A Good Deed (Plus A Chance For Another)


Oleg does a solid.

Consider one more for Tryce.

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  1. Meh.
    We don’t need women fighting the battle in combat on the front lines. We need them fighting the battle in the birthing room.

    • I am not sure what your personnel strength estimates are (nor do I need to know), but in my region, we need every rifle we can get.

      And yes, couples need to reproduce as well.

      • Every rifle you can get, huh? Well the only way you get more rifles is by making more men to hold them. The age-old bargain is that men bleed on the battlefield and women bleed on the birthing table.

        You never eat your seed crop. And that’s exactly what sending women of child-bearing age is when it comes to warfare. With modern birthing techniques there is no reason a healthy woman cannot bear 6-8 children or more. Especially considering our recent ancestors could birth 10-12.

        Those who inherit the future are the ones who show up for it.

        • Gotta survive long enough to make and raise those babies.

          We don’t disagree. We are just approaching the issue on different time scales.

          • We still have time. You’re ignoring history. Women have never won battles for the men of the nation. They haven’t even come close to being a difference maker.

            I think you’re trying to improperly fit a tool to a purpose it is not tactically suited. I have no idea to which generation you belong, however I see such things frequently from Baby Boomers.

            • This subject reminded me of an anecdote.

              Some centuries ago in Middle Europe, after a walled city had been broken into by the enemy and taken, the dictated conditions were that all the men were to be put to death, but the women were free to go. In fact, the women could bring with them anything which they could carry out of the city’s gate on their backs. So the women carried their husbands on their backs.

              Likewise, there is also this well thought out observation by Matthew Henry: “Woman was taken out of man, – not out of his head, to rule over him, nor out of his foot, to be trampled on, but out of his side, to be near him, under his arm, to be protected, and near his heart, to be loved”

              With kind regards,

              Gene Urtel

  2. Volks blog – best gun porn on the web…


    How can you possibly convince “wimmen” to assume the role that has sustained humankind all of these centuries? The role of the female in Western Culture, both in Eurabia and Amerika has morphed into an angry, self-absorbed, self-hating mindset that denigrates and destroys their biological and Biblical roles which have kept the human race from extinction.
    Savage, some years ago on his radio program, opined that Amerikan women were more obsessed with tight buns and orgasms than their roles as wives and mothers. One only has to spend a short time viewing some of the mindless offerings on the idiot box to see the veracity of this statement.
    And if you, as a man, say anything to one of these hate-filled, nut-busting Feminazis about this, they will shriek to high Heaven and probably physically attack you.
    I am an old, unwell man. I have seen this demise with my own eyes and have the good sense to STFU and let it happen. Since I do follow the Good Book, I know what the answer is. Amerika turned its back on God a long time ago. Roe v. Wade ushered in the homicide of the innocent unborn and the KIA count is now around 54 million innocent souls. God will not be mocked. The portents described in the previous article by Pat Buchanan will be the end result of Godless selfishness and rampant hedonism on the part of white Western culture. 2Tim3: 1-9.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Virgil Kane

    The Illegal Mexicans do a good job of cranking out 4-5 babies. Whites are the ones killing our own race.

  6. So… you guys are saying that even if women were capable of shooting, they should all leave the defense to the men? Even women past child bearing age? Hmmm. What if they disagree?

    Liberty includes the notion of minding your own business. Complain about roles all you want, but it ain’t your say what people do.

  7. Chicks with guns are awesome. Little girls should grow into women who can effectively defend themselves and their kids.