Tl Davis: That Would Be Excellent


On a common starting point.


12 responses to “Tl Davis: That Would Be Excellent

  1. Dickless Damon deserves an ass whupin

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Funny how many of Matt “Do Away” Damnon is perfectly ok with depicting “gun violence” in his “moo-vies”. Matt lives by the credo guns for me but not for thee. Come and get them yourself Jason. Don’t mind that hissing sound you hear, it’s just a little gas leak…..

  4. What is most excellent is the red meat of self defense. As time goes by and events purposefully orchestrated to dictate a possible shape of the future, owning good solid battle rifles and proper training in their use, my combat arms become more than finely crafted devices of superb accuracy, reliability, and lethal force, they become the essential component of my freedom that I could not imagine being without.

    In that light how could there ever be anything but there is absolutely no way on God’s green Earth I am giving mine up.

    The primal satisfaction of sending ones avowed blood thirsty foes to their paradise with my rifle and my skills in using it in defense of my liberty becomes a profoundly honorable, it defines everything.

    Cultural marxist scum and their pet musloid’s want a war of extermination so badly, well, it becomes time to give them a war of extermination all right.

    • Said the very same in comments on the thread just above this one, Doug:

      “I will repay in kind… ruthless extermination for threat and intent of same.

      Reasonable self defense.”

      Well said, Brother.

  5. I love the irony of when the shit hits the fan the Lilly livered liberal scumbags grab the phone and call…….someone with a……GUN!!

  6. Bucephalus

    And millions of people keep going to the movies…..

  7. The Usual Suspect

    We just witnessed Jason Bourne karate kicking his acting
    career in the nuts.

  8. Confiscation, other means, is the ultimate Rubicon.

    There is an irreversible choice to be made by every gun owner, and will begin the kinetic phase… which we will “win” at such great cost.

    Perps must pay for this intentional treason, unconscionable evil.

  9. Matt Damon is one of the world’s truly supreme hypocritical self-centered greedy assholes. He has absolutely zero credibility unless and until he publicly states that he is so against guns that he urges all of his fans to not buy any theater tickets to his films, or purchase any DVD versions either.

    He should also take every mass media opportunity to ask the moviegoing public to boycott any film or DVD by any actor(s) where guns appear or are used in the storyline.

    Hey Matthole – put your money where your big brainless mouth is.

  10. It would be a fine starting point. Unfortunately, the other folks do not telegraph their aims in such simple terms of date, time, and place. Their brass ring is always just a bit beyond their announced reach-of-the-week.

    Related, re upper limits on the federal income tax: Has anyone ever heard a statist-minded person come out and say what the absolute limit of wealth confiscation could be set at? Didn’t think so. But a bunch of the commentariat here lives in places controlled by people with that thinking.


  11. Imams all over France are in their mosques now, preaching to the faithful, starting out by saying as sarcastically as possible, “Who’s the beoootch nowwwww?” Why, France is, that’s who. The moslems run over little children in the dark on a promenade, with a tractor-trailer, squishing them like water balloons, while yelling Aloha Snackbar, and the French do what? What? Mourn? Mourn? Makeshift memorials? Calls for “justice?” Justice? Investigations? It’s true. Cowards die a thousand deaths, a courageous man, but once. They, and we, should be screaming for blood. Instead, we weep, and “search for answers”. Disgust is not what I feel.