Schindler: Turkey’s Weekend of the Long Knives

ANKARA, TURKEY - JULY 17:  People wave Turkish flags in front of an electronic billboard displaying the face of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a rally on the streets of Kizilay Square in reaction to the failed military coup on July 17, 2016 in Ankara, Turkey. Clean up operations are continuing in the aftermath of Friday's failed military coup attempt which claimed the lives of more than 250 people. In raids across Turkey 6,000 people have been arrested in relation to the failed coup including high-ranking soldiers and judges, Turkey's Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag has said.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Stage a coup.

Clean house.

Never in America.

Greenwood forever!

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  1. Thank you for this link. I did not even make the connection of Turkey having it’s own “Weekend of the Long Knives” with Nice and New Orleans.
    Continental Europe is likely going to be a dark, dark place for years maybe decades now. They still have a chance as most countries are 80% or better native/white but it’s going to be bloody.

    • Virgil Kane

      They’ll have to kill the politicians before beginning the Muslim purge. Do enough of them have the stomach for it?

      • Hmmmm, Change the pronoun and continent but I think you are on to something there.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The Usual Suspect

    It occurs to me that should Donald Trump be elected President
    he should purge the government of leftist/progressive/Democrat
    operatives who will certainly do everything they can to sabotage
    his administration.
    While this would certainly enrage the left and their media chain dogs,
    who cares, I certainly would enjoy watching the left disintegrate.
    Their intrigues and social experimentation have practically destroyed
    the cohesion of this nation, resulting in a national schism of immense
    This action would teach the Democrat party that there are penalties
    for their aggressive socialism.
    Donald could follow the tried and true leftist playbook ad install his own
    supremes, judges, directors, administrators, with a directive to purge
    anyone who is a known or suspected leftist, just as they do.
    This includes any Republicans who support the left in any way.
    Would there be lawsuits, sure but lawyers could tie them up in court for
    decades, just do what they do, stall, obfuscate, lose papers, delete
    files, pretend ignorance.
    And to all the sob sisters out there who will say ” we are better then this”
    I say ” and where has it got us ?” this is a war between ideologies and
    war is hell.
    Of course none of this will happen, the left will sabotage any and all
    attempts by the Trump administration to bring this ship about and prevent
    it plowing into the rocks that will surely destroy us.

    • I love what you are saying. But do you know how hard it is to fire a govt employee?

    • Bill Harzia

      Good idea. Unfortunately presidents come and go, but the bureaucracy abides.

      • Mark Matis

        You and drdog9 again ignore the Senior Executive Service:
        which has been around since 1979. Through judicious use of that system, agencies can be spun ’round upon their heads and TOTALLY redirected. Unfortunately, when a filthy POS chooses Christine Whitman to head the EPA, they have NO intention of reforming that agency.

        Doubt me? Just look at the Department of (In)Justice under Obama. Over seven years into his presidency, and nothing has changed there, right? It took him less than six months to spin them fully around to where the Black terrorists at the Philadelphia polling place were not touched. But then again, the Do(I)J is largely lawyers who cannot be expected to know their legal rights under the Civil Service system, eh?

        I wish people would actually learn how the system works before instructing others…

        • And a GS8 with SEIU representation will give a middle finger to an SES rep.

          • You are so right. You see, all GS8’s, etc. have been hand picked commies for years. The dem party mostly did the selection. SES under Trump will be in trench warfare. Expect no change despite his best efforts. Unless he can find a Reagan moment like he did with air traffic controllers and fire them all. Otherwise no change in DC.

            • Mark Matis

              As I said, Obama turned the Do(I)J on its head in a matter of months. And THEY are largely lawyers. Your GS8 does NOT stand a chance, when the direction of the agency is changed. Even if he IS represented by SEIU.

              Here’s a subtle hint:
              When someone nominates Christine Whitman to head the EPA, he has NO interest in changing that agency.

  4. I watched the “coup”, on TV Saturday night, and had serious doubts about it right away. Erdogan not dead? Troops on the way to their positions being held up by angry crowds? No clear leader, announcements of goals, lock down of critical and strategic locations? From what I saw, and from what I read in the article (if all true) it is evident that Erdogan himself set this up, as shown in the article, ala Night of the Long Knives, as a way to solidify his position, eliminate remaining resistance, and forge ahead with whatever plan ( moving islam westward through Europe?) he has in mind. Romania, Hungary, Greece, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria, et al, had better get their brain buckets on tight, and their minds right, because I think what Erdogan has in mind is a revived Ottoman Caliphate. Far fetched you say? Who, in 1980 would have believed that our own govt. would import this shit slinging bunch of animals into the American Republic, to act out like they do, and clamor for more of the same? Remember, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia on his southern border, who used to be in the Ottoman fold, are all really shaky right now, and vulnerable. The Sauds can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. A strongman in Ankarra could bring about the glory days, and probably get help from the Russians.

    • Yerovanian

      Armenia and a few other places are STRONGLY backed by Russia.
      No help there for Turkey. Matter of fact, if the Turkish slime move in that direction, all Hell will literally break loose. JMNSHO …

    • Yerovanian

      Don’t forget the Turks shot down the Russian aircraft not so long ago.
      I think the Turks are fucked if they try to become expansionist, everyone in the area hates them. Revenge, whether after 101 years or a few months, is going to be served up in generous platefuls.

  5. The Executive Dept. can line-item defund departments to take care of untouchable “career” tax-feeders that can not be “politically dismissed”. Dept. of Ed can be cancelled on Day 1, 35 years late. 4 or 8 years of not being re-hired back into the Fed system will force individuals to do something else, or take their winnings (huge DC wages, immense house appreciation) and move to Twin Falls. This surplus can fund Special Prosecutors to root-out criminal executives in essential departments (War Dept., Interior, State, Border Patrol, etc.) and fund their incarceration (FedBuPrisons).

  6. I would say that in the US the coup occurred in 2008. For all practical purposes control of the budget was ceded by Congress and handed to the Fed. If ‘helicopter’ money arrives the coup will be complete.

  7. And no, boss, we do not have each other. We don’t even KNOW each other. All we do have is a lot of suspicion and animosity towards each other, and as I recall, that’s not the recipe for coming together, as one, or even several. We have some who believe they are light years better than everyone else. We have some who disdain any connection whatsoever with anyone else. We have those who hate everyone, including themselves. We have some with an agenda for murdering nearly everyone else. We have some who suspect everyone, and no one, and have absolutely no idea about anything, except that it’s all SNAFU and FUBAR. And lastly we have that great middle, no agendas, no hit list, no ambitions to be Fuhrer, little or no hatred, but much anxiety and a feeling of helplessness in the face of Leviathan and all the other challenges to survival. Herding cats sounds much easier. Not criticizing you for trying to be positive, knowing that you have to at least try. I just don’t see much chance in “each other”, since friendship and being comrades in a common goal seems to have gone completely out of style. Hell, if I knew them personally, I could probably be comrades with Haxo and tfT-a. Well, maybe. We got a long way to go, if we’re ever going to be something.

    • “And no, boss, we do not have each other. We don’t even KNOW each other.”

      Having met CA, broken bread together, and visited his home, I can vouch for his decency, humanity, and intellectual honesty. There are many others here that I’m sure meet that same high standard. Even though we disagree, curse, and squabble during the course of debate(no doubt the founders did the same) we all come here for the same basic reason -there is a war on for our souls, and our very lives being fought at this very moment. CA has provided a rare “free speech” forum to exchange ideas, philosophies, tactics, and hopefully we all learn and grow from it. WRSA has been blessed with excellent mentors(like them or not) with priceless training lessons who have opened their ‘tactical experience folders’ for us all to study. Whether you served in the Nam, Europe, C.A., the GWOT, or Stateside, we all have some pretty good skills to impart unto “joe schmo the partisan” that’s going to play a critical role in the coming trials and hardships. As a certain SF MSG once stated, the process of ‘winnowing’ has begun…

  8. Memo to would be coup de etaters….remember Sadat. You never go for the cheese until you’re sure the cat is gone.

    • “To Strike the King, You Must Kill the King.” I believe is a line from a Shakespearean play. But its apt. According to reports pilots had Edrogen’s plane in their sights but did not fire.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Hell, Omar Little put it nicely on “The Wire”:

        “Ay-yo, lesson here, Bey. You come at the king, you best not miss.”

  9. CA, you’re The Best!
    -thanks as always for all you do!

    “…Greenwood forever…” LOL!!!!

  10. The Usual Suspect

    I love what you are saying. But do you know how hard it is to fire a govt employee?
    Again, do what they do, change the rules, abolish the unions, blackmail

  11. I’ll take “Gleiwitz Incident” ver 2.0 and a Putin-Erdogan energy deal for $200, Alex.
    Coup; what an insult to the term.

  12. I think the count of “lawyers” here is up to 1.3 million:

    “there are many gods”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  13. Keep in mind the author of this article is a former NSA analyst. I’d believe Sibel Edmonds before him. She’s well liked over at

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    “The resulting “Night of the Long Knives” allowed the Nazis to purge the movement of powerful people they no longer needed, several dozen of whom were brutally murdered. This left Hitler as the unchallenged leader of the Nazi party, with fateful consequences.”
    That statement says it all. There is a country behind this and that country has not chosen wisely. The first death should have been Erdogan’s. Then, and only then, could the secularists have won.
    While noble, the secular Military needed more guns, more people, a better plan, and more balls. It reminded me of cranky college kids trying to take over the administrator’s office. Taking on Islamists requires their blood and terror on the sand-not yours. Bad things will happen to good people.