Glenn Reynolds: Of Coups & The Constitution

7 days may

The Prof’s latest paper.

Wonder if he alludes to the effects of career-above-all positioners-for-lucrative-MIC-jobs field grade and general officers?

Read it and see.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Not going to happen here in the USA.
    The system in place assures that it cannot.
    When you get up to the level where you could actually push buttons and make troops move and do shit–they/them in DC make sure you are bought off and on “their reservation” –this through the pension/benefit process and afterwards when you retire (especially with stars on your shoulders) where you suddenly get these lucrative jobs in the military industrial complex.

    They/them in the military are ALL compromised beyond the levels that matter to the security of the DC mobs.

  3. One or the other is coming, one way or another. Nobody and I’m saying nobody can stop it.
    Resistance is never futile when it comes to liberty.

  4. Turkey event a huge advertisement for PTR-91.

    • Funny there. And a fine rifle. But as far as dressing up 40-50 year old pigs goes, I have to come down in favor of the AR in 7.62. The old pigs do need some dressing up for today’s needs, and the HK loses that contest.

  5. I think a military coup in America is an entirely different critter than most of the rest of the world. A lot of factors are involved, but the thing that sets America apart, is the precedent of our founding was in no uncertain terms the prohibition against a standing army on sovereign soil.
    One can argue that point to death, but it is a precedence, which is very germane to the make up of our culture and the questions of the day.

    I think what is of far greater import is the job of having a coup in America, was a duty left to the people, and their arms. For that is just an extension of the will of the governed, and a most lawful method of redress. The mechanism of coup is embodied in the ideas and precedence of the 2nd Amendment. Proof of that, the naysayers and resistance is futile crowd notwithstanding, is we as free men, don’t need a 2nd Amendment, that the reasons for the 2nd are embodied in our primal dignity as men who have the providence and blessing of self defense and the instruments of that self defense at our disposal in the form of historical tradition, historical political precedence, culture, and last but not least an indomitable will running through our blood in no small thanks due to our predecessors.

    In simplest terms, We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Military Coup, if anything, the military needs us to have our civilian coup. I think if we all had ourselves a little armed rebellion of legitimacy, the military for their part, for the most part. would not greatly hinder us with any great sustained effort, if at all it would be token with a few instances of radical fervor which would only inflame and enrage the dirt people further, and if anything, it would set in motion an internal military coup amongst the ranks and cadre.

    Really, the US military has little to fear from a legitimate dirt person armed redress. Strategically, it would be very difficult for a civilian revolt to try to attack the US military postured purely in defense if it stayed out of the festivities, just as it would be for the .mil to deploy against a nation wide armed revolution against tyranny. Different reasons for both, but is essence it would be possibly one of those bridges too far.

    I think it is important to note, regardless of the orientation of the corporate political command structure of the .mil, the .mil is a reflection of our country, they put their pants on one leg at a time, they are citizen solders when it is all laid out. They come from the same towns and cities, farms and factories, raise the same children, they live in the same pink houses and grow the same gardens as us non .mil dirt people.

    Two worthy succinct reads on civilian “Coup” are embodied in these works.

    (this essay is a first rate dissertation. if you haven’t read it your missing out on what makes us free men to begin with)
    David E. Vandercoy
    1994 Valparaiso Univ. Law Review

    (no explanation required here)
    Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms
    July 6, 1775

    (Want your mind blown today? Read this gem, it really is all about guns, everything comes down to guns)
    About the Corporate Slave Class
    Henry Dampier


    SEVEN DAYS IN MAY was another propaganda hit piece by the leftists and useful idiots in Hollywood to discredit the growing Conservative political movement in America in the 1960’s. Goldwater was running for the nomination and George Murphy had been elected senator from California. One of the “villians” in this movie was a senator who drove a Rolls with CA plates and resembled Murphy.
    John Frankenheimer moved heaven and earth to warp the minds of the movie-going sheeple and it worked. Goldwater ultimately was defeated; not only by LBJ, but by the Rockefeller-Scranton-Romney wing of the Dead Elephant party. They were aided by the media and Haxo’s people in the movie industry. The bile still rises in my throat when I think about it. It is way past time to set things right.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Walter Mitty has the 2nd Amendment to protect his other
    Constitutional rights, and those who temporarily preside
    in the seats of government are in awe of it’s power.
    The military is too busy designing their mauve and hibiscus
    hue dress uniforms to get involved in anything political.

  8. Coup, coup, coup coup ka choo!


    Unfortunately, Prof. Reynolds assertion of coup resistance in America is heavily predicated upon constitutional principles that no longer apply because ignored, legislated, abrogated and adjudicated unto impotence.

    Liberties have not been “jealously guarded” by those so entrusted…
    there is an enormous backlog of tar, feathers and hemp awaiting their proper uses. Likewise the three precious metals, lead, copper and brass.