Baton Rouge Shooting: 3 Officers Killed, Black Suspect Dead

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Chicago Tribune story.

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POTUS weighs in

Cui bono?

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Daily Caller: Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ On YouTube Channel [VIDEO]


55 responses to “Baton Rouge Shooting: 3 Officers Killed, Black Suspect Dead

  1. “Cui bono?”

    Blacks? Nope.

    Whites? Nope.

    How about the “middle man.” (We know who they are.)


  2. Holy Shit, those guys are still using A1s?

  3. Had same thought. Think the armory was emptied.

  4. “…fellow Americans, part of our community, part of our country, with people who loved and needed them…”

    They are NOT fellow Americans. They are cops.

    They are NOT part of our community. They are part of the cop community.

    They are NOT part of our country. They are the Regimes enforcers.

    What about all the murdered citizens whose families loved them and need them?

    It’s nice to get good news about bad thugs…. MOAR!

  5. Atlas Shrug

    For a number of years the Army has been transferring old M16s to municipal police forces. Some departments budget to upgrade them, but many just use them as is.

    No surprise really.

  6. a1 > G19

  7. May you be visited by the anarchy you espouse./ S//

  8. This guy, this Øbama. He lies as casually as one might drink water.

    It is in his nature to be deceitful. Feigning ignorance one minute, and supreme intellect another.

  9. And living in Fusa is not anarchy? Do you recall any poLICE cold blooded murders lately? How about Frau Clinton and “No Charges”? How about the usurper barry ohomo? Illegals? Sharia? E.O. 13603?

    I’m afraid you have spoken much too late barry the beanie

  10. Mark Matis

    All the Democrats lie with equal skill. As do all the Rove Republican swill.

  11. Lookin’ like it’s time to let your inner Roof Korean flow if you reside in the cities.

  12. M16A1s still outclass AR-15s in that they can fire full auto. Still a hell of a gun. All you have to do is maintain them to specs and they’ll work as long as any other gun. Plus, you can replace parts and upgrade as far as you’ve got money for. Not so bad a deal now, is it? You can get an upgraded 16 inch barrel at a gun show, w/gas tube for about 120-100 bucks. We should all be so lucky as to get a bunch of these “dumped” on us. On the lighter side, future applications for police jobs may wind up a tad on the lean side.

  13. Bill Harzia

    Doesn’t matter. An A1 will still do what’s intended of it. I’ve got a 1944 Mauser 98 that’s good to go. It only holds five rounds (of 198 grain FMJ), though.

  14. A1’s are still viable-the image shows standard capacity mags….think of yourself being handed one when previously you had, say, a WWII M1 Carbine….would you think you’re trading up? I think so.

  15. “And living in Fusa is not anarchy?” Not quite yet, but it’s enroute…and as far as the snide ‘too much, too late’ comment towards someone who’s ‘been there, done that’? I’d give anything to get what that man has forgotten in my head, let alone what he knows…your hubris is showing…how about just letting it go? SFC Barry completed a career in what some might call, “adverse conditions.” You? You did some time…an enlistment or two. You don’t have the baseline of experience to take shots. Oh…and I’m pretty much immune to the, “I’m richer, in better shape, smarter, etc, etc, etc,”….want a decent conversation? I’m up. Want to vent your spleen? Go elsewhere.

  16. Camacho2016!

    From the Dindu nation, I was reading this over at ZH this afternoon:

    The response from “whitey” is going to come as an unpleasant surprise to Dindu when they take this stuff on the road beyond the confines of the “safe spaces” of Morgan University and Baltimore, Maryland.

    My people come from the hills and didn’t hardly have a pot to piss in for 100 years-much less get rich, much less have slaves. Bitch can suck it.

  17. “Now, we see an escalation. This has got to end,” Loomis said. “We need some leadership in this country to come forward and put an end to this.”
    -Cleveland Police Detective Steve Loomis

    Then they should take some of their own advice…

    SHOW SOME FUCKING LEADERSHIP and stop harassing, beating, raping, framing, railroading, and murdering Citizens. But of course, they will not, because it’s not their fault, it says so in the report…

  18. Agreed. Never thought I’d find something to agree w you on. but its 100 pct spot on. Those cheering the crash n burn are suicidal or worse. And no we are not at anarchy yet. When we are no one will be posting anything, we will be far to busy staying alive.

  19. Realize also, much more of this and the police will be responding to calls expecting an ambush, assuming they respond at all. And if an address is listed with a name on a “domestic terrorist watchlist” when they get there…

  20. Jimmy the Saint

    There goes Obama’s legacy? No, he’s securing his legacy with the people he views as his favored subjects. Everything else are just eggs being broken for the omelette.

  21. Jimmy the Saint

    Most Republicans lie rather poorly, actually. They’re no more inclined to tell the truth, they just suck at their delivery.

  22. H/T Curtis

    This is the thugs idea of “leadership”

    Calling Citizens “scurrying cockroaches” and laughing it up.

    Such honor, such courage, such respect for fellow Americans…

  23. Old coot here. I swear I have no dog in the fight ANYWHERE! Well. I still have faith in folks like Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers), III%’s etc. But I am coming to the conclusion that offensively Americans will kick the can down the road until anarchy becomes a reality.

  24. Mark Matis

    But they DO lie “as casually as one might drink water”.

  25. What’s wrong with anarchy Barry ?

    Anarchy is the ABSENCE of government and the absolute FREEDOM of the individual. It is the absence of rulers. A concept you, like many other sheeple, abhor.

    Folks such as yourself and the geezer Outlaw Patriot use WRSA as a forum to denounce and denigrate individualism and true Freedom. You loves you more and more government (read more fellow citizens) telling one how to live their lives. You and your ilk love more rules and laws made by unknown and unaccountable government scum.

    Barry, you’re just another statists and collectivist masquerading as one who purports to embrace Freedom. Folks such as you are the problem, not the solution.

  26. swan832013

    link below is to federal weapons on LOAN…. just type in your zip code and hit search….


  27. bitter sweet symphony

    Piss poor training for cops. All shooting and no de-escalation training. Training seems to be dictated by guns only these days. Everything revolves around tacticool and instructor joe blow from delta.ranger/seal etc. Taking falujah warfare and trying to bring it to main street. It ain’t working.
    They shot that boy in Cali with a shotgun after he was shot several times like a feral dog. No matter the color qualified immunity has become a license to kill. need to start testing cops for steroids as this has been ongoing for quite some time.

  28. I bet the Yantis, Finnicum, Guerena, Thomas, and 1000s of other families had the same looks on their faces…

    So it’s true…

    What comes around. Goes around.

  29. Let these idiots shoot it out. The Free shit army versus the govt pension army. The latter created the former through the welfare state. The only jobs in the hood are gubmint jobs. These young black men join the military, then come back home with lots of military training and wartime experience and run smack dab into the Black lives matter screamers who tell them to shoot cops. So they do. These two young black men from Dallas and Baton Rouge have shot 20 cops and killed 8. The gubmint created these men now they gotta deal with them. Obama started a race war on the cops, the very people who protect Obama’s beloved govt.. During an election year. Insanely stupid. This is not my battle nor should it be the Patriots. Steer clear of this whole fuckin mess.

  30. Won’t quarrel with you. My wish is that you get all the anarchy you desire./ S//

  31. DTG,

    Please, don’t put Barry on some high pedestal. He was a troublemaker at Bragg. He would be the subject of an extensive CID investigation leading to a career ending, official reprimand by his Group commander for Barry’s spewing of sensitive, military information via his rag, The Resister. Barry’s security clearance was downgraded and he ended up reassigned to a do-nothing job at Group. He was forced to retire in NOV 97.

    Barry’s career was far from stellar as you allude to. Comparing Barry’s “exemplary” career, as a run-of-the-mill E7, with your denigrating and snide comment to ridicule that tfA-t “….did some time…an enlistment or two”, is worthy of scorn at best.

    I find it odd how Barry likes to utilize his former Army rank, SFC, as if to impress someone, while he worked to attack and subvert the very same institution of the United States Army from which he derived that now, long retired rank he so proudly displays. Hypocrite comes to mind.

    Barry is far from fhe prize you make him out to be. He spent more time writing, printing and distributing dissent than he ever did practicing the 18-series skills provided him, courtesy of the US Army and the over burdened taxpayer.

    I wonder if Barry sends Christmas cards to Greg Walker ?

  32. Barry,

    The sooner the better.

  33. “Expansion of the State is guaranteed, when government undertakes crime prevention.


    Criminal prosecution is limited, whilst “criminal prevention” is unlimited.”

    I know it’s not the whole story, but it may be pertinent.

  34. Anarchy is good. Goodbye ruling elites.

  35. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  36. Anarchy works if men are angels. Far from it. Realistically with the divide between those educated and able to conduct their affairs in a civilized manner and those who are not has come to a point where the best case scenario would be a benevolent monarchy. The other option is a third-world existence similar to Central Africa with warring tribes of idiots unable to feed themselves except through bloodshed. Do I like it? Hell no. However I realize this concept of a Constitutional republic works only with an educated and moral populace. We are neither. Anarchy? It’ll last a couple days until someone figures out the same old song and dance. The aggregate consumers steal from the individual producers by force of arms and Uncle Sam is reincarnated as Warlord Sam. I’ll be touted as some traitor I’m sure, but the reality is we are trying to build a BMW out of wrecked Fiats at this point. I wish I could live in a free society where I was the idiot of the bunch, but that’s not reality. Failure to acknowledge reality will kill you, so I do. The reality we live in is that we have regressed to medieval levels of education and thus we can only support a government of similar comport. I’d rather step back 300 years than 3000, perhaps the coming Dark Ages will be shorter and fewer knowledge will be lost. YMMV

  37. Steve Kristmann

    Tom said:
    “…And no we are not at anarchy yet. When we are no one will be posting anything, we will be far to busy staying alive.”

    Ok,…for the upteenth iteration, for those who have problems
    with understanding what ‘anarchy’ means. Anarchy DOESN’T
    mean that everyone doesn’t have to ‘follow rules’; all it means
    is that there is no ‘ruling class’. Anarchy means that the
    individual OWNS himself/herself and has NO claims whatsoever
    on any other individual, their life and their property. Either one
    believes that the individual (and thereby themselves) own
    themselves, or they believe that they owe a duty or obligation
    for their lives to someone which case they aren’t free..
    they’re slaves..slaves with ‘weekends off’ but slaves nonetheless.

    Imho, when ‘we are at anarchy’ what we’ll find is that people awaken
    from the ‘matrix’ style induced sleep and realize that they don’t owe
    any duty or obligation to any ‘ruling class’ or the thugs that carry out
    the parasites insane dictates. No further expression of legitimacy will
    expressed by people to them any more than one would express legitimacy to a common cockroach or dog tick. Some will say, “but without ‘gov’ how
    will roads be will we care for the will we defend ourselves from violent individuals, etc..etc..?” My answer is this, the
    same way we do now, the only difference is that one won’t be enabling
    a parasitic class that threatens and steals from people to supposidly give them what they want and need. gov DOESN’T build DOESN’T
    care for people, it DOESN’T create any goods or services…all the individuals associated with it do is make up dicta and then employ others to attempt to carry out their will. Roads, care for poor and other desired things can and will be accomplished, lthe only difference is that there won’t be a ‘ruling class’ with their associated thugs to coerce or threaten people or steal their stuff.

    All that any ‘gov’ or ‘authority’ is, is nothing more than a gang of
    narcissistic, sociopathic, kleptomaniac parasites..parasites that make up crap as they go and then employ another gang of costumed thugs to threaten people when they attempt to steal other people’s property or force them to do or not do things that the parasites approve/disaprove of.
    Saying that one ‘needs’ gov or their enforcers in their life is exactly like
    saying that one ‘needs’ a carjacker in their life to protect their car from
    being stolen.

    All gov is, is just a gang of thugs that imagine that they have legitimacy to
    use force to threaten people and steal their property. If the common
    freelance street thug doesn’t have any legitimacy to threaten you or yours and attempt to steal your stuff…guess what, neither does an imagined ‘ruling class’ or any of their enforcers!
    “The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.”
    Max Stirner

    As an anarchist, I follow the Zero Aggression Principle best described
    by L. Neil Smith (this absolutely applies to any non-statist):
    “Zero Aggression Principle”:

    A libertarian is a person who believes that no one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being for any reason whatever; nor will a libertarian advocate the initiation of force, or delegate it to anyone else.

    Those who act consistently with this principle are libertarians, whether they realize it or not. Those who fail to act consistently with it are not libertarians, regardless of what they may claim.
    — L. Neil Smith
    Simply put, we anarchists use force for defence, NOT anything else!
    We don’t tell other people how to live or what to do or not do. And we
    believe in working for our own stuff, not employing a third party thug to steal other peoples stuff for us.

    We don’t acknowledge any obligation or debt to any ‘ruling class’ or
    their enforcers.

    We don’t need cops! We don’t need a parasitic ‘ruling class’!

    The Most Dangerous Superstition (read for free) PDF format

    Some videos that may help:

    What Anarchy Isn’t

    If Not For Government

    Government is a Hallucination – Larken Rose

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    When Should You Shoot a Cop?

    There will be some here that are still critical of the message
    that I and Larken and others like Steffan Molyneux share
    about anarchy, self-ownership and the idea of a stateless
    society. It’s always easier to cast stones than be an independent
    thinker..especially when it goes against what others in a collective

    Yours in Liberty w/o any parasites of thugs!
    NorthGunner III

  38. Not to be glib about the subject matter, but I had the same thought and it reminded me that I want to do a retro build. Built in carry handle, triangular handguards, skinny barrel, 1-12″ twist. I like that Vietnam look.

  39. Grenadier1

    I view it like the eastern front. Nazis and Commies killing each other. It’s a win win.

  40. I used to send Christmas cards to Greg, but he moved and didn’t give me a new address.

    Walker ran an underground rag when he was with 7SFGA in Panama. His was Communist.

    I am not surprised you admire him.


  41. SemperFi, 0321

    Absolutely nothing wrong with an A1.
    I shot high expert (238/250) with one in 1975. I have an exact replica of what I carried back then, along with several other VN era M-16’s. I still love the XM177 series.
    The new A2 sights are great, the heavier bbl is more stable, but considering the caliber to weight ratio, I’d rather have an M-1/M-14 when you get over 8-9 lbs anyway.

  42. SemperFi, 0321

    The key to surviving the upcoming mess is to let the idiots kill themselves off first. Stay off the streets, keep a cool head, and then see who’s left over after the smoke clears, that’s where your future tribe will come from.

  43. Walter Zoomie

    meh…what one motivated Marine and his rifle can do…

  44. Walter Zoomie

    I done purdy good wiff a wore out A1 in boot an gots me an expert badge, but I wuz a effin reservist so there’s that…an everbuddy knows reservist be stoopid an caint do shit. 😦

  45. NG III,

    I appreciate your comments and the accompanying videos. Thanks.

  46. And that is always the final word on anarchy, not to mention all other utopian philosophies.

    Every damned one requires a level of conduct and agreement never before and never to be seen on Planet Earth. People are flawed and fallible, selfish and venal to one degree or another and, as a whole, incapable of the kind of philosophical adherence and self control required by the conjurors of simple “solutions.”

    Thanks, Jesse.

  47. Hello ruling local warlords!

  48. And ruling warlords differ from what we have now -how?
    The currency is corrupt.
    The market is corrupt.
    The schools are corrupt.
    The laws are corrupt.
    The cops are corrupt.
    The courts are corrupt.
    The politicians are corrupt.
    The military is corrupt.
    The church is corrupt
    A majority of the people are corrupt.

  49. Owen that’s exactly where I was at.. Retro build, or Surplus Market. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  50. outlawpatriot

    If I could make it happen, I’d make everybody in the unit have a standard issue, at the time, A1. Just sayin’. 🙂

  51. outlawpatriot

    I find it absolutely hilarious the exchange above. You? 🙂

  52. outlawpatriot

    Becoming more and more my view. However, should some here by chance survive, not a chance in hell they become associated with me in any shape, manner or form. 😉

  53. Jimmy the Saint

    As far as the ideologically committed went, sure. But the bulk of the suffering was borne by civilian populations with little or no allegiance to either the Nazis or the Communists.

  54. IMO those who did a stint or two and got out are the ones who had enough sense to get the basics down, and get out to apply that discipline in a meaningful way in the REAL world. I’d put my multiple REAL WORLD skill-sets up against anyone’s -enlisted or commissioned, any day of the week. The lifers are the undisputed “one trick” ponies here, and if you haven’t noticed, nobody gives a shit about your former rank or time in service…

  55. This. These buffoons have no idea that outside their leftist controlled urban ghetto enclaves the phrase “white guilt” is literally a punchline.

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