American Pravda: The Legacy Of Sidney Schanberg


Read this piece, then the Schanberg article:

John McCain And The POW Cover-Up

Your government at work.


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    Senator McCain has blood on his hands. He deserves to be prosecuted as a traitor.

    • Grenadier1

      No that’s not what he deserves at all. The fact is if I wrote what he really deserves out I might get a visit.

  2. My thoughts also. It turns my stomach. The height of the betrayal is staggering. But then again, we have been willing dupes, haven’t we?

  3. Neros Lyre

    “Songbird”John”coldstart”McLame is a gigantic lying traitorous POS.As bad as Obonga is he probably wouldn’t have been much better and we would still be in the same shape,maybe worse.

  4. Thanks for putting up these links, you are doing the work the American media just won’t do. Not an effective defense when an Ergodan-style crackdown occurs against bloggers here, but still the right thing to do.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. danielkday

    Thank you for this.

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    I always knew something was fishy with the POW issue, then a few yrs ago read “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” and it all fell into place. Problem is, the masses don’t want to know the real truth, they want the fantasy world of myths and patriotism. Offer someone a good book to read and they pass on it because it contains “conspiracy theories” which contradict the state issued lies. We are where we are today because the masses refuse to inform themselves, instead, choosing to stay brainwashed.
    The masses have got to stop worshiping these false prophets, stop living in denial, and begin lynching every single one of them. But then again, that’s asking too much of pre-adolescent minds.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The masses have got to stop worshiping these false prophets, stop living in denial, and begin lynching every single one of them.”

      If the masses should be out lynching, shouldn’t you, as well? Given that no one is doing it, isn’t that pretty clear evidence that either: (a) no one thinks it’s the right time; of (b) no one thinks it is possible?

      Not singling you out – just pointing out that there’s clearly no agreement on what to do, or when to do it.

      • Well we all know the issue of why that is but people aren’t suffering or in pain enough to remedy it…Sad That…

  8. SameNoKami

    This might be one of the reasons the establishment (both Dem and Rep) is doing all it can to stop Trump. Trump has already said McCain is not a hero. Maybe they are afraid Trump will spill the beans on this and other coverups.

  9. “even a broken clock…”, etc. Otherwise, Schanberg was a hardLeft louse working for the the NYT, a Judeo-communist rag then…and now. He and his Hollywood friends tried to pin the Red democide in Cambodia – 2,000,000 people murdered – on America…instead of the communists who did it. In the larger sense, though. I agree with Unz…and Henry Ford: History, at least as concocted by any “victorious” Establishment and its media flacks, is mostly lies and nonsense

  10. “Tape Has McCain’s Son Praising Red Doctors”
    Headline of article in Stars & Stripes Issue June, 1968

    There’s a special place in hell for this creature. Not for being a traitor, not for refusing to admit POWs were still being held during the senate hearings in the ’90s, but for treating the families of these men so shabbily and with utter contempt during those hearings. And I mean he treated them despicably. Take the time to watch it. In my long life I’ve seen unimaginable, incomprehensible evil that would make a man vomit if he thought about it too long. But this POS is in a class all by himself.

  11. Every approved CONgress critter has a “lever” which can be pulled when needed. This is McStain’s. Those positions are just to close to the ring to leave Congressional outcomes up to chance or antiquated concepts like honor.

  12. Traitor McLame needs to be locked up tor the rest of his miserable life, in solitary confinement at a supermax, preferably Pelican Bay, along with the rest of the traitors. The list is waaaay to long for me to post here, but y’all know who they are.


  13. They should water board McStain and get the truth out of him. Just another item on the ever growing to-do list after the balloon goes up.

  14. The last few years have made it clear why we never discussed McCain in SERE School, or at least not while I was there. Fred Cherry, Dan Pitzer, Nick Rowe, and numerous other examples of honorable conduct, but never McCain.

    Remember kids, as the next wave heads for DC, the communists never signed any accords regarding treatment of POWs. They are treated as common criminals in accordance with local laws. There. Is. No. More. Rule. Of. Law. in America. You will be treated accordingly.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And who had Nick Rowe bumped off……Bush, McCain, Casey, Kissinger?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Remember kids, as the next wave heads for DC, the communists never signed any accords regarding treatment of POWs. They are treated as common criminals in accordance with local law”

      Hell, the last group we fought that actually followed the Geneva Convention was Nazi Germany. Granted, their record of following it was spotty, but in the West, they *mostly* did. Everyone since then has not.

  15. McCain’s grandfather and father were high ranking admirals.He was a immature brat who was not thrown out of the Navy for his antic becasue of their influence. He had a reckless flying record, and later, as a politician, dumped his first wife, who had endured so much as military spouse, for a younger and prettier woman. Not exactly a glowing indicator of character.

    I have no doubt that there is incrimination evidence with the POW files that show McCain broke and betrayed his fellow men in Hanoi. Yes, every POW broke under torture, that’s a given. But I’d bet the farm McCain became a snitch or collaborator with the VC for special treatment. He always demonstrated a “me first” attitude.

  16. Virgil Kane

    Money and power > mankind.

    Fuck McCain. How many died or were permanently disabled because of his stunt on the Forrestal? Anybody else would have been discharged after that. What is his true war record? I’ve read that he was a dangerous hotdog, but didn’t have anything to worry about with his daddy covering his ass.

    • Grey Ghost

      Well here is more history you didn’t know. Contrary to popular belief his paternal Grandfather Adm John S McCain Sr., was not the great naval aviator tactician hero as portrayed in the FDR press and common history of WWII. In fact it was Adm Marc A. Mitscher who did 4 times “the work” with none of the accolades. Anyone interested can read “The Magnificent Mitscher, by Theodore Taylor” if you can find it. In fact, Adm Mitscher destroyed his “war notes/diary” after the war not wanting any notoriety when it was over. Sucking up to the corrupt press seems to run in the McCain family.

      Grey Ghost

  17. The Usual Suspect

    There really is no saving the USA, thousands in Washington knew
    this all along and said nothing, leveraging the knowledge to climb
    the ladder of suckcess in Mordor.
    No wonder the Republcrats never seriously challenged Barak the
    Great and Hitley’s Benghazi cover up.
    The cancer is so prevalent the cure will surely kill the country, and
    maybe that is what needs to happen.
    A new country of 5 or 6 nations inside the old rotted husk.

  18. McCain is a traitor and should be treated as such. He was the Republican’s best and brightest for President. They are even worse than the Democrats. When are we going to declare our independence?

  19. John Sidney McCain III is not the problem. None of you commenting here would even know his name if he hadn’t been elected and then re-elected time and time and time again. From his election in ’82 as a federal rep for Arizona to his current 4th iteration as a fedgov senatorial weasel….the people, the voters, the citizens of Arizona have kept him relevant.
    McCain is not the problem….as with all career politicians the problem is the fools who keep these people in office. Your friends, your family, strangers on the street….they’re the fucking problem. Not the John McCains !


  20. Neros Lyre

    Anyone who was in or closely related in some form to the Navy/Marines(and many in the other military branches)knew what a total screwup Mclame was well before the 80s.Theres a hell of a lot of his rotten history buried under that poor PoW war hero bs.I realize hes just a symptom of the major problem but that doesn’t lessen the fact hes a vile PoS.Remember,He took the oath.As for family and friends I know who will stand and have that sorted out.Strangers on the street I avoid unless they press the issue.Either way,no sweat because I have the cure.