America’s Strongest Growth Sector


H/t SLL.

Fortunately, such a thing could never happen to you.


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  1. This cannot be. This is Murka! Land of the free! We have Rights! W have a Con stee too shun!

    In other news…

    Finally some are waking up. This needs to catch on. Make these scum of the earth pigs understand they no longer have the support of their communities. Shun them.

  2. Title is wrong. Should that not be “Mexico’s Strongest Growth Sector” since a high preponderance of prisoners are of foreign origin?

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The “Lords of Chaos Occulted Powers” deliberately fomenting the tension & terrorism to cultivate a climate of distrust & essentially same tactics used in Nazi Germany – Rome – Machiavellian to divide & conquer the populace. Then go kinetic UOF w/ false flags against & use the prescripted orchestrated dialectic like in the executive order Obozo signed July 1st.
    Ain’t it a hoot.

  5. Dick Summers

    .2% of the population in 1930 (123M), .8% of the population in 2010 (309M). Population growth factor of 2.51. ‘Locked up’ growth factor of 4. Factor of 1.59 rate increase.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, the closing of most state mental facilities had a lot to do with the spike in crime. In 1930, a lot of folks doing time would have been otherwise institutionalized.

    • Throw in the unholy amount of aborted fetuses…all of a sudden, no American Negro. The American Negro is responding to natures culling.The final say is no longer a viable option for the average negro. Prison,death by homicide, abortion,drug addiction,alcoholism and buying into the bullshit spewed by all sides.
      Lackeys and useful idiots. Obesity,diabetes and high blood pressure are running rampant in the negro.
      The Latino hate their fucking guts. Let’s throw the Latino and the Yuppie into the equation. The Yuppie smiles and recites the platitudes, while they gobble up the real estate in the hives.The displaced American Negro is out of his element .Dwindling options exist. All of the desirable options include me.
      Whitey. Ain’t life a bitch!

  6. Camacho2016!

    C’mon scrot! I won’t feel safe until that Greenwood kulak is in the Gulag!! Then I’ll be proud to be a ‘Murkan!

  7. Winston Smith

    That graph don’t mean shit until you break it out by race at a minimum.
    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics, ya know.

    • more Blacks/mexicans in prison…less violent crime. Of course, large #’s of those Blacks/mexicans should not be in prison at all. They should be executed

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “more Blacks/mexicans in prison…less violent crime”

        Outside of prison, you mean….

  8. This photo looks like a serious $hit sandwich.

  9. HHH Old Vet.

    The Elite Love a FREE Work force, well, nearly free. All the workers they will ever need as they can Make ANY ONE OF US FELON’S and the unjust “Laws” they have put up to testing are only that.
    Starve the Beast ,STOP PAYING TAXES, Buy More Ammo instead.

  10. For those of you who booted the math portion of the SAT, the graph is virtually meaningless.
    From 1920 to 2014, the overall US population also tripled, from 100M to >300M.
    This graph is therefore about as accurate as predictions of manmade global warming.
    Post one corrected for population, and we can talk, because then you’ll be comparing apples to apples.
    Hint for the tl;dr crowd: You want to discuss incarceration rate per capita, not total number of inmates. I suspect the chart would look a lot less scary then. If you also correct the per capita rate, and show it by racial identity, you’ll actually convey factual data, politically incorrect though it will be.
    If you want to throw in the companion graph, showing incidence of violent crime covering the same period (second hint: outside the black community, American violent crime, at this level of incarceration, is around that of Switzerland; with Hispanics removed, the violent crime rate here is equal to that of Luxembourg), noting that we have kept violent crime under control by locking up the serial (10-100 crimes/day) predators, including a vast army of Dindu Nuffins, it makes the entire meme fade into oblivion.
    Facts are stubborn things.

    There are a thousand reasons to decry the modern police state. This item simply is no part of that discussion.

    If you want to ask instead why we haven’t opened a death penalty express lane in every state that still has one, or gone to nationwide 10y-20y-Forever imprisonment algorithm for all violent felonies, with incarceration modeled on the Chateau D’If, and comprising solitary confinement and universal hard labor rather than providing libraries, weight piles, cable TV, and air conditioning, by all means open the discussion there.

  11. We’re ALL felons, one way or another. The simple truth is they just haven’t gotten around to prosecuting YOU yet. That’s what happens when you allow common criminals to create laws.