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Understand why their release was delayed as long as it was.

Then think about how effective voting will be to correct those reasons.


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  1. Jimmy the Saint

    The spice(read: oil) must flow. Unless/until we get serious about developing our own reserves, we’ll have to make deals with some very unpleasant folks.

    • wrong. The US gets no more than 5% of its oil from the Middle East. The issue is: keeping as the major oil producers – here, Saudi Arabia – selling for dollars and only dollars. That’s why the ZOG attacked Iraq and Libya: to force them back onto the petrodollar. And that’s what ultimately enables the domestic “helicopter money” Ponziconomy: foreign demand for dollars to buy oil with

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The percentage isn’t that important, in and of itself So long as unfriendlies have *any* degree of control over our most critical fuel supply, they maintain some control over what we do.

        If we develop our own, not only can we remove any percentage of ME oil, but can fight them at their own game. They are single resource economies – thus, they are weak if that resource is devalued or placed at risk.

    • “:…we’ll have to make deals with some very unpleasant folks.”

      We already have. Lucifer is as “unpleasant” as it gets.

      Why are the greenies so anti oil? Or rather, why are they and their guilt trip so useful?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Prince Bandar’s wife couldn’t buy tiolet paper without her husbands permission. All money ‘she’ gave to the terrorists had to be approved by the Prince, who just happens to be the Saudi ambassador to the US, the second most powerful person in the kingdom. The Saudi’s have a long and documented history of supporting terrorists, including ISIS. Prince Bandar and the King may not have known they were funding the actual 911 plot, but they had to know they were funding bad people doing bad things. The only way Bush isn’t guilty of accessory after the fact for the murder of 3000 Americans is if he were the dumbest fuck that ever existed.

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    After the spectacle of George & Laura Bush dancing with the Obamas at the funeral for 5 dead police officers; I will believe anything. What imbecile dances at a frigging funeral?? (Now, I may smile at Hillary’s, but I am not dancing!)
    The entire situation at the top is just plain creepy. The coming Festivities are going to wipe the slate clean.

  5. Do you think W had to do worse than in that picture in his initiation into the Skulls? It looks like second nature to him? We know BHO got used as a young man too. He has a habit of bending over.

  6. Wrong picture. While Dubbya is no vestal virgin,
    the relationships and activity originated under the prior presidency. How…curious.

    Do please have a look at the major contributors to the Clinton Foundation since Fat Bill and the Lying Crooked Shrew left the White House, and get back to us. This fix has been in since the first WTC bombing, if not before.

    Frankly, I’m amazed any of this ever saw the light of day in our lifetimes.

  7. Moar bullcrap. If you still believe the official narratives on this event
    then good luck. Dust you are and unto dust you shall return.
    Its all about the dust.

  8. I’m not going to waste my time reading that shit. You know already it’s nothing but lies and disinformation. Lock and load.

  9. Found it very timely that Turkish “coup” took place same day…

  10. Actually it’s nothing new. Americans already knew “Bandar Bush” was the criminal controller as he was the Chechen LIC’s / HIC’s controller already known. I suspect the timing of the release is meant to agitate the populace & create more tension & anxiety. For those who know real history or don’t & the geopolitical landscape, the UK has picked every Saudi King from the HRH – House of Saud since the Balfour Declaration – Sykes Pincott the Ottoman Caliphate has been under UK (errr Roman Empire control) control as a Satellite Nation. So “Is RA EL” was setup as a Terrorist Nation (1948) by Rothschild & Rockefeller after the HAAVRA Agreement was implemented in 1933. This let Zionism grow & survive as Palestine before Hitler’s stab at World Domination (Rothschild / Ford / Rockefeller / Bush et alia funded the Nazi War machine after 1933). Notice Nazi Germany had a similar technology lead (20-30 advance on the other Nations as well) similar to the US technology lead & notice the Nazi style control template still being used. I suppose the shared defense technology (Clinton & other’s allow by tossing other Nations crumbs) is part of the World Governemnt scheme design. Then the Oded Yinon plan & PNAC from Robert Kagan (Victoria Nuland’s hubby) et al had to be snuck in after the “New Pearl Harbor” State sponsored GWOT 9-11 crime w/ Is RA EL & Saudi directly complicit. The Saudi’s are the Sonny Liston dive patsied Canon Fodder on the this caper for the real orchestrators & treasonus criminals. I suspect Bush’s aberrational behavior of vaunting & gasconading while dancing at the Dallas Officer’s post False Flag event ceremony was pretty obvious to some awake. With the recent EO & Samantha Power’s recent announcement about UN support for Innocent civilians in a conflict zone I suspect the fuse is fairly short if they can get chaos w/ BLM – agent provocatuers for the conventions going. The stupid burns…

  11. Where are the Trumpettes who were cussing us out on here for not worshipping at his altar and believing in him as the savior of us from stuff like this? You seem to have mostly vanished… Are you now understanding that we can’t vote this all away?