The DOJ Factor: Is Cleveland & The Republican Convention Walking Into A Buzz-Saw?


Points to ponder.

And plan for downstream effects in your neighborhood.

Threat level: Frisky, until further notice.

14 responses to “The DOJ Factor: Is Cleveland & The Republican Convention Walking Into A Buzz-Saw?

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yesterday, at about 2100, a convoy of between 50-75 Ohio DOT salt trucks (loaded with salt along with their plows) were rolling north on I-77 into Cleveland. Fore and aft of the convoy were a few standard military vehicles. Overhead were a few choppers.

    It is understood these heavy salt trucks will be used to seal off and barricade areas and roads in downtown Cleveland “as required.”

    Downtown Cleveland has a modest airport–Burke Lakefront, which has been commandeered by the Feds and seems to have many, many vehicles there parked on the tarmac.

    Many people I have talked to who work in downtown Cleveland have been ordered by their employers either to “work from home,” or take the week off. I understand that the State and local legal systems in Cleveland (Muni and Common Pleas Courts) will only have skeleton crews and 1 or 2 judges present (to sign emergency orders, etc.) Heard nothing about any/all Fed offices here being open or closed or limited hours.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. I hope the niggers chase these useless, Judaized White Republiscams right into Lake Erie. A cold bath might wake a few of them up

  4. I love how the leader of the free world and Nobel Peace prize winner has “healed the world”

    FLASHBACK OBAMA: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’…

  5. If I was an American, who happened to be of dark skinned persuasion, you know just a regular mind my own business dirt person, I’d be watching these spoilt retards killing cops and white people and be thinking dirt honkeys be like white dirt people through history, they kind of have a habit of turning into white people once you get em’ riled up they come kill and burn everything, and salt the earth, that is related to the threat to them.
    Like no other people on God’s green Earth.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Like no other people on God’s green Earth.”

      We respectfully disagree.
      – The Mongols

      • Disagree, what is your point of disagreeing?
        Respectfully, not for nothing Dude, your a consistent resistance is futile kind of guy.

        What are you afraid of, being free? Or having to stick up for your race?

        It is a serious question. Your comment doesn’t make sense in the context of my comment, unless it is taken as resistance is futile, we are toast as the white race, and it is not legitimate to have Christian faith. Which is it? Hit and run comments are cheap and easy. Qualify your comment if you don’t care please.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          You were pointing out that whites kill and destroy like no one else. In point of fact, the Mongols did quite well at it, too – just ask the Tanguts. Just a little humorous observation to that end.

          I have no problem at all with resistance, but I have yet to see much in the way of a practical plan for it. Most demands for resistance just distill down to “let’s you and him fight”. There is little to no plan for how to bring people onto the side of liberty, or how to handle the basic operation of even a small town once “the system” is defeated, or any of the nitty gritty details that need to be figured out before everyone goes all Wolverines.

          Absent building trust with others, establishing a sense of community with them, and demonstrating clearly and concisely how their interests are best served by siding with the liberty movement, all of this stuff is kind of Underwear Gnomes mental masturbation. Resistance without a clear strategy won’t amount to much, because it can’t and won’t win.

  6. keith park

    OK. So, DOJ messing with money and equipment headed for Cleveland cops so bussed-in protesters can wreak havoc at Repub. convention. Right. Got it. Par for the course for the floppy-eared organ grinder monkey and his attorney general Kizzy.

    Keith Park

  7. The Usual Suspect

    I really do hope it gets sporty, America needs to see who it’s
    real enemies are.
    Hint !!! It is us, Democrat and fawning Republiscum who think
    we can all get along.
    We can’t and never have, never will until the have everything’s
    quit fucking with the have not’s.
    Because they are smarter, and know what is good for us.

  8. “The important thing to understand about this is that Cleveland is not its own master in deciding how it will conduct police operations for the convention.” That about sums it up my friends. If HopeyDopey wants a riot, he’ll get one.

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    One of the funniest things about the Republicrat convention’s the media’s (& LE’s) conniptions over OH’s open carry law, the level of consternation said law’s manifesting among the aforementioned’s truly entertaining to see/hear.:
    (They’re REALLY wound up over Kasich’s simple statement of FACT & their ‘earnest suggestion’ should be remembered & PUBLICLY applied to, say, parts 2/3/4 the 1st Amendt by e.g. Sheriff Clarke, Gingrich, or Giuliani, w/ the full understanding that such measures would be ‘strictly temporary’/’for the duration of the Republicrat/LEFTocrat conventions’ & would be rescinded forthwith afterward)

    And their (primarily the media’s) badly concealed attempts at trying to foment an appropriately anti-2A/Trump/Republicrat/Conservatism/’bitter clinger’ discrediting incident/s are also worth noting.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Because ( gasp ) one or many talking heads could become
    bullet sops, and that just wouldn’t do, heavens no !

  11. Slimey,pandering,lying, lowlife pieces of dogshit. Republicans suck as much;if not more than the democrats. Maybe they get butchered and fileted in the fucking streets.
    Many people actually thought that the republicans would make a difference and change the destructive path that the USA is on. Fat chance. Burn Cleveland to the fucking ground . Grind the bones of the dead for fertilizer. Welcome to the new and improved USA. Soylent.
    Squared away Clevelanders should be putting together a plan, in conjunction with the 100 Heads Casualty Company, to deal with the assholes that brought the upcoming clusterfuck to Cleveland. Through the years I built hot rods with guys out of Cleveland. Good group of people. I wish them the best.