Polyface Values


Wisdom on the basics of food.

Important both before and after the Badness.

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  1. Like Robert Plamadon better in some aspects.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. In our grandpa’s day, EVERYONE had a dozen hogs give or take. Now a few guys have 5000 or more. They don’t own any of them. It’s all contract work through the big processors. I’m guessing disease is the biggest worry they have.

  4. Having lived on the fringe of Amish and Mennonite country, making friends in both communities, and doing business with both of them for over 10 years. I’ve learned a bit of farming, fabricating, and milling techniques that requires very little other than handed-down wisdom, hand tools, and good ole fashioned hard work and I’m a better man because of them. They do very well without the city folks style of dishonesty, sloth, debt, and general lack of integrity. Good to hear traditional farming is being done by some everyday Americans.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Joel Salatin is an amazing man. He lives what he preaches and that, in itself, is important. Know your food is good advice. I want to put my money where my committment is. When a quality butcher shop opened up locally, I stopped buying prepackaged sacks of frozen chicken, hamburger patties, and big box mystery world meats. The butcher carries locally produced meat, knows the farmers, and is able to do specialty cuts. I’d rather give him 35 cents a pound more, than get cheap lamb from China. When we stopped going to the green grocer, the butcher, and the regular grocer (who carried flour, yeast, rice, etc.)-we lost a lot. Your grandparents and parents shopped very differently.

  6. 1.Go read “The Last Centurion”, he explains this in one of his rants. 2. Get some concept of scale in mind, do some math. 3. I am glad this fellow is persisting and no doubt his methods DO have value for him, and for many post collapse scenarios, prior to collapse a broad scale adoption of his methods would precipitate one version of collapse….mass starvation

    • You better hope that guys like Joel Salatin spread like wildfire thru the Ag community because high yield monocrop agriculture is about to die. The median age of a monocrop farmer is now 66. New farmers are below the replacement rate of those retiring. The issues are not just a comparison of yields per acre my friend.