“It Is Already Written. They Will Not Win”: Why the Globalists’ Quest For Total Control Is Destined to Fail

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Stay frosty.

Keep prepping.

Be ready to teach the basics to a LOT of people.


No matter what.

By any means

UPDATE 2255E 17JUL2016: A related message of hope.

18 responses to ““It Is Already Written. They Will Not Win”: Why the Globalists’ Quest For Total Control Is Destined to Fail

  1. …”But what happens when the truth is actually ugly? Does it lose the beauty intrinsic to truth? Should ugly truths be suppressed? Should painful truths be hidden, or even denied?


    Goodness gracious this is so important. Please pay good attention to this.

    When the truth is ugly, it must STILL be declared. Boldly. Loudly. Persistently. Failure to declare ugly truths is itself an act of dishonesty, a bearing of false witness, and it makes impossible any attempt to push through the superficial ugliness and get to the pure, holy beauty beyond. If you refuse to declare ugly truths, then progress (in the good sense of the word) is halted. Everything stops and the only direction that has any freedom for movement is BACKWARD, away from truth, and thus away from God Himself.

    Guys, this dynamic is EVERYWHERE around us today, and it is why civilization is going to implode any day now. No one will declare any ugly truths, and thus we have hit the wall as a civilization…”

    If this woman wasn’t miles above my worth, I ask her to marry me.


  2. SameNoKami

    I read somewhere that eventually there will definitely be one world gov’t, one world money system and one world religion.
    I don’t think it will last too long tho’.

  3. I cannot tress enough how important Brandon’s article is. I saw it on Z-Hedge and sent it to everyone on my list.

    We MUST keep uppermost in our minds that evil always loses, because its basic premises of superiority, entitlement, authority, supremacy of the collective and all the attendant greed, lust, mendacity, viciousness, brutality… are basically insane and will always redound to the perpetrator.

    Karma is relentless, unerringly repaying in kind.

    That said, evil can and will raise a hell of suffering and destruction before it cracks and good men bring justice. No one gets outta here alive but there IS hope for Liberty to prevail. When the sheer weight of the bullshit gets to you, re-read this article.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Cassandra (of Troy)

    The Lightbringer®, His Enlightened Allies®, & His Holy Acolytes® disagree.:


    Get hip to your erroneous thinking, ye benighted Bitter Clingers, lest ye be crushed by The Inevitable March Of History®!

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    There’s a corollary to consider, however: It may always lose, but it always comes back. No matter how many times it is shown to be a dead-end system, it always returns in a new guise.