Dallas AAR


Worth the read.

Frisky times, indeed.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Grenadier1

    Cops get shot because they have been stepping on human rights, ass clown Cleveland PD union thug demands the governor suspend more human rights…..they ain’t getting it. Keep shooting till the target changes shape or catches fire.

  3. Mike Bishop

    Keep in mind, LE can’t protect itself, and the Deep State wants to attack our ability to defend/protect ourselves?

    Not just no, but FUCK NO.

  4. stopped reading as soon as I hit the weasel words “Black community”. And BTW,

    *97% of Blacks killed…are killed by other Blacks
    *for each Black killed by a White…Blacks kill 10 Whites
    *and even though Blacks, who are c. 14% of the population, do c. 60% of the violent crime in the ‘Kwa…80% of the people gunned down by cops are White

    so there’s a race war going on alright. But it’s not the one invented by the Jew MSM. It’s against Whites. Being carried out by the ZOG’s multicult Police and an increasingly institutionalized Black Einsatzgruppe

    • Should’ve kept reading. He doesn’t let them off the hook, either:

      “If Black Lives Matter to you for real, rather than for rent, stop ignoring that 98% of black crime and deaths are perpetrated on your community by your community, and not by The Man”… and it goes on like this for some time.

    • 3% of the population, young black males, are responsible for 51% of homicides.

    • Yep, should have kept reading Haxo.

  5. Outstanding piece.

  6. Got to think right on whats going down with the elites proxies here. It is a treasure trove of intelligence.
    Our enemies of our freedom and liberty are teaching us and giving away priceless lessons.

    • Notarealperson

      Say you and a bunch of other so-called “patriots” kill a bunch of cops(hired help) via ambushes, yet leaves the “deep state” and it’s monied backers untouched. The Deep State will simply up the ante and bring in outside talent that makes the current crop of cops look like civil rights champions

      The outside talent doesn’t need to be good, just have lots of numbers and be as ruthless as can be.

      The point is, if you’re gonna unleash your inner homicidal maniac, at least target the right people in order to maximize damage and stop the opposing force from really escalating to point where mass extermination is their response.

      Because if you fail in taking out the deep state, they may very well do a Sherman’s march on regions where white cop killers hang out. Smoking you fellas out of your doomsteads won’t be difficult at that point.

      • “…at least target the right people in order to maximize damage…”

        “…I wonder when this war on police will progress to a war on the
        news media, politicians of all ranks, teachers and school
        administrators, city councils, officers of any court, the possibilities
        are endless…”

        Which is where BLM shits are making their biggest mistake.

      • No….person,

        Amazing how your loyalist mentality describes the hypothetic engagement of .gov enforcers by FreeFor nationalists….describing FreeFor as a “homicidal maniac”. Great choice of terminology in your derogatory portrayal and denigration of “patriots”, as you put it.

        Should we both live to see the engagement of “the deep state”, rest assured that loyalists such as yourself may very well be rostered on a target list; you’ll not be ignored. Your arrogant assumption that the “homicidal maniac”(s) are both ignorant and incompetent is dangerous to your well-being and that of your fellow loyalists.

        “Smoking you fellas out” will not be as simple as you believe. Ask the British Army how easy a time they had with the I.R.A. What certainly won’t be difficult is the identification of loyalists. There won’t be enough hemp to go around.

      • Think, don’t react. Reaction is what they require. Thinking is what they don’t want people to do.
        Divide and conquer is a pig trap for the mind.

        Look at the larger picture, there’s plenty of cannon fodder in the low grade war right now, let those who will but heads and wear themselves out. There will be dramatic sea changes at future stages as things progress, that is what you have to keep your eye on.
        Believe you me, killing time is coming, serious killing time. These are the early stages. But what those orchestrating events don’t know is how will their existential enemy react. These are probing attacks, they are instigating carefully scaled disturbances to gauge what their existential enemy will do.
        You have to think like a globalist here. They are very cautious and circumspect about all the millions of dirt people, in particular the armed white variety. They really do not know how the dirt people are going to react, or what straw breaks the camel’s back. No one does. But the threat of tens of millions of superbly armed and prepared dirt people is a reality.

        Like I say about pig traps for the mind.
        The smart money is to nibble away at the dirt people a tiny piece at a time. This group here, that demographic there.
        Those behind this have a natural blind side. They don’t fully understand dirt people. Sure they meddle and manipulate, social engineer, and a laundry list of economic and cultural dirty tricks are employed to eat away at the spirit and faith of the dirt people, but, dirt people are an alien race to the elites. They may have a core of intelligentsia to formulate political and cultural “insights”, but no ivy league re-education can ever help to grok what dirt people will do or react when faced with dire circumstances. And having the primal God given liberty, and means to self defense, I’m talking the down and dirty essentials, the sprit and humility of self determination and self defense is an utter imponderable to them.

        My wild guess, is they are very afraid of dirt people with guns and their support. Always believed so.
        If they where not fearful of armed dirt people they would be rounding us dirt people up already, and both BLM’s would be redundant exercises in the operating procedures of cultural marxism.

        These events are Marxist reconnoiter and recon by fire. They are in a pickle, they have tried just about everything to goat the dirt people into a suckers bet of revolt. But no matter how much “fundamental transformation” they wage against the dirt people, they are not reacting like useful dupes or slaves to the state should be acting. If anything, lot of dirt people are hunkering down and digging in for the main thrust.

        Right now, the civilian cops, they walked right into the pig trap eyes wide shut. They got sucked right into being cannon fodder for cultural revisionism with a bullet. Of course their managers dangled the carrot and stick promises of political love, big money, and big boy toys, replete with fed brainwashing every dirt person is a domestic terrorist waiting to off them with their assault rifles and soon to be a target rich environment.

        But it didn’t pan out, again.
        This violent BLM reverse racism bullshit is plan B.
        The dirt people won’t be disarmed, perform in their appointed role as white genocidal racist maniacs, and come out and play so the game of Kill the Kulak can begin.

      • Right, your death, any death is an acceptable condition as long the power stays where it is. Think the PTB cares about a few cops?
        Message helps too. Nobody (yet) is claiming their manifesto to be the need to eliminate the police state.

        Police state not big and mighty enough? make it more so.


    Good article, but he is preaching to the choir. The cops will not listen. Already they are circling the wagons, screeching about being victims and the Amen Corner over at FAUX News is backing their play. You cannot undo a training regimen which was started in the early 1980’s with Ronnie and Nancy Rayguns’ “Just Say No” bogus war on drugs.
    When that fraud started, it turned police training 180 degrees the other way. Sir Robert Peel’s reforms and philosophies went out the window and the mentality was “them versus us”. I saw it with my own eyes. So, instead of quiet, professional, physically fit Peace Officers, you have shaved-head, tatted-up, steroid-taking, beetle-browed, under-educated badge-wearing ORCS who are slavishly programmed to do the Leviathan’s bidding.
    This will not end well. And, for those out there that still insist on the “few good cops” just look at the body-count disparity. Far more citizens, including INNOCENT citizens like Miriam Carey. Kelly Thomas, and LaVoy Finicum are executed by “law enforcement” than the shooters in Dallas and Baton Rouge. After seeing and experiencing first-hand the corrupt, syphilitic LEO-Judicial-Political community in Curry County, Oregon for over twelve years, my only regret is that things have not yet been “set right” there.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    I wonder when this war on police will progress to a war on the
    news media, politicians of all ranks, teachers and school
    administrators, city councils, officers of any court, the possibilities
    are endless.

  9. Excellent piece of commentary. I fear the day when the ‘lone gunman’ realizes that taking on a huge org like DPD is a short cut to hell and begins a real guerrilla campaign of one shot, one kill and move, NOW! Our nation is awash in boys in blue…aka a target rich environment.. So yes, they’d better damn well listen up and get smart about being citizens first, oppressors, never.

  10. “attempting an arrest was futile”? Any backwater LE officers could have used tear gas and buckshot to take the bastard out of play. He could then be tried and if found guilty I would throw the switch. Using excessive force is the problem, not the solution. Police gave the suspect the ultimatum “surrender or be killed.” This is exactly what the military does with drones. Lost to those with a military mentality is that the rules of engagement is different on American SOIL! The Police acted with total disregard of Constitutional protections guaranteed by the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments.

    Even more outrageous, blowing him up was just too stupid to be stupid. That bastard was a VALUABLE ASSET for interrogation! Why would authorities not want him to talk?

    When Americans condone government murdering citizens by drones/robots without trial they become vigilantes and useful idiots to their tyrants.

  11. “C4-PO” is good, I heard R2-Dindu which is also pretty funny.

  12. Note to self: Try & remember to use OBLM (Only Black Lives Matter) to distinguish from the other BLM thugs (ya know, the fed real-estate developers). Glossary annex in the op order will be clearer.

    • Remember the connections here. Who funds and sanctions both BLM’s, what the overriding agenda of both are, and who are the beneficiaries.

      It is the same behind both. The end game is the same. Both are proxies and instruments of the same illegitimate power.

      Is it a coincidence both come under the same acronym?
      Remember who we are dealing with, revised history and turning the truth into lies that are dressed up as truth is SOP.