they have that kind of power of consent.

      It is such a simple concept.
      It sure is difficult to express in words though.

      You see people who loose it in comment threads over the power of consent, even here on WRSA. They will argue till the cows come home resistance is futile, no one in America will ever resist tyranny, and on and on. I think the trolls and agent provocateurs are on the lookout for withdrawal of consent also. They can get pretty vicious trying to highjack the comment thread with it is useless and everyones a coward etc.
      Detroit’s remarks are another example. Some people have no vision of the art of the possible, they have no sense of hope hence no concept of indomitable spirit. They do not believe in better or larger. Some are terrified of self determination. How can we even exist without the state! It’s impossible! You have to have laws that govern people! Society would become total anarchy!
      ( anarchy is what the elites do by the way, it is they who are lawless and out of control )

      I think the idea of withdrawal of consent is such a profound idea in that so many of us have been psychologically, and by destruction of faith and grace in our daily affairs, disarmed in our hearts and minds of this most primal of components of liberty. Which if you think about it is really funny, because those running our government can only exist as they do, or have the power they abuse, exactly because tacit and coerced consent of the governed. Logic tells you the opposite, withdrawal of that consent is just as possible and existential to usurpers and tyrants.

      Consent is such a fascinating human action. There is almost nothing else like it. Consent can only be given, it can not be taken. Nobody can make you consent to something. You have to choose, to give it or withdraw it.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. I for one am calmly sitting down, have the beer bought, pop corn at the ready (probably chips and dip also) and await the great show. We have witnessed the opening bell (the whole sordid FBI/Hillary thing and the collapse of the rule of law) but it’s only (IMHO) going to get better as the ball picks up speed. It will in a word be spectacular.
    A slight projection on my part: riots anyone? What would be the chances of a full on Chicago style 1960’s style blow out at the upcoming RNC? Cities burning with the BLM thugs. Maybe even an assignation (Trump or Hillary) to really set things in motion (say for instance that good old Hillary takes one for the team [that would be lead of course]) and our current lord (small ‘L’ there) and master declares a State of emergency and elections are suspended along with the Constitution accompanied of course (for your own safety don’t you know) with a good dose of martial law throughout our souring fruited plains. As I said, get ready, buckle up cuz’ the show has started – don’t want to be late at this point (not that anyone is getting out anyway).

    • Hear Hear! Worker.
      This is going to be history that will be written about like the fall of the Roman Empire.
      It is an opportunity that comes once in an age. it’s looking like something even better than the declaration of independence from another empire and subsequent revolution that created this country originally. Of course these things take time, they are more evolutionary than revolutionary.
      Like you said, about patience being a virtue.

  7. When I reduce everything to the lowest common denominator I’m left to conclude that a good many blacks, muzzies and cosmic whites want me and my family gone. My choices are to roll over and allow it to happen or oppose it by any means necessary. Easy decision.

  8. Liar by 3 Dog Night

  9. Next week in Cleveland is a big question mark re the capability of local coppers operating under a DoJ consent order. But next POTUS won’t be Hillary.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    Talked with the wealthy cousin tonight. Her daughter, who lives in Chicago was sent home from work early. Seems that not only did the blacks start lining up for a protest, but everyone remembered that this was supposed BLM’s Day of Rage. However, this is what happens when the powerful forget to spread the word. Those damned Turks staged a coup-that may or may not work. So, instead of all those great BLM signs, and righteous indignation, and screaming sisters at the microphone: we have all news eyes on Muslims, Mosques, and various folks dressed in military gear. I bet Rev. Jeremiah Wright is NOT a happy camper! Things are getting sportier-faster.