“Helicopter Money” Won’t Fix What’s Broken

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CHS points to the fallacies.

The unwind – with or without more insanity – will be spectacular.

UPDATE 0930E 17JUL2016: Stockman’s piece is a must-read.


22 responses to ““Helicopter Money” Won’t Fix What’s Broken

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Yep, So What? The people reading this aren’t the people not seeing, not listening, or not caring. After 16 years of contacting my Con person in DC and receiving reams of meaningless correspondence as a returning reward……….
    Abandon Ship!!!!……… the Captain and his “crew” are never going to admit it’s sinking, until it capsizes and the stern is all you can see. Even then they will ask you for “heroic efforts” to keep it afloat while they take the last lifeboat.

    • Lot of truth contained in as you say “So What”.

      Most of us dirt people have never and never will, nor in the final results, ever benefit from elitist and political fiat policy.
      It isn’t us dirt peoples bailiwick in our wildest dreams, even if it was orchestrated as a non-corrupt system of republican prosperity.
      Our prosperity rests upon and is derived from our self determination, the direct fruits of our labors, our freedom to own property, and last but far from least unfettered unrestricted economic freedom.

      If anything the entire system of fiat today, including helicopter money, is predicated upon using the state and it’s instruments of force and violence to enforce a set of rules that entirely benefits the members of the fiat system at the dirt peoples expense.

      “So What”?
      Well you can say we don’t need no steenkin’ fiat and your saying the same thing.

      “So What”?
      Us dirt people are not going to survive and thrive if we are attached with no options to the fiat system. That is the cold truth. It is plainly evident. Look all around us, hows it working?
      What it requires is the alternatives begin with each of us. It only requires a bit here and a bit there. And before you know it, a lot of us are outflanking the system. It is pure grass roots open source insurgency. Guerrilla economy. It is in action, the rejection of the fiat system, it is rejection of the state, the actors running it.

      Believe me, every buck you beat the fuckers out of hurts them because of the logarithmic cascade effect of denying them that buck.
      So you kill many birds with one stone. And become freer and freer with every fiat dollar you keep the bastards from stealing from you.

      Doubt me anyone?

      Think about it, just follow the money, money is what their after after all. Plain and simple, they get their money by stealing it.
      And the options for coercive schemes and methods of extortion have narrowed down to the final stages of acts of “peaceful” extraction of wealth before punitive measures are employed, which is the threshold of using force and violence to keep the “take” flowing.

      At least that is what I think they think.

      The smart ones, the common sense dirt people, they have already voted to secede from the state, millions are in the early stages of secession. And one absolute of secession from tyranny is it begins in the hearts and the minds of the dirt people.

      • Right, but here’s the problem. Besides prisoners’ dilemma — what we need is a nationwide strike by all white workers, such as truck drivers — there is the problem that every person who does not own a house and land free and clear has: we are forced to use banks and even e-payments to pay the rent or mortgage. I know what’s about to happen, and I just deposited $2500 INTO my bank account (rather than holding the cash or turning it into gold or more 5.56 rounds) because I am literally forced to pay my rent with a bank check. I am not permitted to pay with cash (or .308 cartridges).

        That’s how effed we are right now. Now, I live in a city, so I’m extra fucked. Moved here long ago before I knew any of this stuff. I guess you country boys with land are less stressed?

        I would like to boycott the system right now but EVERY source of the things I need (food, payment for rent) is pozzed and I am literally forced to use the banking system.

        At a time when I know bank runs will be happening, I am still depositing my earnings into a bank because it has to go through there before it can go to my landlord, the electric company, the phone company, etc.

        Any solutions? I would love to hear why I am wrong and I am not being sarcastic.

        • Nope. You’re pretty fucked.

        • Are you a truck driver? Can you do your “job description” elsewhere?
          Pay is less in the boondocks, but then so is rent and living expenses.
          YES, it is less stressful, listening to crickets at night instead of sirens and traffic. You can also see the stars, and hear the rain coming. You can find your soul. That’s what my relocation has done for me. good luck, We will all need all we can get.

        • All righty then Publius. I’ll go out on a limb and tell you exactly how it can be done.
          But you owe me, honor your avatar Publius.

          OK, your right, your not alone in what you face, yet your not alone regards like minded folks. There is no easy answers, but action is what counts. You have to start someplace friend. The sooner you begin to defy the system and implement alternatives the sooner you will be.

          It is very difficult to take even one step out of the system. I too had to begin someplace, It was when I did take action that the best aspect of resistance happened that I had no idea about.
          Take me seriously on this, I’m going to tell you a secret, it is not action, the act that counts so much, thought its value is critical, it is the change in who you are, your dignity and self determination, that is the transformation. It is winning your own heart and mind. After that, lot of things are easy, because you have changed your thinking. That is where it starts.

          I imagine you are saying to yourself, Ya Right, who is this clown. Well this clown is a guy probably not much different than you. But this clown knows something that is a real paradigm, it begins with me, with you, and with each of us, once it does, it is not just me, or just you, we become a plurality of freedom. Maybe it is small potatoes, but the greatest things sometimes begin small, out of all stature to their enormity. And that is the only thing that has ever changed the world for good. And it is always been the purview of the dirt people and no one else.

          Ask yourself how is it working for you personally, on your level, in relative terms to you. Then ask yourself, what am I doing? Am I a debt slave? A fiat cash cow?

          Well are you?

          Be honest, dead nuts frank on this. Don’t bullshit yourself.
          I know the answer, but do you?

          Then ask yourself, seriously, as a heart attack, what is the object, the point, of the trap your in. Remember, it all begins with ourselves.

          Maybe it is scary, terrifying, but really, what are you going to really loose walking away from it all?
          It is a real question my friend.

          You know, an acre or 3 in a rural or country setting is enough land to live off of with some good old elbow grease. Couple of $50 piglets, some laying hens can be had for the taking because they are not laying .75 eggs a day, but you only need 6 hens you have more eggs you can eat. Till a garden spot and plant some seeds, or ask a neighbor with farm land if he is interested in share cropping. It is an ages old tried and true traditional system that can supply 2 entire families with food for a year on a 300 by 150 foot garden. Land owners cultivates and tills with his equipment, (our you operate it), provides the cow and chicken manure, sometimes the seeds, the fuel maybe, you do the planting tending and harvesting, you all split the harvest 50-50.
          I do share crop with a cattle farmer, plus have a small garden on our 6 acre piece of land. We get so much veggies out of it, we give away and barter the extra. We trade seeds & seed roots too. Last year we traded for sugar cane seed, seed potato, corn seed, horse radish, sweet potato, and squash seed. All I have is a tiny rototiller, a wheel barrow, bunch of hand implements. We raise two pigs every year, butcher and can and cure one up for ourselves, sell one to pay for the other, only cost is labor to take care raise them.
          That farmer I share crop with, well he paid me an entire side of beef for running his brush hog over his pastures and helping him with his firewood. Plus he gave me a whole winter supply of wood for our house, and lent his tractor to us to use on our garden and land. In return we give them things they don’t have or do stuff for them they can’t do. It just expands, this system of give and take.

          This is how we did it, got here. We decided it was time, we worked like dogs for a year, sold everything we had except for basics, like guns and gear, tools, bare essential clothes, basic cookware, books and treasured artifacts. Sold every piece of furniture, bicycles, lawn mower, gave up every electronic except one computer, sold every vehicle but an 89 chevy 3/4 ton pickup. We stripped ourselves to the basics, to the bone.
          Sold our houses, cashed out 401’s etc, and with the little bit of cash we saved working extra jobs and OT in one year, we had $52,000. Put everything in one storage unit, jumped in the old pickup, drove down to WV, and got a 30 buck a night motel room. Ate out of a cooler and a cardboard box. We figured after our expenses of hunting and moving we had 46,000 to buy a place outright for cash. Every house we looked at that fit our needs, no matter the asking price we said real nice like, we have 46 grand, right now, today, we will buy this place, if you show us a clear title, no offense intended, but it’s what we got, and we ain’t getting a bank loan. Give it a think, leave a message at the motel for us, we are heading over to such and such to look at another spread. In two days we owned a place listed at $120 grand, on six acres, 2 car garage, creek, $275 bucks a year taxes, and total cost for paperwork, county fees, taxes etc was $378 to do the sale, and we found we had ten grand in standing timber, which we sold, and recouped enough cash to buy just the components to build an off grid solar/wind system from scratch.

          We slept on the floor on blankets for 2 years, used a coleman camp stove to cook on, bought a 25 dollar fridge, traded a 22 pistol for a freezer, hand dug and turned in a new garden with pitchforks. Put 7 deer in the freezer then and now every year. We can up everything possible. We stopped getting sick because our food is simple and wholesome. I spend a week each fall with my rifle and a backpack digging Ginseng and other roots. That pays all our taxes, plate fees on our vehicles, and a few other things. I worked at a saw mill for 7 bucks for a year and a half. Saved for my 80 hour course, passed the test, got certified, became a coal miner.
          We traded a years supply of eggs to a farmer for our first two piglets, from laying hens we got in trade for blueberries and black raspberries plants that grow wild on our land, traded one pig out of that for an old wood stove, we cut and split by hand our firewood off the spot our garden stands in now the first winter. That was some gut busting work getting those stumps and roots out. There is so much more, but every drop of sweat we turn into equity instead of lining somebodies pocket if we can find a way. And it is so easy to do now, it is second nature.

          And it all started by choosing to do it. We buckled down and decided never say die. We are cash poor as church mice. Don’t owe a cent to a soul. We eat like kings, have so many friends and neighbors, who we trade barter and mutually give and take help we are humbled beyond compare. We are richer in so many ways, that previous life is difficult to remember.

          Sometimes you got to give it all up. Nothing is stopping you but you. You got to decide your gonna make lots of sacrifices, accept the hardships, yet keep your eye on the prize. But the best thing, is the dignity of liberty you win.
          And brother you do win.

          Jefferson was fucking smack on about Agrarianism.
          It is why America became home of the free and the brave in the first place.

  3. Can’t wait for the hyperinflation. Should be a real hoot.

  4. “Fear not, Mr. Astor, Captain Smith is just ordering the lifeboat drill as a prudent precaution. Just dress warmly while you wait on deck, and we’ll have you snug back in your berth shortly.”

  5. Capitalism. Communism. Same system. Run by the same people.

  6. I am generally, although not universally and philosophically. opposed to helicopter money. There are many reasons to prefer stable money to rapidly printed money, but they are nuanced. I opposed this helicopter money because they are going to hover the helicopters directly over Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and other insiders, likely right after they figure out how to build a sky vacuum to make sure none of the money fails to flow through their grubby hands.

    I would still prefer honest money, but as an example of helicopter money I could support:
    $100k credited to every adult citizen, credited first against any outstanding federally guaranteed student debt, then federally guaranteed mortgages, then private student debt, then mortgages, then car loans, then credit cards. If anyone made it through that waterfall without using the 100k, they would be immediately be refunded in cash the balance up to all of the payroll and income taxes paid over the last decade. Any remaining balance would be a tax credit against any future taxes owed.

    I would not like to damage our money so, but at least it would benefit our fellow Americans, rather than the connected insiders. But the banks would fight it tooth and nail. Partially because they own the fed, and think the benefits should accrue to them, and only them, and partially because they would not like the American people to even start slipping off their debt shackles. The above will never happen, because those helicopters will hover directly over the banks/insiders/0.001%, and the debt so created ill be legally, but not morally, owed by us.

    • We currently do not have “money” but Debt Notes from the Federal Reserve. Your solution would collapse the entire system as Debt must be continually expanded to keep the system going. It is basically a Ponzi Scheme.
      More Giv./Fed Reserve interference in a pay off system using false money given to Anyone is just more excrement.
      A Default, and Reset with a Debt Jubilee is not only the only way out,
      . BTW, some large US Banks are currently accumulating substantial physical silver in their vaults.

  7. Their will be helicopter money, count on it.

    When that fails there will be war.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yup. track ahead is busted for sure. it won’t matter if you’re black or white.

    all that will matter: “How tight is your grip?”


    • You are 100% right. There is nothing left to do now, the economic world had a legitimate chance to right things in 2008, instead doubled down.
      The future of everyone will eventually be Cyprus and Greece, seize of money and a depression and maybe present day venezula.
      Personnaly increasing silver, cash, ammo, food and water storages this year, hope its enough, there’s going to be a period of reall bad, only God knows how long on who it hits the worst.

  9. Of course a reset is not only needed but required at this point. That, however, will not be allowed to happen by TPTB until we hit dead, rock, bottom.
    See you on the ridge.


    The author is correct. Now, tell me when. It has been pointed out before that as long as all parties agree to this slanted, bogus, corrupt Monopoly game, the can will continue to be kicked down the road. People will continue to have enough scratch to take the kids to Disney World, have Friday Night parties, and buy new clothes for school next month.
    Look at the Japs. They have a debt-to-GDP-ratio which has been upside-down for more than twenty years. They have negative interest rates on their bonds. Other than the natural disaster of the Fukushima Earthquake, things are still business as usual in the Land Of The Rising Sun.
    You have the clueless sheeple, the smarter people who know what’s up but are in denial, and the Banksters and thieving pols who have already braced for impact(if it comes). Most folks have a “whatever” attitude. I, for one, believe the only way the system will ever right itself is with a huge economic correction, massive FEDGOV/STATEGOV/LOCALGOV defunding, and a return to honest money backed by specie. And, you may reply: “Yes, Dweezil, and you also believe in the Tooth Fairy.” And I will reply that you are right and it is what it is.
    So, we hope for the best and still prep for the worst. I do not hold much hope for an economic Deus ex Machina in my lifetime. The lid is still tight on the garbage can until the Hildabeast takes her oath of office next January. We still have some breathing room. And, if TPTB can keep spooling up false flags and distractions(such as helicopter money), the broken-axle wagon will continue to lurch down the road. Bleib ubrig.

  11. Feels like they are propping up until they have their 5G networks and Robots in place. Too many are invested in it not failing, so who really knows when? I expected it to fail a while back, yet here we are…

    What are the prevailing thoughts on Trump here? Can he do what he says/Is he even sincere (my gut says he is), and will the growth from his infrastructure projects be enough to offset debt while he takes care of bankers (he said he’d audit Fed), assuming he lives?

    Feels like there is a slim chance, and he definitely knows how to win, but at what cost, and is it even worth saving? US is only country left where being a free man is still a possibility.

    What about Putin in all this? He clearly loves his country, and doesn’t seem to be playing ball with TPTB, so where does he fit in in a Civ War II scenario??

    And how much actual power does Efficient Gov have? Rank and File .mil and LEO seem to be on side of people, but no action.

    What is a self-deprogrammed millennial on lower eastern hemisphere watching this unfold supposed to do. Would love to help my American brothers (100% Scot/Brit ancestry, Better half is 100% N. Euro, not that it matters), feel like all I can do is watch, wait, and hope.

    So damn many factors… Hope and change indeed.

  12. 1 Tim 6:10… “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

    Not money itself, but the love of it.

  13. LibCon thanks for the moral support at least.
    If you are in the Old World, you have enough on your plate.
    Just preach like the Old Testament prophets so you can say they were warned while taking care of you and yours first.

  14. Contribute as little as possible, demand as much as you can legally get away with. There’s no saving this ship so, I say, full speed ahead, if we’re gonna crash it, let’s crash it good. This death by a thousand cuts bullshit has grown tiresome. No matter what we do, the powers that be will still be proclaiming their own righteousness, even as they’re marched up the gallows to their well-deserved reward.